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joomla 3,7,2 VM 3,22 I bought this template in 2013. I updated every ext. except T3 you can see on homepage latest products without images in thumbs. And here: I updated to latest VM, VM AIO and tcpdf – 3.22 I also updated T3 blank template and T3 system plugin, but many extensions are displayed wrong. So i return site to previos state, from backup (right now, everything is updated, except T3) I post topic on vmart forum, they said: “It is your template.. get your templater to update his work to be compatible with the latest VM3” Can you help me, how can i fix thumbs to show?

Hi mate. i don’t see bought label between your nickname

I do not have bought label. It was 4 years ago. Do i have to buy template to get support? Can you fix problem with thumb images, i will pay.

If you bought 4 years ago you must have Purchased label

Hi and thank you for this nice template. I want to activate RTL on this template bit i can not find any option that allow this. I am using the last updated version on joomla 3.72

thank you, i tried this option but still the same

Write me via ticket please

Will this run on my system? Yeah, I know – what is it, but hey – I can’t write a ticket without a purchase code. How do I send you a server’s spec’s – if it fits, ready to buy.

Hi mate. Send me your information using form here


najixp Purchased

hi, just purchased it. installed arabic but could not control the RTL layout still on LTR. thanks.

bought your theme two days ago, i am going through a very rough time with it, do i need to update anything??? i have sent you a ticket but nothing yet…thememajic not working, i had to reinstall the entire theme from start after hours of work!!..kinldy contact me.

Hi mate. I see your ticket. Provide admin and ftp access please

thememajic isnt working.cant preview..i get “You have navigated to another page which using another template or your current preview page does not support LESS. ThemeMagic has been temporarily disabled.”

I see you solved the problem:)

having a problem when importing images using JMS Multiupload Plugin…..... vmError: Couldnt create thumb, file not found /home/pockksid/public_html/

Hi mate. All support is via support tickets please

i have a support ticket..

Hi, After loading 1000 products, site was became very slow. gzip compression was not working yet all due to too many CSS and JS files. No methods are working which can support to make template speed. Let us know your suggestions.

Many modules and it’s functionality is not working if we try to update with real content.

Appreciate your quick response.

I paid for support also, still there is no proper support. Really disappointed alot. You can see the website performance after updated with real products. Most of the moudles are not working.

Hi mate. I’m in mountains now and will come back tomorrow evening and will reply you

There is a problem with Reviver on chrome v61. This problem is not just on my sites its also here on the demo. There is many products will be missed. Is there anyone having same problem.

could you explain which files to re uploading. where this problem was which file.

Download files and read my documentation Section Changelog

The problem still on Chrome 61, I have now did all the update for v5.2 still same with footer and mod_virtuemart_product. So please i need solution! Also I tried to copy all files from fullpackage to our site same problem.

Hi. I already bought a license for reviver but I need to buy a second one for a client. So I checked to see how it looks now and let my client see it too. Then I noticed that your demo in Firefox and IE works fine but in Chrome 61.0.3163.100 the footer modules disappear. There is only the dark background. Is ther any problem with reviver or chrome’s version ?

Hi mate. This problem is fixed and if you buy you will get version without such problem. I will update my demo shortly

No sir the problem still on Chrome 61, I have now did all the update for v5.2 still same with footer and mod_virtuemart_product. So please i need solution!

@Monkeysan thank you very much, everything working back after turning off Animate CSS3. Perfect. :)

you are welcome;)

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Why should I pay for an issue with Animate CSS3? So far everything has worked properly. The page update attempt blurs all settings. I need to restore it from backup. Can not point to an error in single files?

Hi, switch off animation using template settings

I guess I’ll have to pay for your help. Animate CSS does not work and I switched it off. In addition, One Page Checkout does not work properly. Once the order has been placed, the customer will be informed that there is no “Shopping Cart” page. I’m sure I’ve tried your update and it’s all gone.

Mate, I saw email from you. I will reply soon

Template is not working on Chrome Version 62.0.3202.62 (Official Build) (64-bit) !!!

Scrolling the page using the mouse scroll doesn’t work!

I did as you told me and it still doesn’t scroll using the mouse scroll button. Please help.

I don’t know. Extend support and provide access

hello, I have the theme for a long time, and I have given a failure, when you reach the 2930 products, once you have exceeded this amount of products, the web is shown in white. I have observed that when I deactivate the module (mod_vm2_products) it works again, although there are modules that still fail, but the web can be seen. Do you know why?

you are welcome

The countdown of the products is not shown. The price simply disappears and nothing is shown instead.

Extend your support and open a ticket please


papanma Purchased

sorry, for me bad and complicated management of this theme… when I change anything, It will stop showing pictures, etc. Translation is also complicated.why is this theme on top? manual is poorly processed and many details need to be reviewed

Hi there. This is Virtuemart template. have you worked with VM before? It’s easy for VM. If you have any problems contact me here with admin access and I will help you