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Very creative work friend!!

thanks friend :)

Congrast to mate!!! ;) GLWS!

thanks mate :)

Do you have a wordpress/html version?

we have html version which is we are working on wp conversion.

Safari on iPhone5 with IOS7.1 were killed.

can you please send us some screenshot about the problem? we will be grateful to you.

How can I install the Sample Data without having to install Joomla first? I already have a Joomla installation, but I just want the Sample Data on the new site.

Sorry, I mean I want to install the Quickstart without hagoing through a new Joomla version installation. I want to use the quickstart to see how the demo website was created.

if you will start with quick start it will be a new joomla install and you will get demo look site. but there is no automatic process to install theme on existing site and get demo look site after installing just theme.

only template install need manually fixing every thing which we have provided in our documentation.

you see the manual installation


Hello, Is it possible to show a video instead of pictures in the front page on top of the menu. If it is , – where can I do that? – does the video have to be uploaded in the servor – does the video have to be on youtube/vimeo/...?

If not, do you know how should I proceed ?

Thank you, Pauline

thanks for your comment. can you please send us mail using our TF profile so that our support team can guide you?


it is possible. we have provided video top home page also.


I have messaged you via your profile page but received no answer.

Are you still working?

Hello, We didn’t get message . Please send again.

I purchased Reverse template. On your website it says that it is with Bootstrap framework and 11 styles. After installation, I saw that it is with T3 framework, and only 2 styles.

Please explain.

boostrap means it’s css is bootstrap based. you will get all version just need to add option. suppose if you need video option, then need to replace video slider with image slider. here 2 style means to basic style which are menu top position and menu below slider position. other styles are slider types,video,portfolio style. there need to use appropriate module. Please send us mail using our TF profile or we will guide you which version you need.


I too can only see 2 color styles, dark and red. Where can I access the color styles?

If you see the first screenshot I sent i.e. <image></image> you will see I have two options… Dark or Red. There are no color options under the General tab.

thanks for your link. I have send this to our support team. have you updated plugin ? please send your site link with admin access. you can send this to our mail by using our TF profile.


We bought the reversal paralax theme. We have a problem setting up the add cart and pricing option. And displaying the cart on the page and it is mess up. Can you give us a solution for that. Hoping for the fast response. Thank you.

Actually we didn’t use here ecommerce extension. Please send us your site link to check. please mail us using our TF profile.


There is no color switcher as advertised on this page.

Can you please update your theme so we can get the color switcher and dropdown list for choosing styles.

we got your mail.


The main reason why I pay for templates, is SUPPORT, and these guys offer NONE.

I contacted them after instillation for a module position issue, they went in my site and made changes I did not authorize, which added me a whole day of work.

4 days ago I mailed them for an error in the mobile menu, and still NO RESPONSE.

For that price, you can find providers which will help you with any request, these guys don’t even understand English well.


We gave you support. Your last question about color options. We visited your site’s admin panel and it was ok. color section is under template manager -> general section – > color selection.

Another question was you need different style. for this question we told to read our documentation as base style is 2 but if you change modules and module position you will get other styles. for portfolio you need to install desire extension which we provided with our package.

Now you claim about mobile menu but we didn’t get mail regarding this point. how can we give you solution without getting mail?

We gave support in previous with several points except mobile menu issue as we didn’t get such mail.

from our comment you should understand our english communication.

whatever you said, we don’t mind. definitely client should get proper support.

We are really sorry that we didn’t get mail regarding mobile menu issue .


That is not true.

1. Color options – it was not ok. There was only Red and Dark – an issue I see other customers complaining about as well. You corrected that after I told you. That is not support – that is correcting your mistakes, which should have not been there.

2. You did make changes in my module positions, when I had only asked how to change the height of a parallax position.

3. You have me the same response the first time – that you did not get my support email, after which I had to re-send, and post a comment on here. Maybe you should check your mail server, as it seems you are losing a lot of emails.

I just sent off another email with the menu issue to I hope we resolve this.

we have sent you a mail. your site is

this is far far different from our template. actually you shouldn’t buy this theme as you made totally different design .

Any way we missed the mail. you said we gave support in previous. we understand that you are getting problem as you totally changed our main design.

Sorry from our end for mistakes.

Nice template by web pentagon theme, Am having issues after customising some content on some of the module positions, e.g when I change the Capabilites modules content; the animated display disappears. When I also customised the content on feature module position the images was distorted. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Pls kindly provide the support mail address to further request when necessary. Thanks.

Sorry for late response due some unexpected problem. you can send us mail to

Hi, May I know how to change the rate-price to icon ? I don’t want to put price on price table. I want to put cell phone and table icon.

Can you please help.



Sorry for late response due some unexpected problem. you can send us mail to

Hi Admin,

I have sent email to for my problem regarding JS conflict, as your last email asking me about login details, I have sent. but I still dint get any reply from you.

Do you get my email?



we sent you mail with saying we are working.

Hi Admin, I have email you my request, can you please have a look. I really appreciate if you could please help me with this problem regarding the loadposition. Thanks.

this is complicated as your extension is large . we are working.

Thank you for your help, to save my time. Special thanks Kamrul Hossain Rono.

Hi Admin,

I have updated my sp_quickcontact to the latest version which have captcha after the update the form become very small. Can you please help.



please send us mail using our TF profile with giving your site details and ftp.

the parallax effect doesn’t work on iDevice. Have you a solution?

we sent you a mail.

i’cant see the live preview

it was fixed.