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Congrats to you! Great work! Good luck with sales!!!

Hello! Could you add my credit link on description?

sure, within couple of hour please. :)

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

thank you very much :)

wish for good sell :)

thank you very much :)

Nice Work :) GLWS

thank you very much :)

Typography is nice,Great layouts and nice combination of color ,wonderful one page template ! GLWS :)

thank you very much :)

Looks really great but would like to see the two blog pages mentioned can’t seem to find a way to launch them…Blog in the menu takes you to the blog section and from there nothing is clickable.

Thanks saw the bulb thought it was just a style chooser like most lol I can see it now but in the comments all the heads are squished because the source is different than the one used for the author pic.

you got it. great :)

Very nice, GLWS;)

thank you very much :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Great Job . Good Luck

Excellent work, wish you the best with sales!

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Very nice mate :)

thanks mate :)

Very nice theme! Good luck with sales :)

can you please mail us if there is any problem? As your are elite, we hope your guide line will help us to work better.


Can’t install theme. After downloading the archive and upload the WordPress writes:

Archive failed to install. In the stylesheet as style.css does not have the correct subject header.

How to be and what to do?

This is html template not wordpress. This item is under html category. please check this.

Tell me how to edit, then the content of the topic?

this html template. you need to edit html file to edit content.

Clean and Great Work! :)

How to tabs in this page pls help me its urgent

TF profile mean??

hi its urgent pls reply me

you can get message sending option at right sight below on following link

it’s mid night here. please send us mail. our support team will send you reply with solution.


The video background part of your demo page seems to not be working.

can you please describe what you have seen? blank output or anything else?

This template still needs another edition IMHO as their is too many things missing or different from the marketing version.

we are checking and fixing all points. thanks for your mail.

How is the bug fixing going? checking and rechecking

How to set Bootstrap Carousel auto start pause only one slide??

we are helping you frequently. can you please give us 5 star rating for our template now.


/*********************/ /* /* IE 10 Browser fixing /* /*********************/ var doc = document.documentElement; doc.setAttribute('data-useragent', navigator.userAgent); /*********************/ /* /* WINDOW.LOAD FUNCTION /* /*********************/ $(window).load(function(){ $('#load').fadeOut().remove(); $(window).trigger( 'hashchange' ); $(window).trigger( 'resize' ); /* STICKY NAVIGATION */ $("nav").sticky({ topSpacing: 0, className: 'sticky', wrapperClassName: 'main-menu-wrapper' }); /* TEXT FITTING */ $('.home-slide-content').fitText(1.2); $('.fittext-content').fitText(1.4); }); // END OF WINDOW.LOAD FUNCTION /*********************/ /* /* Single Background Video /* /*********************/ var ScrolleFullImage = function(){ var winHeight = $(window).height(); $("#home").css({height:505}); } /*********************/ /* /* Pie Initialize /* /*********************/ jQuery(document).ready(function(){ ScrolleFullImage(); jQuery('#chart-show').bind('inview', function (event, visible) { var c=jQuery(this).css('color'); if(jQuery('.pie').length) { jQuery('.pie').easyPieChart({ barColor:c, trackColor: '#dadada', scaleColor: false, lineWidth:15, animate: 5000, onStep: function(value) { this.$el.find('span').text(~~value+1); } }); } }); /* Modal browser problem solved */ $('.close').click(function () { $('.modal-backdrop').remove(); $('.modal-scrollable').css("z-index",'0'); $('.modal-scrollable').css("display",'none'); }); }); /*********************/ /* /* Team Single Pie1 Initialize /* /*********************/ jQuery(document).ready(function(){ if(jQuery('.pie1').length) { jQuery('.pie1').easyPieChart1({ barColor:'#ffd737', trackColor: '#dadada', scaleColor: false, lineWidth:15, animate: 5000, onStep: function(value) { this.$el.find('span').text(~~value+1); } }); } }); /*********************/ /* /* Document Ready Function /* /*********************/ jQuery(document).ready(function() { /* Responsive Menu Toggle function (nav li a) */ $('nav li a').on('click',function(){ $('').collapse('hide'); }) /* Super Fish Menu */ $('ul.sf-menu a').smoothScroll(); $('#nav').onePageNav({ scrollSpeed: 100, scrollOffset: 0 }); /* ISOTOPE PORTFOLIO Start */ var $container = $('.portfolio-wrapper .items'); $container.imagesLoaded(function () { $container.isotope({ itemSelector: '.item', layoutMode: 'fitRows' }); }); $('.filter li a').click(function () { $('.filter li a').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); var selector = $(this).attr('data-filter'); $container.isotope({ filter: selector }); return false; }); $('.overlay a').prepend(' ‘); $(’.overlay’).mouseenter(function(e) { $(this).children(‘a’).children(‘span’).fadeIn(300); }).mouseleave(function(e) { $(this).children(‘a’).children(‘span’).fadeOut(200); }); $(’.items li’).mouseenter(function(e) { $(this).children(‘a’).children(‘div’).fadeIn(300); }).mouseleave(function(e) { if (!$(this).hasClass(“active”)) $(this).children(‘a’).children(‘div’).fadeOut(200); }); /* service mobile icon / $(’#si_1’).click(function () { Service1(); }); $(’#si_2’).click(function () { Service2(); }); $(’#si_3’).click(function () { Service3(); }); $(’#si_4’).click(function () { Service4(); }); $(’#si_5’).click(function () { Service5(); }); $(’#si_6’).click(function () { Service6(); }); $(’#si_7’).click(function () { Service7(); }); $(’#si_8’).click(function () { Service8(); });

}); /

End document Ready /


/ /* /* Custome Home Slide /* /*/

var tpj=jQuery; //tpj.noConflict();

tpj(document).ready(function() {

if (tpj.fn.cssOriginal!=undefined) tpj.fn.css = tpj.fn.cssOriginal;

thumbWidth:100,                            // Thumb With and Height and Amount (only if navigation Tyope set to thumb !)
navigationType:"bullet",                // bullet, thumb, none
navigationArrows:"solo",                // nexttobullets, solo (old name verticalcentered), none
navigationStyle:"round",                // round,square,navbar,round-old,square-old,navbar-old, or any from the list in the docu (choose between 50+ different item), custom
navigationHAlign:"left",                // Vertical Align top,center,bottom
navigationVAlign:"bottom",                    // Horizontal Align left,center,right
touchenabled:"on",                        // Enable Swipe Function : on/off
onHoverStop:"on",                        // Stop Banner Timet at Hover on Slide on/off
stopAtSlide:-1,                            // Stop Timer if Slide "x" has been Reached. If stopAfterLoops set to 0, then it stops already in the first Loop at slide X which defined. -1 means do not stop at any slide. stopAfterLoops has no sinn in this case.
stopAfterLoops:-1,                        // Stop Timer if All slides has been played "x" times. IT will stop at THe slide which is defined via stopAtSlide:x, if set to -1 slide never stop automatic
hideCaptionAtLimit:0,                    // It Defines if a caption should be shown under a Screen Resolution ( Basod on The Width of Browser)
hideAllCaptionAtLilmit:0,                // Hide all The Captions if Width of Browser is less then this value
hideSliderAtLimit:0,                    // Hide the whole slider, and stop also functions if Width of Browser is less than this value
shadow:0,                                //0 = no Shadow, 1,2,3 = 3 Different Art of Shadows  (No Shadow in Fullwidth Version !)
fullWidth:"on"                            // Turns On or Off the Fullwidth Image Centering in FullWidth Modus

/*/ /* /* Service image /* /*/

function Service1() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service2() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service3() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service4() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service5() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”;


function Service6() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service7() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

function Service8() { document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML=”logo”; }

can you please send us main using our TF profile with details? here we can’t understand.