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Hi, your theme is really good. I almost wanted to purchase. However, i realised that it is not responsive and doesn’t show correctly on mobile device.

Do you have plans to update it to a responsive theme please?

I do have plans to make it responsive, though I don’t know when we’ll actually get around to doing it. It’s definitely the next update on the list for Reviewer, but my team and I are watching over 24 other items as well.

Hi @Designcrumbs, please make it as soon as possible. It would make this app so complete. Thanks and on behalf of everyone using or going to use this theme we look forward to your responsive update! :)

Hi, is this theme multilanguage? I see in the item details list “Translation file included! – Use Reviewer in any language” but can this theme have the same content in more than one language with different URLs?

For example:

Responsive design and multilanguage are key in my website.

Thanks for your reply.


The theme is not responsive, though it is in our plans to make it so.

As with any WordPress theme, you’ll need a plugin to be able to toggle back and forth between different languages. I’ll admit that I don’t know too much on the subject, but given that the theme is translatable, being able to do what you’re looking to do is part of WordPress, not the theme itself.

Thanks for your reply!


Can this theme be used to do website hosting reviews?

Is that simple?

Out of the box it’s only set up for entertainment reviews. You’d need to edit the template files to change the categories you see in the demo.

It’s in my long term plans to change that, but for now, this is the way it is.

Hello! I am not able to get the short codes to work. Where in the theme are the short codes listed? I did a search of all files and cannot find the words “threequarter” or “warning” or “warning”.

Ah, sorry about that! This is embarrassing.

I removed the shortcodes from all of my themes a few years ago. I didn’t realize I had left that info in the help file. I just removed it.

I recommend using this plugin instead:

Thanks, I’ll use the plugin instead. Also, I;m not about to get the author page to work at all, and I’ve written more than 2 articles. Is that something discontinued too?

Hm. No, that should be working. Can you open a thread at and I’ll take a look? Leave your url and login details please.

I would like to update my current theme and I would like to use yours. I want to buy it, but since you are not planning on having this site responsive, also I’m afraid that it won’t be compatible with all the plugins I’m using. If I give a list of the plugins I need to use, can you guarantee me that the theme will work fine? Do you offer any refund in case the plugins are not compatible? Thanks!!

ps: I’m aware of the fact that there are plugins and websites that would make your website responsive…but it’s not the same thing :)

No problem.

And I agree, responsiveness is 100% on the theme, not plugins. The hold up is that we have 25 themes that we take care of on top of various other projects. Pushing out releases to fix bugs is always a priority and something that we do frequently. But when it comes to features, especially big ones like responsiveness, they can take some time.

I know I know, you are totally right. But as you already know, google only displays first sites are mobile-friendly, and nowadays that’s a big concern for any webdesigner/customer. And people usually checks this links ( ) before buying a theme, too.

I’m confident one day it will be mobile-friendly. By the way, thank you for your time!!

Almost bought this one until I read it was not responsive. But onto my other question. Is it possible or east to use another image besides stars for the ratings? We have a review site, but we do not use stars. But it is a 5 point system.

That is awesome. I look forward to this theme being made responsive. Will this marketplace email me some how when an update is available?

Well, if you have purchased any items on ThemeForest, you can choose to be notified when the items get updated. However, if you haven’t purchased, unfortunately there’s no way to be automatically notified.

Thank you. I will keep an eye out for updates in the future.

Hey man, love this theme, but just adding to the other comments that it really needs to be responsive. I can completely appreciate you are busy. Just wanted to let you know another user has not purchased based solely for this reason.


This is actually the next big project on our to-do list :D

Hello, I just bought your theme for my website

It’s a movies reviews site.

I’m gonna have to practice because after installed it, it doesnt look at all to what i saw in the demo.

In the description it’s said that we cant translate it to any language. how to do it? When i upload my logo, nothing happens….

Could you help me please?

Hello! Could you please open a thread at and we’ll help you over there? Thanks.

i succeeded for my logo, but i created a thread cause i have several questions


I saw you plan to make Reviewer responsive. Have you a deadline for this project?


Hi there,

I apologize for putting a timeline on this project as it’s obviously taking much longer than expected. I will tell you that we’re in the final stages now: reviewing the update and preparing for submission to TF. I will follow up on this comment as soon as we’ve submitted the update.

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.


Bryan – DC Staff


You were in the final stages 2 month ago. When will you submit the new version?


Hello! Bryan has completed development and has passed it off to me to clean up the design. Honestly, it’s been sitting on my to do list for weeks now and I just haven’t gotten to it because of more pressing projects. All I can say is that I plan and want to get to this as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

Still waiting on the responsive version before buying, any updates on that? Going to look for alternatives soon..

Hi There, very close to purchasing this theme, was just wondering if it is possible to change the rating to an out of 10, as opposed to an out of 5


Hi David,

The short answer to your question is yes and we can help you out with that on the support forum.

The longer answer is also yes but, I want to let you know that with our next update for Reviewer, a lot of changes are going to be made to the existing review functionality. We’ve made it more flexible and easier to use including the ability to change the rating system to fit your needs.

That said, the update for Reviewer is just being reviewed internally by our team and we’ll release it when it’s ready. We don’t have a solid estimate on that just yet.

But, in the meantime, if you’d like to use Reviewer and update the ratings to a 10 instead of a 5, we can definitely help you with that.

I know this is a long answer, I just wanted to give you some more information about Reviewer and the upcoming release. We’re really excited about it.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Bryan – DC Staff

Is it possible to have 4 sticky covers, based on the user’s screen width?

Not right now, no.

Okay, thanks! And how does that part of the theme look like when the new responsive version is enrolled? Sorry for the questions, just looking forward to the responsive version very much!!

can users post as author on the frontend or in their account?

Hi there,

Reviewer makes use of the “Author” user level so any users who are registered as an Author can post a review on the site. Does this help answer your question?


Bryan – DC Staff


Any updates on a new version of the theme?