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Hi, I have just setup the theme- the social media buttons in the top bar- when clicked upon- how do I get it to load in a new tab rather than in the same page.


Hi! Thank you for your purchase! I’ll add this option in the new theme update in a few days.

I’ve checked this, social media button links in the top bar are loaded in the new window when clicked. Could you please provide your website url?

Hi the preview of theme “Revival – Clean Magazine / Blog Theme Demo” not working and return the error “Error establishing a database connection” can fix it?

Hi! I’m working on this issue, the demo website will be fixed within 24 hours.

Hi! The demo website is running again.

I am doing a new site for a client at

I put items in each of the Footer>White First (Send, Third, Fourth, etc.)

It looks fine on desktop but the iPad size only shows 2 of the 4.

Can you advise? thank you


Please unzip this file and place it in your child theme

Let me know if you need any other help.

Hi, I’d like to have some pre-purchase information. 1) can tag boxes’ colors be customized? 2) does the review system allows Google to show stars/vote and review’s authtor in search results/snippets (in a similar way to 3) is there a ‘toggle’ function to hide/show post and page content? thanks in advance!

HI! Thank you for your interest in my theme. The theme is not actively maintained currently, it’s probably better to look for newer themes on the marketplace.

Dear All,

I have purchased the “Revival” Wordpress Theme. I have tried to install a new magazine theme in my Wordpress Domain. However, it has not been possible, as the purchased item lacks the style.CSS. What`s the problem?

Many thanks. Best regards. Tomás

Hi! Thank you for your puchase! Please read this instruction

Let me know if you need any other help.

This always happens to me here…I buy a cool template but something is wrong with it or the instructions…I get tired of spending hours trying to get stuff to work and eventually give up and buy something else. I’m sick of throwing money in the trash around here :(

Anyway, within just minutes of installation, it tells me I NEED “Wordpress Ad Widget” by Broadstreet and all links to it are useless.

That’s it already…50 bucks and an hour of my time down the tube again?

So frustrating Authors don’t post complete working projects with instructions that match.

I thought I found something on Github but no joy!

Here’s another one:

4. If you wish to import theme settings, download Customizer Export/Import plugin and import customizer_options.dat file via Appearance > Customize > Export/Import section.

There is no Export/Import Section under Appearance > Customize

UPDATE: this message supersedes previous two. I got Export/Import plugin activated by reading more carefully AND I got the missing plug-in by using the wayback machine at

1. My issues I need help with now is I want to make my logo full-width across the top with no menu.

2. I want to have Link Posts WITH Images and no click to detailed post on my site.

Can this be configured?

WordPress Ad widget is not the necessary one, you may use Image Widget instead if you wish to add banners to sidebar. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, will fix this in the next theme update.

Regarding the full width logo without menu I’ll add this option within a day, as well as the option to add an image for the link post.

The updated theme version is available for download here

After the update please go to Appearance > Customize > Layout section and check ‘Hide Link Post Format details?’ option ( screenshot ).

Assign featured image for the post with link post format.

If you do not add menu to the primary location, fullwidth logo will be used. Also you have the option to disable paddings for the image logo in Appearance > Customize > General section ( )

If you wish to use full width logo and menu at the bottom, you may enable Centered header layout option in Appearance > Customize > General section ( )

Please let me know if you need any help.

Holy cow…I was so frustrated from previous stuff I bought I came across angry and mean and I apologize. I never expected you to be so helpful and friendly!! This is First Class 5-star service for sure !!


I would like to know if your theme allows to have Full posts with links on the homepage. I would like to have all my recent blog post to be displayed in full on the homepage including any links I have in those posts.

example this please check

Full content on homepage can do ?

Thank you.

Hi! Yes, you may select Classic blog layout for homepage, please see the screenshot