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Last Friday I’ve sent you a private message through your profile page on ThemeForest to know if I could hire you to make some customisations on this theme but I got no reply from you, did you get my message?

Best regards, Florence.

Hello Florence,

sorry, we didn’t. It could have a temp glitch of envato when sending the mail or our ticketing system made a boo. However, we’re not currently available for freelance work so you may want to try

My customer like this item but i want to ask you some future before purchase.

1. They have many products (more than 1 page) with category and tag and detail page.

2. They need to add some module on products pages for sharing and like and comment and …

3. They need some page to load in external page and some page to load in iframe (like fancybox).

Does your item supports these futures ?

Hi, This theme is designed to show all portfolio items on the same page, with no need for a details page. Sharing buttons in the expanded project preview is not supported and adding it would be difficult if you wanted the single product to be shared and not just the whole page. Loading pages in and iframe in an lightbox is not supported out of the box, you would need to do some custom modification on the theme to achieve it.


I have purchase this theme and am having problems downloading onto Wordpress. This is the error message I keep receiving “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”.....What should I do??

Hi, Go to your downloads page in your Envato account. Beside the Reversal product click the “Download” button. This will present you with a list of options. To get the installable zip file, click on the “Installable WordPress file only”. They install this zip.

The error message you are getting occure when you try to install the main download package from Themeforest rather then the installable zip.

Is it allowed to use the background image in my own website?

Hi, Unfortunately not. None of the images seen in the demo are included in the download package because we don’t have a licence to redistribute them.


Pre purchase question, can I have fullscreen background images for all pages or just the home page?

Hi, The homepage is the only one which has been designed to have a fullscreen image in the background and controlled scaling etc. You could place an image in the backgrounds of other pages using some custom CSS, but it would not scale like the homepage and other CSS tweaks may also be needed to make the content play nice with it visually.

hello ,

i gonna buy this theme , but i need some infos.

1- is possible to make parent pages in the main manu or is fixed becouse is one page theme.

2- can google analytics understend what content the user is viewing , what pages.


1 – if you make a page parent of “home”, it will be shown as a section in the one page layout. If you don’t, it will be shown as separate page (like the blog)

2 – if you use the one page layout, GA will obviously consider always the home (and the blog) as pages (it will not target individual sections)

I’m using a RTL Wordpress version, seems that the theme dosent respond well to RTL support, the menu won’t work, pages won’t display. when disabling the Language support back to English works like a charm…

do you know of this issue? is there a sullotion you can offer?


please create a new thread in our support forum, staff will help as soon as possible

Hi there,

This one page template seems very good. I especially appreciate the ability to scroll inside each page without be able to see the next one, as usual in every one page templates. I can see the Blog has its own page. I need an extra independent page: I’m wondering if, like your VISIA theme, REVERSAL allows to create other independent page, like “Features” in VISIA? Or best, allows to create a page with submenu?

Best regards


yes, you can create other individual pages (blog is just an example). Template had no support for dropdown menus so nor has the wp conversion (you’d have to use top level menu)

Great ! This is only what I need!
Thank you bitfade. And I’m lucky, I have the quickest response I’ve ever had on Themeforest ;-) See you…

Hi, another pre purchase question: I cannot find out, how flexible the Portfolio page can be configured. I don’t want a 3-column Portfolio design. For my Needs it would be better to have a single column Display with some teasertext under / abode the Image. Is it possible?

Can i use two Portfolio instances for two page sections?

Thanks for your reply.


that would be a custom layout, as such you would need to customize theme php/css/js code to obtain the desired effect.

Only a single portfolio instance is allowed in the one page layout. You could have more but only if set a separate pages.

Hi Bitfade, thanks for your reply. So, a last question: I have the need for 5 columns to display all the services. In the demo there are only 4 columns. (I have to ask this, because i haven`t found a list of the avalaible shortcodes or documentation. Thanks again for your reply!

Hi, This theme’s grid is based on Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework which doesn’t offer a 5 column option, it includes 1,2,3,4 & 6. Consequently custom CSS would need to be used to achieve a 5 column layout;

Hi There,
Is Reversal theme compatible with WPML (

Hi, We haven’t tested this theme with WPML, so it may require some custom work to make it fit /function perfectly.

Thank you bitfade.
Can you tell me please how much would cost this custom work and how long you need to do properly your job (to guarantee that WPML will be able to to it’s job perfectly)?> And please, would you like to tell me what is the process: first I buy your theme, then you plan to do the job and last you deliver?
I’m not in a hurry, I would like just to know the process to schedule my all work.

Last question I hope: I just realize that we can choose in the demo between 9 colors. Are these 9 colors the final choice inside the Reversal Theme?

pre-purchase question… would I be able to set individual backgrounds for each page?

Hi, Yes you can, but you will need to include a small CSS snippet to achieve it. This snippet has been posted on out support forums as this question has come up already. So once you have purchased you can get the solution there.

Hy There is a bug of display on smartphones (iphone 4 and samsung s4), can you solve it please ? Here : Cheers Best regards


please create a new thread in our support forum, our staff will help as soon as possible.

Can I choose about page as home instead the default homepage?


no, that’s not supported.

Hi bitfade,

I’m really interested in purchasing this theme, but I have a couple quick questions before I want to commit to it.

Currently, on the portfolio page, when you click on a project thumbnail, it expands a dark panel on the top with some of the project information. This is great. What I’m wondering is how hard would it be to extend that to something even larger so that I can include multiple images as well as image descriptions.



Hi, To make alterations to that expanded project viewer would require custom work on your part, because what you are after is not currently supported by the theme.

Hi there. The image background on home page, can i use slide there? Changing images?


Hi, Unfortunately not as part of the theme’s built in options, you would need to customize the theme to achieve that.

Hi !

Why our Portfolio page have nothing?

I did set up this page by Import Demo Content .


Hi, Please open a thread about your issue in our support forum for this theme, found here:

One of the guy will take a look. Make sure to include a link to your website in the thread.

A pre-purchase inquiry:

Can you select the page that is navigated to when get started is clicked? We would want that click to navigate to the portfolio rather than “about”

Hi, Yes you can set that link to go to any page you like.

thanks for your quick response.


Love this horizontal theme! I’m just wondering if it supports columns and/or shortcodes on your home page? We wanted to have multiple quotes on the first page they saw before entering.

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi, Unfortunately not. Its simple content only on the home page as shown in the demo. You would need to customize the theme to add support for those items there.

Ok thank you!