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Please how can i speed up homepage mouse wheel scroll and how can we fix the bug while in the product item page you open a full view photo there is still overlay of zoom when you mouse over the part underneath the full photo view.

Hi, I read about this bug and some customer found the problem. He has some browser extension which blocked scroll

ok, by zhe way the scroll problem seems to be parallax fault. when you disable parallax, it scrolls perfectly.

how about the other problem – in the product view: 1. you can magnify a part of a photo by hovering over it – works great 2. you can click the photo and enlarge it – works great 3. when photo is enlarged it covers product photo page, but the problem comes up here, when you move a mouse over the product photo that is under enlarged photo that zoom from number 1. comes up anyway. where can i put the z-index to make enlarged photo always on top?

Hi, comments is not support area. If you have questions open a ticket please

hi, I’d like to find the “checkout page” , and the “thank you page” because i need to insert Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code, but I can’t find it as for example in Wordpress wich is a simple page. Plz tell me ASAP where to find it.

I use joomla 2.5 / vm2

Plz dont redirect me to the Ticket Support cause it takes too long to answer. I need it now. Thanks!

Hi, you have to ask here because you want to change core files

Greetings. I bought your template but I have a couple of problems with it. Firstly, I have problem with the order info page (after the checkout). This page does not display the Payment method nor the Shipment Method, but it displays some demo content for both of them, You can see it here:

Secondly, I would like to disable the pop up zoom when they hover the product image. It seems to have a problem when using a low resolution image, and the hover window goes huge and covers all the side menu, causing problems using the sidebar!

You can see it here:

Please let me know how to fix the isues!

Ho, open a ticket please

do you have a german version?

Hi, I have instruction how to translate to German

Hi, Hope you have a good day, how can i zoom into images like this: , let me know if there are any plugins?

Hi, I have no idea which plugin you can use instead of our script

I have the purchase code from one other theme forest user. Can I extend this template by using the purchase code that I have from my account?

What’s the news. If you have valid purchase code with suppoort- open a ticket please. If you don’t have- buy the template

I have valid activation code but is not active and I would like to extend the activation. can i do this from different themeforest account?

It’s not possible. If you have more questions write to Envato support. They will explain how it works in details

I can not update the version of joomla, if I misconfigured upgrade modules as the cart, featured products .

I can not put the friendly url , if I wear does not work the shopping cart .

Any solution?

Hi, you didn’t buy this item

How can i find out what version I’m currently using so I know how to update? Do you have to update each version one by one?

Download here the latest version and read the documentation how to make the update in the section Changelog For each version I write date period

Hi, I have a problem with 3.0 up, I want to upgrade joomla 2.5 joomla 3 …

I am abreast explained in the guide:

AFTER THIS ACTIONS install VM2_Reviver_theme_joomla3.x \ joomla \

I find, in the folder.

Thank you. Bruno

You can Download the latest J3 on official site

Hello, 1) can you inform me about the basic differences between flatastic and reviver? 2) I have already Joomla and VirtueMart installed, is it easy to install the above templates? Thanks. :grin: Best Regards Kostas

Hi. Template are very similar, but designs are different. It’s very difficult to install theme on current site, but you can install fullpackage with all modules and plugins in temp folder and after make content, users, products, orders, etc. migration from old to new site and after move your new version to the root. Also I advice to see our the latest LovelyShop VM template. Soon we will add shortcode pack

Hi, 1)can you please tell me the steps needed if I decide to install the theme on my current site?

You have to install theme, embed all scripts, install all modules, plugins and adjest them by yourself. If you are very-very advanced user you can do that, but I saw 2 customers only who made these actions

It’s very risky to purchase the template from this team.

My company bought this template two years ago, the support is nice & helpful on that time. (Good old day?) Within the years, we did huge updated to Joomla 3 with this template, and have not every much trouble.

However, our good impression to this team lead us wasted more than 1 month, and has to bare the VERY BAD attitude from the guy who talk to us, and still got no support.

The support ticket screenshot:

Yes, you confuse support and custom work

(accidentally duplicated)


im trying to place an iframe and script, but keeps removing, i already fixed it on with the editors. what more can i do?

i inserted the code in custom html module

and how can i disable wishlist and compare?

Hello. I want to sell fine art jpg/tiff pictures in two ways: 1) as is for download (hi-res tiff or jpg file) or 2) with canvas printing and delivery (as a product) I want to create a choice for a customer – option 1 or 2.

I would like to receive payments through PayPal and Plastic Cards getaway. Can I do it with “Reviver”?

Regards. Victor

Hi, I think it’s not a problem. I saw shop with downloadable products

Hello, my webmaster made me the website, it tells me that left several updates and will repair errors, one of them is that they do not open the products from android and breadcrumbs remain labeled. Should be updated? Thank you.

I forgot, the page is Thank you.

This is the module “Products VirtueMart 2.0.0RC3”, which does not open link in android. Thank you.

Hi, open a ticket please

I forgot, the page is Thank you.


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I would like to understand how they are handled through the menu items Home> Home product tabs, Home product izotop, Home product Layout2, full width and left-sidebar. They all as the type of menu item Articles> Articles that with this “index.php code string? Option = com_content & view = featured” with t3_blank default template. I do not have to change anything, I would just use these layouts in my menu! I do not understand how it can lay out data from Virtuemart without making any direct reference in the setting of the menu item? Thank you

Hi, open a ticket please. Comments is not support area

Hi, i want to style the “new products” but it doest look very good now. what did i do wrong?


I guess you updated VM nott from our pack. Now you have to re-install all modules. If you need support, extend it and open a ticket

How can i extend for support?


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hi, i cant see captcha on registration form…. its shown on contact page but not on registration… why? how can i solve it?