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Would’ve been nice if this came with a documentation and a user guide like other similar products (with similar pricing) on this website. Hence only 3 stars rating

can you please give us mail using our TF profile about your requirements. our support team will help you.

thanks for your guide. we are going to update documentation. if you send mail with points about documentation , this will help us.

right now, can you please withdraw the rating? it’s a humble request.


Now, our documentation is with download file. May be we missed this in our update uploading. It was attached at first upload.

you can get after download from TF.

thanks for letting us this.

How do I turn off the visual delaying effects for the price table (as they don’t work properly on an iPhone in portrait mode)?

there need to remove true option at html code. we used uikit for this animation. you can see the uikit data field at html code on price table options. just remove the true value , then it will work.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Before I consider buying this theme I don’t suppose it was built using Sass? If yes, would you provide those files?

no, we didn’t use this.

Good Job! This is amazing. Good luck :)

thanks for your comment. if you will need help, just let us know.

if you like our theme, please give 5 star rating for this.


Can you please tell me how i can change the icons in Services Tab !!

and from where i can get flat Images as in your demo to display in service tab only !!


have you got the point which e have sent you by mail?

No That Solution is Not working i have replied to your mail kindly check !!

we got your mail and replied. we have taken this to our support team. please keep in touch with us.

Hi do you happen to have this in layered PSD – I bought this theme but need to change a few things. It would be nice if you already have this as a PSD mock-up that way I can mock up my changes in detail.

we bought the psd from other author. there need permission to give this.


Please check your mail its urgent !!

There are a lot of problems in your responsive layouts !! please fix it !!

as i told you before i have to launch my website which is only on hold just bcoz of this !!

Bcoz of this Service Tab Were not working in
<script src="js/swtch/jquery.cookie.js"></script>

i fixed it but not main video is out of its place then i played around and removed these lines from the bottom then it worked BUT STILL THERE ARE ALOT OF PROBLEMS IN RESPONSIVENESS !!

<!-- revulation slider -->        
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js"></script>
    <!-- revulation slider -->    

Im waiting for a update with all the fix !! Its very Important and Urgent !!

Thanks Kindly Fix these ASAP !!

we are checking this. you will get link by mail.


While the design itself if good, a lot of stuff here are sloppy and hard coded. And this is coming from complete newb. I got this for my first ever PHP project.

If you buy this template you may need to rework a lot of elements to make them adjust automatically. I give it 3/5

thanks for your advice.

Hello I have sent you an email as well, I have not received that Bonus page. And also there are some bugs we found in coding can you please fix that and get update available?

We got your mail. We will send you all things.

Thanks I will be waiting for the same

tomorrow you will get this.

Hi Great template! I’m considering in buying this template. Just one question, for the portfolio section when you click on a project. Is it possible to upload various pieces and have a slider function?

Thank you!

you can add slider plugin with this.


great! the thing is, I’m not much of a developer, would you be able to instruct me on how and where to add the plugin once I purchase the template? Thanks!

sure. but I like to let you know that tomorrow we will not be able to help you. we will help you from day after tomorrow.


I’m still waiting for your updates its been days !!

you were suppose to fix up everything and update !! and i’ll be needing that bonus page as well.

NOTE :- Launch Of My Website is delayed due to this !! Im counting on this !! Mail ME ASAP

Thanks Jsawhney

tomorrow you will get this by mail with private link.


Still waiting for the mail.


facing upload problem. from tomorrow morning we will start uploading and give you the link. sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey there,

We just bought this but the other color assets are missing. Where can i find these?

Kind regards, Delano

you can get this color css under css->color folder


Will you please provide a list of the changes made in the latest update.

we have reduced css coding to make it easier to use with other platform. fixed responsive issue fpr some of the layout. remove onclick slider on service options. add eot type font for IE browser fixing

main point is reduce css codes to make it handy


Can this template be used with a framweork such as ember.js or meteor (or any single page application type)?

we have no idea about this. we used one page navigation js for this.

Hi I’m looking to upgrade a Reversal site from HTML to WordPress. Would you guys be working on a WordPress version?


Hmmmm….. This might be too late – can you send me the beta so I can see if it might do at the present?

for this we need to wait till first week of next month as we are fixing some errors.

Am guessing the wordpress version won’t make it only the market ever.

Hi i have bought this template .. i need to customize it .. can you do it for me? give me the quote for it at

please mail us using our TF profile.

Hi~ Thank you for great template, by the way, its okay on PC, but every time when i try to open the templates on iPhone and iPad, it crash, it starts to load then it crashes Safari. Can you see where does the problem? My phone iphone 6+ Ios 8.4.1

ok. we updated html version of wordpress development. you can send mail using our TF profile so that we can send you files. thanks