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Hello, how I can convert this theme for mobile devices?


Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

hi , why i can’t edit any file on my wordpress in FTP ?

i got error “Permission denied”

Hi there,

This issue would have nothing to do with the theme. You should contact your web host about this issue as they should be able to help you.

no no , i can edit another file but in my folder themes/reviewit i can’t edit anything

ok , i can do it now sorry and thank you very much for ans.

Pre purchase question: Can I use this amazing theme for content sharing? Is there a frontend option for user to add posts to specific categories? many thanks

Hi there,

The theme does not support this functionality by default, you would need to use a plugin such as Gravity Forms to achieve this http://www.gravityforms.com/

Como baixa isso?

Hi there,

If you’re asking how to download the theme, you first need to purchase it. To purchase this theme please see http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/216/54/complete-guide-to-purchasing-items

have this template a good cms or something that people can register and login ??

Hi there,

This theme runs on the WordPress platform which is a very powerful CMS that allows people to register and login to the site as well as many other things.

I recommend familiarising yourself with WordPress before purchasing any WordPress theme.


the image under the gallery tab is blur, 1. how to smaller the size ? or 2. how to make the image clear..


Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

hello nice theme before buying this theme i have one question does this theme support both left and right side bar at same time ?thanks

Nearly every page of the Buddy theme shows two sidebars on the same page (including the homepage). Make sure you’re viewing it on a computer because on smaller screens and devices only one sidebar column will be shown to save space.

hello thanks for your answer in pic http://2.s3.envato.com/files/46529311/buddy-screenshots/01_Buddy.__large_preview.png it shows to side bar but in demo its not showing 2 side bar as iam using windows with 1024by768

On screens below 1024 only one sidebar is shown (the left and right sidebar are added to the same side). You can disable the responsive setting on the theme so the theme does not adjust to the user’s window size.

Hey there,

First off, great theme!

Second, sorry if these seem obvious, I have a couple of pre-purchase questions (not necessarily game breakers!) that I hope you can help me with:

1) Can you limit the template to only have reviews from ‘registered’ visitors? Also, can you remove the ‘Site ratings’ altogether? 2) I’m pretty sure I saw it on the template site, but can the stars be customized, (i.e color, out of 10 instead of 5, etc.)?

Forgot to say, thanks in advance!!

Hi there,

1) If you mean can only registered users rate review posts. Then yes. :) And you can remove the site rating altogether.

2) Yes, the theme uses the GD Star Rating plugin which comes with a number of stars to choose from or you can add your own and you can change it to 10 stars.

Hope that answers your questions.

Your installation instructions for the GD Star Rating make no logical sense at all in your HELP file. You tell me to install the plugin, then you tell me to upload the wp-content folder to my root using FTP. If I do that, that will delete the current wp-content folder and thus delete all my plugins and themes. Please can provide better instructions than this.

I am not prepared to register on a third party website to receive support for a theme I purchased here on ThemeForest. That is not acceptable.

Sorry, that sounded rather rude of me. Never intended it to. BTW – I was wrong, it didn’t delete my wp-content folder, it just added to it. Silly me.

Hi there,

I’m glad to hear you resolved your problem.

However please note support questions will only be answered on my third party support site. The reason for this is the comment section here is just not built to deal with the amount of questions I receive, I need a proper support site for this. Most theme authors now use a third party support site. It is also made clear prior to purchasing the theme under the support tab that I only offer support from a third party site.

Hi there, I am interested in purchasing your theme and had a few questions:

1) Can I integrate RSS feeds into the theme, for example have a news section which is fed by news items from other websites via RSS ?

2) I assume it has a Register feature for internet users to sign-up and comment. On the demo, I can see the Sign In but not Register feature ?

3) Is it mobile compatible ‘out of the box’ and if so, to which standards eg HTML 5 ?


Hi there,

1) Yes, but this is not a theme feature. You’ll need to use a plugin or script to add this feature to the theme.

2) Yes, every theme running on WordPress allows users to register. The theme also comes with its own front end registration page (or uses the BP register page if you use the BuddyPress plugin). Registration has been disabled on the demo.

3) The theme is not responsive so it doesn’t adapt to different screen sizes i.e. mobiles, but it displays just fine on them. It uses the HTML5 doctype, but not a lot of HTML5 syntax.

Ghost Pool, do you have any ‘live’ examples of ReviewIt in use? I saw HomeGymReview.net is one but I wanted to see how others have used it. I think this theme would work for me except I’d like an option to jump to a certain review based on the letter. For example, I want to jump to the “M” section of reviews and don’t want to flip through multiple screens to get there. I plan on having 1,284 reviews online.

Hi there,

Here’s another example: http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/ Would love to show you some more but I haven’t got permission for the customers.

The ability to jump to a specific letter is not supported by default but it’s certainly possible with customization.

Thank you for the speedy reply and example. I assume to get the customization I can go to Bryce? In your opinion, can I purchase and use the theme now and then have Bryce add customization at a later date? Cheers!

Yes Bryce can provide you with any customizations you need, he works with all of my themes. :)

Yes you can absolutely use the theme with all the features you see in the demo and then get Bryce to add in any features you want such as filtering posts by letter.


I would like to know if your theme it’s compatible with the WPML plugin.


Hi there,

The theme has not been tested with WPML so I cannot guarantee it will work but I do not see why it would not.

Hi, I am thinking of buying this great theme. I have 1 question that I would like to confirm. Have you had any customers from Japan, or any other country that requires 2byte letters (China, Korea).

If so, were there any compatibility problems I should be aware of?

Hi there,

Yes I have had customers that use 2byte letters. As far as I’m aware there were no compatibility issues.

Any.chance this this theme will be responsive?

Hi there,

There are no plans to make ReviewIt responsive currently.

Do you think this theme would be good for doing cruise blogging and reviews?

For example doing something better than http://cruisecritic.com/ http://www.cruisevolution.com/

Hi there,

ReviewIt will allow you to create review pages for each cruise, which can be rated by your staff and visitors. These cruises can then be ranked against each other. However the theme does not come with the advanced filtering system for finding cruises that is seen on the first site you posted. Hope that helps.

hello this theme suport the “Single Post Template” plugin? I want to make this in review not on Post but and the review is a post right?

Hi there,

Reviews are not posts, they are custom post types. If the plugin works with custom post types it should work with ReviewIt.

not work with custom post types, you have suggest some like that? because I want to have any “custom post types” a different style and scipts inside, and I succeed only with this method, if you have to suggest other methond I glad to hear you

I do not have any plugin suggestions if this plugin does not work with custom post types. You would need to create your own custom post type templates and modify the CSS which is easy enough to do if you’re familiar with basic PHP and CSS.


Referring to the site that is using your theme, Christian Film Database, at http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/film-submissions ,I see they have a “User Submission” form. Is this part of the theme or is there a plugin to achieve this? I would like it to where users can add items to the database and all I have to do it approve it.


Hi there,

This is not part of the theme. They are either using a plugin or a custom script, but I’m not sure which – you will need to contact them if you want to find out what they are using.

Is this responsive? Thanks

ETA on when it will be? Thanks

There are no plans on making ReviewIt responsive at this time unfortunately.

Two thumbs down, way down. I like your theme, but needs to be responsive. Hope you reconsider. Thanks

Will you be making this theme “responsive” for mobile devices in the future?

Update: Never mind. I got my answer from other comments. :(

Hey Guys, great looking theme here!

Just have a question for you, I am wondering if this theme has any type of ad space built into it?

I have seen other themes that I like that have ad space, but don’t have the user ratings and reviews. So your theme is pretty much exactly what I am looking for except I don’t see ad space.

I would be looking for the basic right side widget that is 300×250 pixels and one above the fold (top of the page) ad space that is 700×90 pixels.

Let me know what is available, thanks!

Hi there,

It doesn’t have dedicated ad space, but you can insert ads (300×250) into the sidebar using the Text widget.

The theme is also compatible with the WP Insert plugin that allows ads to be inserted in the site header/footer and posts/pages.