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I am not an expert by any means. The first site I built was a weebly drag and drop site with a built in theme. I need something more functional and this theme seems to fit the bill. Can you tell me if I can create REVIEW specific pages easily (i.e. Game Review, Movies Reviews), that will only show those reviews on that page? What about Blogs? Is there a way for only a blog category of say games to appear on that particular Review page. So, on the front page it could be “All blogs” and on the specific pages for say Movies, it would only show the movie related blog posts?

I am going to purchase this tonight. One last question. Can you do 1/2 start ratings? If not, is their a solution for that?

Yes you can give half star ratings (site rating). However users who rate a review (user rating) cannot do half ratings.

Great, I just purchased this last night. It should be fun playing with this. Thanks.

Hi There

Client would like people to save images in the gallery however there is no save as option. How can i change it so that people can save images…

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Apologies… I had posted http://ghostpool.ticksy.com/ticket/35745 a minute after i posted here…

That’s ok. I’ve now addressed your support ticket.

Hello, I am thinking about buying this theme. Can you please tell me if I can change the colors to my theme colors? Also, Is this a theme that is like yelp? I want my users to be able to create a facebook like profile and when signed in be on their profile page then be able to search business from a directory and rate and review them. Would businesses be able to post articles about their business? Can I have a category listings? Can users add events? and then participants rate the event? It looks like a very cool platform you have built here.

Thank you! K

Hi there,

Yes you can change the theme colours by making CSS changes.

Yelp is a very specialized site, so while ReviewIt has it’s similarities you’ll probably find it’s lacking some of the features Yelp has.

In order to login via Facebook you will need to use a third party plugin.

Users can search other posts, pages and reviews.

You allow people (businesses) to post their own articles.

You can have category listings.

You will need to install an event plugin in order for users to post/rate events.

Quick question. I set up a page for Trailers and it is set to Blog template. When i set the Blog settings to Post Display>Compact Box the title of the post doesn’t appear. I only get the thumbnail image. I am using the Compact Box display setting on the home page and it shows the title. Did i miss something in the settings? Link to page in question: http://averagejoemovies.com/trailers/

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Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

I visited your site and noticed that you do (or someone you know does) custom development. I am interested to know whether this theme would support a way to automatically import data through an API. Specifically, my client wants to review products from various websites (these websites have APIs for obtaining product information). Instead of my client creating a new item to review manually, can he import data via api that would create new items daily, and then later he can edit them to write the actual review? Not sure if this makes sense, I can give you more details about the project via e-mail. I was going to use your support forums to ask but it seems to only be for customers who already bought something.

Hi there,

This sounds like it is possible. I’ll refer you to my developer Bryce who can discuss this with you and give you a quote for this job. You can contact him at http://www.ghostpool.com/hire-a-developer/

I will contact him, thanks! Is there any chance I can have access to the backend/admin section of the ReviewIt theme? If not, can you tell how the individual “review” pages work? Are they blog posts? Or individual mini-forums?

I cannot give you backend access for security reasons, but the review pages are a custom post type that work just like posts/pages. The screenshots also show you the backend of the review pages: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/109666-reviewit-review-wordpress-buddypress-theme?index=3

I really like the look of this website but I just have a couple of questions: I am looking to pull various reviews from different websites to give an overall rating of a particular product (think something like meta-critic), with links to the website as well as a short comment from the review?

Also, would it be possible to compare products and their ratings based on pre-specified criteria?


Finally, for user reviews, is it possible to review a product on seperate criteria to formulate an overall weighted review (ie sound 4, presentation 3, overall 3.8 etc)?

Hi there,

1) I’m not sure how you would pull content from other websites automatically, but I believe it is possible. You’ll need search through the plugin directory for a plugin to do this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

2) The theme does not offer a comparison feature, you will probably need to find a plugin or more likely hire a developer to add this feature.

3) You can weight each criteria so one criteria has more of a value than another.

Hi, just purchased your theme and it’s great, however, there is one minor issue. When I test the search results for the review posts, the margins of the texts is way off to the right sidebars, http://www.vgxlist.com/?s=Ninja+Gaiden+3 . Is there a way to fix that?

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Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

hi, it seems the new version 6.7 still has old jwplayer.? also is this jwplayer licensed version (can i remove jwplayer logo)

Hi there,

ReviewIt uses the latest version of the series 5 JW Player. The theme does not include the series 6 player which requires that I buy another stock license in order to distribute it with the theme.

Yes the licensed version comes with the theme so you can remove the logo. This does not apply if you incorporate the series 6 player.

Hi…Nice theme… I want to ask… for user rating criteria…can we set different criteria for different Category? example… Category “Movie” – Criteria = Soundtrack,Cinematography Category “Car” – Criteria = Performance, Fuel Efficient.


Thanks..anyway..i can’t access the demo on your website

ok..now its ok.. My other question…how about If I want to change the post comment with Facebook comment..can user still give rating on it??

Unlikely the comment ratings were only designed to work with normal Wordpress comments.

I haven’t updated the theme more then 1 year maybe… I currently have version 4.6

What do I need to do to upgrade to the current latest version?

Hi there,

I have addressed your ticket on the support site. :)

Hi :-)

Any Plan yet to make it responsive ?


Hi excon,

There are no plans currently to make the theme responsive.


Is this template available as an HTML option?

I love this template but i don’t use wordpress

Hi there,

Unfortunately the theme is only available for WordPress.

If you want just a HTML version, it’s quite easy to strip out all the WordPress functions or you can hire my developer to do this for you.

Hi there. I have some questions. Currently i am using made theme by industrial themes. But the theme is very heavy and want to change it with this theme, but to do that i have to export all my reviews from “made” to “reviewit” can i do that? One review with this theme looks like this – http://showsinfo.tv/shows/the-following/ Thanks.

I will buy this theme and i will test :)

What plugin i can use to convert my old custom post type?

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Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

hi, I am now using the latest version of of both buddypress and reviewit. But the forum css is gone. It is back to default white but that is weird because text remains white. I am using the dark theme.

please advise.

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Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi… I am looking to buy this theme. I’ve tried to view the ‘Light’ version several times but it keeps defaulting to the dark. Any ideas on how I can preview the light version? Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

This has now been fixed. :)

hello there before i buy your awesome theme, i have some question did you provide invite friend / add friend in your theme features? where i can register account? i’m not find a register link thank you

Hi there,

These features are included in the BuddyPress plugin, which this theme works with. :)

Unfortunately, you cannot register on the demo site for security reasons.

Hi Ghostpol I got a question for you pal….I bought your review it theme however I decided that I wont be using it for my website(even though its an awesome theme btw)...due to making myself a theme from scratch.. now I believe this theme comes with a jw player commercial licence as stated in the other features list of your advertising….now is it possible for me to use this licence for the jw player in the theme ive created seeing as I paid 55 dollars for your theme? and if so where can I download it and how do I activate the license? i mean i should be able to use the licence for this player that i paid for from your theme right as long as i only use it on one of my websites? i don’t want to get the free jw 6 player with there logo on it…when i purchased a theme that comes with a licence for me to use if at all possible?

Hi there,

Yes you can certainly use the JW player commercial license. The commercial player is integrated into the theme (the files are located at lib/scripts/mediaplayer) and the license is included in the Licensing folder.

Cheers ghostpool pal….I got the files and installation instructions now…I will let you know how I get on….in a way using your theme briefly inspired me and made me attempt to create my own theme from scratch (something ive never done before for wordpress) and its comming on great so far….only trouble I seem to be having is making buddypress compatible with my theme…any tips on how to do this and make it fit in with my theme would be a great help…I know you only give support for your themes…but I did purchase your theme :) ....and any advice would be welcome :)

I can’t really give you any tips without looking at your set up, and as you say I only offer support for my own themes. There’s plenty of resources out their, just do a quick Google. :)

One question! Sorry for my bad english. In the test Theme are the other catigorys like “Reviews” “Out Know” isn’t in Black ist is a light skin. Is this a fail??

Hi there,

They are look black to me. Try clearing any skin settings you may have changed by visiting http://demo.ghostpool.com/reviewit?skin=default


I have a couple of question regarding the functionality of this theme.

Is it possible to allow users to create rate-able items?

Can you restrict rating privileges only to registered users?

Can you create any type of product for review ie not movies but create own categories?

Can you force to leave comments with reviews?


Hi there,

1) The theme does not support this functionality by default but you can use certain WordPress plugins to achieve this. Use the Capability Manager plugin to give users permissions to create reviews and upload items via the admin panel. You can also use a plugin like TDO Mini Forms (currently unavailable) to create a form on the front-end of the website so users do not need to access the backend to create reviews.

2) Yes.

3) Yes.

4) Yes.