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Hi there, nice theme. two things question however.

Could you let me know how to use a video as the background on the homepage (hardcode it) and secondly, when inserting a slider gallery via shortcode, the images are floating to the right of the of the box they should be in, leaving a white box where they should be.


Hi, Please head over to our support forum and post your issue there, our staff will assist asap.

Hi, one pre-sale question:

Can more than just one image been added to the portfolio detail-page? Any examples of it online?

Thank you!

Hi, The only way to add more then one image there is to use a slider. You can see a slider project example by clicking the 1st thumb on the 2nd row.


Pretty nice theme! Well Done! I think about buying your theme. Before i have one question. Is it possible to slide in the pages vertically instead of the shown horizontally way with overflow hidden (but stay responsive and always centered) like in your example?

Many thanks in advance


Unfortunately that is not possible.


Nice theme, one question, on the Portfolio section, is it possible to add a title underneath the images and maybe 2 lines of description, like the project title even?

Kind Regards Richard


That’s not possible right out of the box, but would require you to customize the theme’s markup and CSS.

Hi there,

Pre-purchase question! Our client loves the look of this theme, but he’s really big on helvetica font, so just wondering if this can be implemented? Also is the background image on the landing page changeable as we have one ready to use?

Any help would be much appreciated!

That’s superb! thank you very much.

Purchased the theme and it’s great! just one little question, is it possible to move the button down on the landing page?

Hi, yes its possible and we’ll help you with that over on our Support Forums. Open a thread there with the link to your site and one of our support team will help you asap.


I need to insert a form on home page. My question is: can I include contents (Gravity form code) into Home body field?


Hi, haven’t tested such complex markup there so can’t say for sure. All I can say is that the field wasn’t designed with such complex contents in mind.

Hello, how i can change portfolio image size from 460×300 to large?

Hi, I would just like to confirm whether or not you can use a video as the background for the home page. I see in the features that it supports “Inline Video”. I am not sure what that is, can that be explained as well?



videos are supported in blog, posts and single project pages but not as home background.

Pre buy questions. We are discussing purchasing this theme and I want to know if: Can rearrange which page the user will get directed to after clicking the “Get Started” button? (Ideally, we would like the user to be directed to the “Services” page.)

Can we add a button to the “About” page so that we can then direct the user to the contact form?

When additional pages are created, are there tools (buttons, boxes, ect) to make the new pages look in-style with the rest of the template? We want to know that growth is possible with the same look and feel.

Much appreciated! Aaron

Hello Aaron,

  1. yes, you can select which page to jump to when clicking home button
  2. to add that button in about page that, once clicked, would lead to the contact page using the slide animation would require a bit of custom js but we could help in our support forum for that
  3. demo shows all elements available in the template, there are no button/box shortcodes so that would require you to add some custom css

Hi there,

I really like your theme and am interested in purchasing. I just wanted to confirm it is possible to customise the theme colours to specific colours outside those given on the demo page, either through the admin panel or altering the css?

Heartened to see the amount of support available! Cheers!


primary color can be changed via admin option, for others you can add custom css rules in the “Custom CSS” admin option.

This theme is translation ready by pot files? Could you tell me with plugin js do you have used to this horizontal slider effect?


yes, theme translation is via pot files. The slider plugin is custom code by us and not available as separate item.

Can I change the menu position on admin panel?

Hi, Unfortunately not. The shown menu position is the only one available, unless you customize the theme’s CSS

I am interested in purchasing this theme (beautiful design and functionality by the way) however I have one question:

Can I remove the sticky top nav on the mobile view? It seems a little glitchy. I would prefer just a regular mobile menu in the regular mobile header as opposed to a nav that sticks to the top of the browser window. Is this something that can be turned on/off with a setting or would I have to edit html/css code? (I am a programmer/developer so I can edit the html/css as long as it is not too complex/complicated).


there’s not an option for that but sticky on mobile could be turned off by using simple media query css. We could help in our forum once you have purchased the item.

please do not send me to the support forum. there are general 2questions. 1.the home page on my client’s side loads too slow. sometimes the image opens up sometimes it doesn’t.

2. how can i get rid of your lovely name on the contact form? and put state brief summary of legal assistance requested. i did it at the theme options however it didnt override the default message,

Thank you

also theres a problem with the menu and how pages open up.

About “lovely name” text and other changes in the contact, check this forum post

Other questions requires our support staff to check your site, for that to use our support forum is mandatory. Please create a new thread there.

Hi !

I like it ! What it is possible to fix the menu on the home page ?


Thank you for your answer. Indeed, I wish to set up the menu on the home page when it isn’t in your theme except “about”, “services ….etc. For the footer, I will use the theme-child, is it really impossible to put the footer as the header that is placed on top ?

Those are layout changes, you’ll need to customize the theme yourself or hire a freelancer in order to do that.

I noticed that videos aren’t supported as a background for the homepage… Is this a feature you could add? It would mean the world to me.


A homepage video background is unfortunately not a feature of this theme and we do not have any plans to add it. We do have another item which has a video homepage options, check out this item:


Nice Theme! One Pre-Purchase Question.

Is it possible to add an single portfolio prev/next navigation? I want to cycle prev next through the single projects without close and go back to the thumbnails overview …

Many thanks in advance. Cheers

Hi, This function is not available in the theme and so would need custom work to achieve it. We currently do not have any plans to add this feature.

Hey! I bought your theme but the horizontal slider doesn’t work. I have 1. Made a main page with the “home” template. 2. made sub pages that had the “home’ template page as it’s parent. 3. set the page that was made with the “home” template page as the main page when the site loads. 3. created a menu with these pages.

What else am I doing wrong? What could be happening? check it out :

Please help! Thanks

*Never mind! Fixed it :) Thanks

Glad to hear it :)

Hi, I have bought this theme. However, I have some problems:

1. my theme options page is blank. Why? 2. How to edit my services content and contact?

My wordpress version is 3.6.1 Is it compatible?

Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.


Yes this theme is compatible. It may be a problem with one of your plugins. You could try disabling them one by one and see if the issue disappears. Failing that, head over to our support forum and we’ll take a look:

Is it possible to have the homepage a full screen revolution slider as I need to have layer links etc.

If not doable with shortcodes could it be done by creating a new page.php template for ‘home’ and inserting the slider code within that template? I’ve done this on a different theme but not sure how yours would work as it scroll horizontally.



the php part would be fairly simple, however theme js/css would require quite some customization and i’m not sure how rev slider would behave once included in a “sliding” layout like reversal’s.

I wouldn’t honestly recommend it.


I’m considering buying the theme and I would like to know if it’s possible to: - customize the homepage with whatever we want, including embeding HTML (Like a player or a RSS feed…) - add a comment box in the portfolio slide so that everyone can post a message directly in the portfolio slider under the content?

Thank you, and keep the good work!

Hi, Those things can’t be done as standard but would require manual theme customization, for which you would likely need the help of a freelancer.

Thank you for your quick reply. I can actually do it by myself. I was wondering if it comes with the theme :)