Discussion on Revista - Flat Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on Revista - Flat Magazine WordPress Theme

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Hola. I purchased TechBlaze and I use it with Facebook Widget like this http://altared.net/cc/sc_217.jpg right sidebar,

can I add the same Widget or widgets in the right sidebar for this Revista Mag Theme?

example: in this layout style http://demo.bloompixel.com/revista/2013/08/15/forgot-your-password-use-these-8-apps/ I want add the facebook, flickr . . . as used in my current techblaze. Thank you ! best wishes.


Yes, you can add the same widget to revista theme as well.



I’m thinking about buying this theme, however I’m looking for the specific option of having a subscribe button pop up and the website being faded in the background.

Would that be possible in your theme?

I appreciate your quick answer.


Where do you want to have button pop up and possible to provide any example of background that you are looking for?


Thank you for the quick answer.

Here a great example of what I’m trying to achieve: http://rockybarnesblog.com/

Basically, the button would pop up on top of my actual home page, which should still be visible in the background.

Would you provide that functionality?

I can’t see any background on your reference link and it is not possible to provide any such pop up button functionality in this theme.

Was wondering if there’s a CSS input for ensuring the mobile ads presented by Google AdSense aren’t too responsive. What I mean by that is the normal full site version show ads which are 728×90, but restricting the size for mobile ads (visit iOSetc.com on a mobile device and you’ll see what I mean). Would like to be able to restrict the responsiveness of the ad code from Google so it doesn’t impact centering on the mobile version of my site. Thanks!!

The ad is not responsive. It shows same size on mobile site as well. I was seeing text ad on your site.

Hi there, any updates soon?

There are serious problems in the admin with latest wordpress version.

I just download copy of this theme from ThemeForest and it has 775 lines only. You can also download it again and check it. Something wrong has happened at your end. You must get a fresh copy and replace the functions file or whole theme with fresh files.

Hmm, looks like I had 1.3.3, not 1.3.4 Now is fine, thank you!

Is there any way to remove the camera icon from posts? I want to keep them as image posts but without the icon.

Also, on my homepage the lines under some widget items are doubling up and I was wondering if I can remove them?

My site www.madeinglasgow.org

May I know which script you want?

Hi Bloompixel, I have the revista theme and have been experimenting with the Home Featured 1 and 2 widgets. I was wondering if it might be possible to have these display random posts from particular categories on the homepage instead of the most recent posts.


It is only possible to show latest posts. I may add the option to coming updates to show random posts if it is required.


1. I chose Roboto for my body’s font in my theme options panel and whenever I view my website on other computers other than my Macbook I see a serif font. How can I fix this?

2. How can I remove the category tags that appear under the homepage slider?

Yes, you can message me from my profile

just sent you a message

You can try disabling event on plugin. I think that is creating the issues. If you find the issue with that plugin, let me know I can try making necessary changes to theme.

How can I remove the category tags that appear under the homepage slider?


You need to purchase the theme to get the support.


I chose Roboto for my body’s font in my theme options panel and whenever I view my website on other computers other than my Macbook I see a serif font. How can I fix this?


You need to purchase the theme to get the support.


I’m getting this error message while trying to setup my page with this new theme: Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/iosetc/public_html/wp-content/themes/revista/header.php on line 132

I’m not sure why, but can you please explain? Not sure if this is something I selected, but it wasn’t present when I first started editing items.


Yes, bbPress is the only one. Others may also work but I didn’t check other plugins.

Can you please look at my site (iosetc.com) and try and see why only two pages of previous posts show up. There are around 380 previous articles, but there are only two pages showing up when you click on the blog page or on the homepage when you select page two. Not sure why it’s doing this…thanks!

Disregard, I had “Recent News” selected in the Theme Options.

Your blog page is absolutely fine. It is showing 10 posts per page with 39 pages in total.


There are problems with the yoast plugin and your theme, search engines do not read the yoast metas because of your theme.

Waiting for a reply.

Thank you!


When did you notice this problem? In the latest WordPress version or is it an old issue with you?


When I’m making a post, and I upload several images at the same time in the post they align next to each other (which is what I want them to do), but when I publish it, the images align below each other. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Do one thing, align these images to left and you will get the output as you want.

It worked! Thank you very much :)!


Is it possible to replace the two featured articles in the homepage slider, on the right, with two featured products? Or in the Featured Type 1 widget?



No, it is not possible to replace those articles with products.


Hi, I just updated the theme. A year ago, you mentioned that in a new update, you’d include the ability to place a member login widget in the header, even when it’s not WooCommerce. I’m not seeing that in the update. Is it there? I work with another membership plugin and need to incorporate the login function in the header. Thanks for your help. All best, Dawn

Thank you!

Just updated. How do I hook the login button with another membership plugin and not Woocommerce?


I added login option on your request but I can’t integrate it with all the plugins. When you go to Theme Options -> Header. There you can enable or disable the login button shown in header. That login button most probably enables all the plugin users to log in to site.


Hi there,

I need to change the aspect ratio of the images in the archive pages and the “recent news” area. I’ll pay to have your help with this. Please email me at jd1000gems@gmail.com asap.

I need the images in both places to look like the images in the featured area, ie rectangular. I have tried everything I could find here and nothing works.


Did you purchase the theme?

How can you add a horizontal ad above or below the featured content section on Revista’s homepage?

I wonder why are you confusing it. If you set the page as front page it will not show X number of posts only and it also doesn’t give any error. On demo too I am using page as front page and it showing all the posts with proper pagination.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you couldn’t get it from documentation:

1. Create a new page with ‘Homepage with Recent Posts’ template. 2. Now go to Settings -> Reading and set that page as front page. 3. Now you can add your widgets in Homepage widget locations and all widgets will show on homepage.

To show ad below that featured section just add the ad widget to Homepage Featured Section widget area.

It worked. Thanks so much. However I would like to place two ads. One above the featured section and one below. Is that possible?

No, it is not possible to place ads above slider.

My site is www.ecoanchornyc.com. Having problems with the navigation bar, it looks different on Safari than if Firefox. Its a completely different color. What’s wrong?

I checked the code on your site and I think you added some wrong code. Check this screenshot – http://prntscr.com/6657on

float:center is not any property. If you remove it menu works fine.

I don’t find any issue with responsiveness here.

Its fixed! Sorry about that. Thanks so much for the help. Your the best.

1. How do I remove the permalink yellow pop up text window that appears when hovering over images and post titles and the read more buttons?

2. How can I change the “Recent Articles” section title on the homepage to “Latest Headlines”?

Thanks so much.


I can’t access this link as this is the link to edit your post and it can only be accessed if you are logged in to your site.

sorry about that. pasted the wrong link. try this. http://ecoanchornyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/WP_20150216_002.jpg

That can’t be removed. Why do you want to remove that?

Where can I find information about the demo site’s Forum page? I would like to install it exactly the way it appears.

You need bbpress plugin for forum. Just install the plugin and start adding new threads to it.

What homepage widget is used at the top of your demo site with the arrows and what are its settings?

Please disregard this question. I solved my problem.

I purchased Revista and will use it to replace an old Wordpress website. Do I need to do anything before I switch the theme to avoid problems? Will I lose any information? Thanks.

No, you don’t need to do anything.

You will not lose posts, comments etc. If your existing theme had any custom (theme specific) data then you may lose that.


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