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Great theme!

Is it possible to use a slider with multiple images on the homepage?




home only supports a single image.

i love this theme really – great compliments to design and to the support – and to envato regards by Psychotherapie in Graz just in progress in a deeper folder, publishing in ten days! yeah

Thanks and good luck with your new site

Errors i have found. 1. Go to contact 2. Press Toggle Map 3. Go to Services the map will stay.

You’re right but that’s a feature that wasn’t present in the original template (we added ourselves) and we were waiting wp 3.6 RC1 to push a single update which would also include 3.6 code updates.

Ok thank You for answer. Btw manosmores asked about deleting the page. Its possible i have delete it using Pages and Child Pages :)

Btw do You know maybe when i add a vimeo link to follow us in contact it’s not showing up. A way to fix it to add some changes to code. And any way to open links in new window in follow us ?


please create a new thread in our support forum, staff will answer as soon as possible.

Hi, just a pre-purchase question. Can I remove the current home page, using the “about” as a first page/slide. thank you in advance


no, that’s not supported

hi, one question: google don’t like to many h1 tags; as i’ve seen the source-code of the mainpage contains the menus (or childs of the main page) as h1; so i’ve five

tags, what can i do to have only one h1 tag? could it be possible to make a h1 in the text field of the homepage (i kno, a written text of the homepage is not shown on the screen – but this could be helpful for one h1… i hope you can understand what i mean :sing:

so that means that i’ve only one h1 for several pages – this makes my ranking bad; this means i’ve a lot of h2 without h1 or i will build separate pages – but then the wonderful slider won’t work – and this is one of the features of the design – thats a problem for us .. thanks for helping and best regards, agnes & michael

I see – there is no answer after 11 days, hmmm

Sorry but i had missed your last comment, please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will help as soon as possible

Love this theme, but have a couple pre-sales questions. Does it come with sample data, so I can create an exact replica of the demo? Also is the homepage background image free for anyone to use?


we have one click demo import button in theme options page which will replicate the preview site. None of the assets seen in the preview is included in the download, those are commercial images so you’d have to purchase them.

Thanks for the quick reply! Glad to hear that I can duplicate the demo. Guess I’ll need to find images, but I kind of expected that.

Very nice looking theme,

Is it possible to replace the background of each parallax page with an image an have the content on top as opposed to just grey? Kind of like the map for the contact page, but with images instead.

As a follow up questions, is there an opacity dial or option for the main page content or no?



theme only supports background by option in the contact page, to have custom bg in other sections you’ll have to customize theme php/css.

Not sure if got what you mean with the “opacity option”, could you please add more details ?

There is a way to put a footer ? and can you make more than one button on front page? thanks!

Original template design didn’t include a footer so you’d have to customize theme php/css/js in order to add one

When I open the demo theme on my iphone 4 the menu doens’t stick to the top. Although when I test on your website its seems to kinda work. I tested on ipohne safari and chrome. Is this a known issue?



I’ve just tested the demo on my iPhone 4’s safari and chrome browsers and the menu is sticky as expected. So the issue must be on your end somehow.


I have purchased your site and it presents our portfolio perfectly. However there are a couple of bits that we would like to bring inline with our brand.

1) Is it possible to change the white header bar to black (we generally use our logo against a dark background)

2) I have used the css code below to slightly darken the page backgrounds:

.section.portfolio { background-color: #E1E1E1; }

I have copied the code and replaced portfolio with other page names, however it will only work on the portfolio and blog page – is there something else I would need to do to make the other pages work?

3) The google maps image does not appear as a background on the Contact Page and only displays when you click ‘Toggle Map’, is there a setting I need to change to make it appear all the time?

Many thanks for your help in advance.

whats the right dimension for the logo? i didnt find it in documentation. thanks

Hi, Those dimensions were fine for the logo we used, your logo on the other hand has a totally different aspect ratio than ours and includes small text which must remain readable, so of course those dimensions will not work.

To me, 210px seems to be a good width for your logo. Try this using the current logo (seen in your link). Past the following CSS in the “Custom CSS” field in the general tab of the theme options panel:
a.logo {width:210px};

This will scale the logo image down to a width of 210px while respecting the aspect ratio. You could also do this by making a new logo image of that width.

ok thank you

Great support

Hi Good looking theme, nice work!

Before the below let me say lots of nice things should be said about the theme, thus why interested in it. Just need a few things improved.

I’m testing on Safari iPhone and iPad as well as MacBook Pro FireFox Pre purchase. BTW my network speed is 6MB up and down min, so nothing delayed here.

Here’s what I’m noticing while the page is loading the CONTACT US page loads first.

Another example similar to the previous. When on a BLOG page/s and I select ABOUT US (, I first have to see 1)CONTACT US, then 2)HOME page, and then 3)ABOUT US page. A User experience change is needed too. No matter if on iOS Mobile devices (swiping/touch) mentioned above or the Laptop (arrow keys) the page navigation does not reflect the current state of where you might be on, rather the navigation page you selected. For example i selected ABOUT US but by Swiping/Arrow to another page such as Services, the current state is ABOUT US. Ideally the state would change from a UX perspective of course.

Lastly the Form on the Contact Us can use a little help in guidance. Can you convey if it’s fully functional or not? If yes how and what needs to be done.

Cheers, FTS


These are a result of how the original template was developed. We’ll pass your comments on to the dev.

The contact form is fully functional and requires no setup because it will use the contact email address details from your WP admin profile. An optional alternative email can also be entered via the theme options page if the admin email is not an appropriate contact address.

Hi great theme

how do i edit the html for the home template page?


That page’s content can be edited via headlines.php

If you have any further questions please open a thread in our support forums:

Hello, First off beautiful elegant theme. good job ! I have several forms made with gravity forms, and each form will redirect to the next after the next button is clicked, i would like to add the page flipping effect of the menu on those next button. how do i proceed to do that? thank you

forcePosition() function in js/reversal.js

is it possible to walk me through the customization?

Unfortunately walking customers through custom work is beyond the scope of our support, which only includes fixing problems with built-in features and installation issues. If you need help, we recommend seeking our a freelancer. You could possibly find one via the TF forums.

hello, is it possible to use shortcode on the home page ? and if it is possible, that it is the easy way

thank you

Hi, great theme. I was wondering: does your menu support submenus? I have quite a lot of things to put in there and submenus would be lovely. Also: a small bug – if you go to Contacts page, click on Toggle map, then go back to Home, the Get started link stops working and you can’t go back to the site (ok, except with the browser’s back button). There’s a small area right under the button that is clickable, saying “Custom title here”, but it actually does nothing. Tested in Chrome.

Hi, Leaving the Gmap open and then navigating away to another page is a known bug, we have placed a fix for this in our support forum which is accessible to our buuyers. See here:

ok, thanks. but how about the submenus in the top menu?

Sorry, unfortunately no sub menu support in this theme.


- Can I add a top menu bar in the Home Page? - In Portfolio page, can I add a multi image as a slide image when I click on the image to expand it?



Unfortunately without custom work the main menu cannot be placed on the homepage.

Sliders are not supported in the expanded portfolio item preview area.

Is there a way to create multiple pages leveraging the “about” template that will transition horizontally or is the only way it works is in the demo? Thanks.

Hi, Sure the “about” template is reusable, and once the page you make is added as a child page of the homepage (master), and is given a correct sequence relatively to the others, then it will transition horizontally like the rest.


I found one bug of toggle map. On safari, it close the box with toggle button (right side box) when I turn a google map on. By the way, it happened only safari. Do you have any way to fix it?


The toggle gmap bug has been addressed and a fix provided on our support forum for confirmed buyers to download.