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Hi mate,

How to add a image on a header page Ex: #about, #our-services, #portfolio.

<?php $content->title(); ?>

=> change to image

thanks for your help!

Hi, You will need to add some CSS to show images in those areas. Paste this snippet into the “Custom CSS” field in the theme options page’s general tab:

#about{background: url(your/image/path/img.jpg) no-repeat center center;}
#our-services{background: url(your/image/path/img.jpg) no-repeat center center;}
#portfolio{background: url(your/image/path/img.jpg) no-repeat center center;}

You would need to insert the path to the images you wish to insert. The images should be pretty large because the theme will not scale them. Just make sure that you optimize them well.

Thanks you, but, I want to add images onto headline. Example:

Each page have an other images! thanks mate,

Please head over to our support forums and open a thread about the topic there, we’ll take a look asap. You can find the forum here:


Pre-purchase question

Is it possible to have the menu on the landing page?


Hi, Unfortunately not, that would require theme customization.

hi, nice theme. but i cant find google font named ’’Roboto’’ in a list. any suggestions ?

Hi, please head over to our support forum and open a thread with your question. One of the guys will take a look asap. You can find the forum for this theme here:

hi, i bought this template – but always problems with the menu like contact – clicking on contact brings back to home…and the page is slow, and problems with the h1 – to much h1 in a webpage for google – thanks for help (ah… the little arrow in the startbutton – how can i change the color in it?)

Hi, Head over to our support forum for this theme and open a new thread about each one of your questions. The guys there will handle them asap. You can find the forum for this theme here:

will you make an update?since i bought that template there was no update – is this template one for english spoken? when i change the site-name there are problems, and i’m not the only one with that menue problems, regards, a tired michael

The last update to this theme was to add compatibility for WP 3.7. Apart from this or other future WP releases, we don’t have any plans for an update. I can assure you that this theme works properly and that there are no issues with the menu or anything else. If you have specific problems , please open a thread in the following forum:

This theme is almost exactly what I’m looking for. Really great work! One questions though: Is is possible to have the landing page default to the center? In other words, would it be possible to have someone enter my site and choose to go left or right rather than just to the right?

Hi, Unfortunately that’s not possible. All child pages of the homepage splash page can be aligned to the right side only.

Hi there,

Before I purchase, wondering if it’s possible to implement the same nifty sliding text effect featured on your Half Creative theme’s home page?

Hi, To achieve this you would need to customize the theme’s sources. We do have other themes with a similar effect, you could check through those also for something suitable.

Thanks. I wonder, if I purchased both Half Creative and Reversal if it would be possible to use the same code from the Half Creative theme for the front page in the Reversal theme’s front page? Is the code very similar?

Hi, Unfortunately not, those themes are built on different HTML structure and different JS. So that would require a good bit of custom work.

Hi, I’ve been trying to link my linkedin account to my contacts page and so far it’s the only one not coming up. I’ve checked the domain name as well. Is there anything I can do?

Hi, Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support for this theme is only available for customers with confirmed purchases. If you have purchased this theme from another account, please login with that account before seeking support.

Hi, Before I purchase, wondering if it’s possible to create permalink to a project in portfolio and the other pages like “about” and “contact” ? It’s very important for me ! Thanks !

Thanks for your answer. But when I go to and if I click on a project, I return to the staring page !

Hi, You have to give the page a moment to load. If the js scripts (at page bottom) haven’t loaded by the time you click then something like that can be the result. Depending on your connection, this could be a couple of seconds, and would usually be only the first time, when the content is not cached.

Ok ! Thanks for your support !

Hi there!

I can’t get my google map to show up. How do I get it to work?


Ok, where do I find the help documentation? Thanks!

In your download page, when you click the download page next to our item, select “All files & documentation”.

Unpack the zip on your pc and you’ll find a doc folder.

ok thanks!

Hi there,

Nice theme but I still get the problem with the last section flashing before the intro is loaded… Any fixes for that? Currently I’m using a dummy empty section as last but that’s not very handy.



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

If this theme is ok for SEO?

Hi, Yes sure all of the usual SEO based concerns were taken into account during the building of this theme.

Additionally you can install an SEO optimization plugin if you need extra custom control.

Hi there @wistech,

we had no complaints about that from our customers. We don’t have anything in place in regards to SEO optimization, that should not be in the theme, instead you should install some of the known SEO plugins.

Just bought the template and I love it.

Have two questions though. How do I change the site description? Right now in google it reads “Who we are. Curabitur sem dolor, feugiat in molestie eget, venenatis vel nisi. Nullam quis eros et quam convallis posuere sit amet id est. Nunc commodo est eu …”

Second question I have is that when my site loads, it initially loads 2 pages, one at a time for about 3-4 seconds, then defaults to the home page. How can I make it so it just loads the homepage?

Thank you.

Hi, Google likely indexed your site while you still had the dummy lorum text in there, once you have changed this content and wait a few days Google should re-index your site and the result will be updated. The theme loads in this way unfortunately. The pages are stacked and appear as they are loaded. There is nothing that can be done about this without theme customization.


Thank you for this excellent theme :) !

I just have a question : is it possible to show the category I want, by default, in the portfolio page ? It’s “all” by default and i’d like another one.

Thanks again :) !

Hi, Please head over to our support forums for this theme. Open a new thread for your issue. One of our guys will take a look at it. You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi, Thank you for your reply ! But I’m too lazy to create another account just for one question, so, i’ll handle it by myslelf :) !

Thanks again !


Before I purchase…does this theme work with most plugins (I have a plugin I like, that is safe, as well).

Also, can I implement one page of ecommerce (which plugin will be comptible – Woo or ?)? I have a wholesale-only company and only want minimal online sales.

Thanks LOVE ALL your themes.

Nevermind, I see on your forums you have not tested any ecommerce and do not guarantee your templates with any. no worries.

Thanks for you kind words, yes what you have read in our forums is correct. Best of luck.

hi, sometimes the value of your site (template) via ist 86, sometimes it is 78; my site without images (!) is at 66 – i tested it wihtout images, with images it is slower… i’m sad about this?? what does this mean? thanks for help concerning optimizing the web!


make sure you enable both javascript and css compression in theme options -> advanced, that will give a nice boost in speed.

hi there,

just a stupid pre-purchase question.. is it possible to change the reversal logo?!

thanks a lot!


yes, you can easily change the logo from theme options page.

hi,when i click on the contact site and then the toggle map buttno the site “about” is no longer visible, please help, thanks


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible

no submenu – please write this to the advertisement, thanks – thats not fine, such a nice design and no submen – not easy to understand… i’ve to byu a new one and a lot of work


almost all one pages have no sub menu support (we don’t advertise it nor show in live preview).

Original template didn’t include one so neither does the wp conversion.