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Wow, way to capture a very empty niche. Good Luck!

Thanks WPExplorer.

Loving the template! Following your installation guide and have a quick question…

Step 4- assuming that it should say upload to reviewit/includes, not magnifizine/includes.
Do I need to upload the zip file mediaplayer-5.2 or is this step from the previous magnifizine manual because i can see a mediaplayer file in there already- If I do upload, do I overwrite the existing file “mediaplayer” because the next step says:
make sure the folder you upload is named “mediaplayer” and not “mediaplayer-5.2” and that the file within the folder is named “player.swf” and not anything else.
or are there supposed to be 2 folders in includes- mediaplayer-5.2 and mediaplayer.

Sorry just a little confused-Many thanks!

Hi dems,

The mediaplayer folder should not be distributed with the file so I’ll need to remove that, you were meant to download it. But you can just leave it in there and ignore the instructions. To confirm you do need the mediaplayer folder for this item.

Glad you like it External. :)

Great file – so… this file is capable of SELF HOSTED VIDEO ? As in I do not have to use vimeo or youtube but I can load up my own videos from my own server? Please advise. This is a great theme.

Hi there,

As long as you save your videos as FLV (flash) yes you can host them on your site and display them in the slider and lightbox.

GP you’re a very bad guy…....my wallet is crying…. XD XD !!!

As my usual request, due to that this will fit perfectly with my needs (videogaming site), could i use the blog style in the mainpag (also with new imageslider) without any code customization? Thanks.

Hi Digitalrage,

Glad you like the theme. You cannot currently display your blog posts on the homepage however I thought this would be requested and will be releasing it in the next update (version 1.1) sometime this week I suspect.

Ok GP so i’ll wait the next update to buy your theme ‘cause i really need news (like magnifizine) or blog layout on mainpage. Hope that you’ll release it very soon!!

Also an authorbox should be good in reviews and previews for next update.

Hi there, I really like the features you’ve got on this site, I think this will suit my needs pretty well. I’m quite happy with my current design though but i’m interested in purchasing so i can integrate some of the features this theme has.

Can I ask what you use to sort your posts out by? For example, I love how you can select “Sort by Review..” and can click things like highest rated. Is there a plugin you use or something? I would love to have this on my website atm.

Also, is there any plugins you use for the rating system? I like how you can have the the user scores and our scores. I also like the way you can have likes on the comments.

I’m hoping to talk to my web guy to see if it’s possible to intergrate some of your features with my current design

Thanks, Matt

Hi mattio,

I use the plugin GD Star Rating for the rating functionality including ordering the posts by score. If you were to just use the plugin rather than purchasing the theme you may have some difficultly getting it just like ReviewIt, especially with creating the sort by feature unless your web guy has a good grasp of WordPress queries. So obviously what I’m suggesting is purchase the theme, see how I’ve utilized the plugin and then take what you need for your own theme.

The theme’s very well made, its clean and organized. Very well done, indeed! Good luck!


Thanks WPClubs. :)

Another absolutely stunning Wordpress theme from you where you have captured a nice market, whilst still being relevant. This is an absolute masterpiece; the way you have integrated all of the things and made the best of what is to offer.

This’ll definitely be on my to-buy list.

Thanks StevenR, awaiting your purchase. :D

Could we have this setup? I think yes but i need some confirmation….


(i cannot link a review page but is the one that you’ve made for Halo ODST i.e.)

However if you’ll release an update this week as promised, with blog / news on mainpage, i’ll buy it this afternoon.

Have a nice day GP :)

I’m not sure what set up you’re referring to? The Halo page (http://www.ghostpool.com/wordpress/mammoth/?p=244) is a review page, which can also be achieved with ReviewIt, but in its own style.

Yes I’ll most likely be releasing the blog/news feature this week. I just want to see if anyone detects any bugs so I can include any bug fixes in the update as well. So go ahead and buy it and get used to the features. :)


about the “halo page” i mean that would like to see the cover for the game, the specs (rating, release date, category, etc.) If review.it does have these feature, it’s way better!! GP don’t forget the author box for review pages. I think that’s very important.

If you’ll accept any suggestion about some useful feature let me know, it’s since 2005 that i manage a vg site.

However i’ll buy one more theme from GP…!!

Yep ReviewIt displays the cover of the film/game or whatever your site is for.

You can post your suggestions here, and if I think they are good enough I may decide to include them in a future release. :)

Very nice and glad to see you included the “Are you human” math problem on the contact form. Everyone make a nice form but forgets security like that and you get spammed to death!

All in all, nice job!

Thanks athenroy.

Dear Mr. Ghostpool I just wanted to say that this theme is quite nice. I think that I shall purchase this for myself posthaste. One question though. I use the FLV Embed plug-in. This plug-in uses a jpeg for the poster image that is also in the same folder as the flash file. I don’t really want to have two of the same images on the same post. How would one go about having the preview/post picture different than the poster image in the flash frame.

Kindest Regards The Giant

P.S. athenroy, must you comment on every submission about the use or non-use of “Captcha’s”. Is this really a healthy compulsion? :)

Hi TheGiant,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. All I can say at the moment is that you can specify different images for your post/page/review in different sections of the site in the edit interface under Additional Options > Image Options.

just bought, GP, now i’m waiting for your update for the mainpage!!

I just have a few quick questions…

1. Can you set up a paid membership system through this?

2. Can you protect certain content, pages, comment, etc. from people who haven’t signed up yet?

Hi ace2296,

1) You would need to use a WP plugin for this feature, possibly this one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/show-content-by-user-level/

2) You can make a post private or password protect it by default, but again you would need to use a plugin to hide certain content from guests. This one looks quite good: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/show-content-by-user-level/

I purchased this theme, and whoa.. Talk about a great Wordpress job. Custom menus, excellently laid out, custom administration menu’s you don’t really see quality Wordpress coding from many people, I’m glad to see you know Wordpress quite well.

Having said that, is there an option to change some of the criteria you can add to a post, as I would like to use this theme for a music review site.

Can I replace producers to say members and the other values as well? Are those particular widgets displayed on the post screen hard-coded or changeable somewhere? I haven’t looked into it too much, but was wondering.

Hi dwayne12,

There’s a section on this in the help file called “Changing The Review Tags”. :)

Great theme, just what I was looking for.

Do you plan for near future to build in social media and feed icons/functions?

Hi traveljunks,

Yes, I might add social icons that link to the owners own Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds etc. :)


Nice one mate!! I think that GP must update the theme with:

Blog style or news style on frontpage

More options like Magnifizine and Juggernaut

Get “socialized” XD

Author box on reviews/previews

On reviews replace producer/directors/etc with other values (game, producer/release date/rating, etc.)


If you want to change the movie tags to gaming tags you can do so by referring to the “Changing The Review Tags” section of the help file. Remember this theme is under $40, you have to put some work into it yourself if you want it to meet your needs exactly. ;)

I know what do you mean GP, but there’s some Joomla theme from Gavick or from Jooforge (gaming related) for about 40bucks and plenty of features. Hovewer my big miss is the news/blog layout on main page, and you told us that with next update we’ll have it: so now i’m happy with that!!! :)

Wow seriously? Couldn’t even think of a different name to my review theme I created months ago? Way to be innovative..

You have a theme on here called ReviewIt? Really? I typed it in the search before going with that name and nothing came up. I’ve typed it again and only my theme comes up. Obviously I wouldn’t have gone with it if I knew another template had it – that would be stupid. No need to be so hostile.

EDIT : Your portfolio shows no theme called ReviewIt.

Hey, yeah I had it removed a while back. Sorry it must be coincidence (: good luck with sales

No problem templateup. It’s an easy name to pick I guess. :)

Beautiful, well done. I was wondering if it was just me or does everyone have a like 1 or 2 second delay when mousing over the main headlines on the right side of the main graphics area. It’s a noticeable delay and I thought it wasn’t registering for me as a link. I wonder if it is interrupted by the changing pictures that is flash or just javascript.

Hi slinky,

If you’re referring to the slider then you have to wait until the slide transition has finished before clicking on the next one. This is an issue (if you want to call it that) with the Nivo slider and not the theme itself.

Ghost -

It’s a great theme. Your work is terrific. Is there any chance you might be able to make or provide a variation of that box using a different javascript? I’d hate the limitations of other things to cause visitors to be confused with what is such a great looking theme. Any alternative that would get the job done would be optimal.

If I can improve the click time I will slinky, but it’s not really issue in my opinion, several themes use the Nivo slider and there’s really little complaint about this slight delay.

On the live link when you select to view the light version you get the light home page, but then when you click the links it goes into the dark version… is there anyway to view the live version of the light version?

Hi Matt,

I’ll be adding a fully working version of the light skin shortly.