Revo - Drag & Drop Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with 15 Layouts Ready

Revo - Drag & Drop Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with 15 Layouts Ready

Cart 966 sales
Well Documented

Compatible With OpenCart 2.3.0.x, 3.0.0.x, 3.0.1.x, 3.0.2.x, 3.0.3.x,, & Latest

Multivendor Marketplace Compatibility

You can easily turn Revo theme into a marketplace because it’s now compatible with multi-vendor plugins from the author Purpletreesoft for OpenCart 3 Version. Click here to try the marketplace demo.

Mobile Layouts Ready

You can use responsive layout or our mobile-specific layouts for your site.

Google SEO Rich Snippets Support

GDPR Compatibility for OpenCart 3 version

Revo is a modern and fully responsive multi-purpose OpenCart theme for any type of store. In combination with the super powerful administration panel packed with a bundle of options, you totally yourself can create a unique e-commerce website, only for you, named your own one. Now, Revo Opencart Ecommerce theme definitely bring back to you many awsome experience by providing a lots of functional extensions such as: Mega Menu with multi-columns (sticky Menu – Fixed menu), attractive homepage slider with many smooth effects, multi-language, multi-currency, image popup view and much more, super faster speed to enhence the customers’ experiences. The easy-to-custom Admin panel and detailed documentation will let you totally build and control your store.

Core Feature

  • Compatible with OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.0.3.x
  • Responsive layout for all devices
  • QuickView Pro
  • Countdown Popup
  • Quick Tool Module
  • OnePage Checkout
  • Hot Deals Module Ready
  • Livechat Messenger Module support
  • Latest Blog Support
  • One-Click import Data
  • Filter Shoby Pro
  • Search pro
  • Mega Menu support
  • Social Networks integration
  • Boxed and Wide layouts
  • Cloud zoom option for product Images
  • Multiple Language support
  • Multi color Options for website skin
  • Fully integrated with Font Awesome Icon
  • Social Networks integration
  • CSS3 table-less design
  • Setup rows and columns
  • Experience the Live Demo Via QR code
  • Display static blocks contain texts below menu items
  • Blog module included
  • Live Search Pro
  • Support multilingual and RTL layout
  • AJAX Add To Cart
  • AJAX Layered Navigation
  • Clean, modern design can be used for any type of website
  • Grid / List view
    • Allow to display your items in either list or grid view
  • Set Layout for each page
    • Easy define column left or column right for each page in admin panel.
  • Custom Slideshow
  • Tabs Category Slider
  • CMS block
  • New Products Slider
  • Hot Deal Products Slider
  • Bestseller Products Slider
  • Show second image on hover
  • Newsletter block
  • Related Slider
  • Brand Logo Slider
  • Cloudzoom and images slider
  • Product Quick View
  • Advanced Typography Options!
    • Use Google Fonts, Standard Fonts, or Upload Your Custom Font!
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
    • Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
    • Back to top button
  • Graphics Used
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized codebase
  • Compatible with IE10+, Firefox 4+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome

Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files.

Change Log

------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.7 for OC3.0.3.6: Dec 23, 2020 ------------- 
[Bugfix] So Social Login.
[Bugfix] So Onepage Checkout.
[Bugfix] Bug clear cache: system\storage\cache\so not empty.
[Bugfix] So Home Slider on mobile.
[Bugfix] So Listing Tab - Unloadable when click other tab
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.6 for OC3.0.3.6: August-24-2020 ------------- 
[Fixed] Fix Error call the old Twig folder in module Listingtab, Filter shopby, Super category
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.6 for OC3.0.3.6: August-19-2020 ------------- 
[Update] Package Revo for OpenCart
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.5 for OC3: Apr-03-2019 ------------- 
[Update] Install theme data loss old Modification list
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.4: Jan-28-2019 ------------- 
[Bugfix] Error warning on php 7 of Opencart 3
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.4: Dec-07-2018 ------------- 
[Bugfix] language translation error
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.3: Oct-10-2018 ------------
[Update] module So_onepagecheckout_v1.1.5
BugFix] Filter shop by text orders not found.
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.2.3: Oct-05-2018 ------------
[Update]  Product detail page: Added Buy Now Button
[Update]  Product detail page: Display the number of sold items
[Update]  Product detail page: Display the number of product views
[Update] Restyle "Add to cart" pop-up
------------ Update: VERSION - 1.1.2: Sep-13-2018 ------------- 
[Fixed-bug]  Remove folder overriding so one-page-checkout module
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3 - Sep-07-2018 ------------- 
Adding a installation file
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3 - Aug-21-2018 ------------- 
[Fixed-bug]  so module setting cache not working 
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on August-04-2018 ------------
[Fixed-bug] Enable SEO URLs
[Fixed-bug] Module megamenu doesn't display correctly
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on July-31-2018 ------------
[Update] Module So_sociallogin v1.1.4
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on July-07-2018 ------------
[Fixed-bug]-[Mobile]  Product detail Add to cart doesn't show when the options ( size, colors) was selected 
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on June-26-2018 ------------
[Update] So Filter Shopby v2.22
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on June-08-2018 ------------
[Fixbugs] Layout mobile : RTL language display not well
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on June-05-2018 ------------
[Update] Edit text language in module SO Lastest blog
[Update] Mod so_onepagecheckout v1.14
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 for OC3: Update on May-28-2018 ------------
[Update] Lazy Loading Images
[Update] Search pro cho mobile
[Update] Google seo rich snippets
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.1 for OC3: Update on May-15-2018 ------------
[Update] Product page - thumb gallery support slider
[Update] Layout Mobile - do not have Ajax live search
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.1 for OC3: February-27-2018 ------------
[Fixbugs] SO page builder : Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered
-----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.0.9 for OC23: Update on January-05-2018 ------------
[Update] Compatible with Multimerch Marketplace plugin version 8.11
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.0.9 for OC23 & VERSION 1.2.1 for OC 3 on February-10-2018 ------------
OC23: v1.0.9:
- Fix error: so onepagecheckout in mobile layout 
OC3: v1.2.1:
- Error language of so onepagecheckout module
-----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.0.9 for OC23: Update on January-05-2018 ------------
[Fixbug] so deals : not working
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.0 for OC3: Update on Dec-28-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] missing folder catalog\controller\extension\simple_blog
[Fixbug] Error file so-revo/template/common/header.twig
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.0 for OC3: Update on Dec-23-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] Responsive Mobile : So Verticalmenu the menu icon not working
[Fixbug] SO Filter Shopby : Click button quickview not working
---------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.0.9 for OC23: Update on Dec-19-2017 ------------
[Fixbug]Simple blog - Conflict with Complete SEO
[Fixbug] Today deal and related products - Can not click on image link
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.0 for OC3: Update on Dec-06-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] comment code admin\model\extension\module\so_filter_shop_by.php
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.2.0 for OC3: Update on Dec-05-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] Product detail - click options but price tax not change
[Fixbug] So Megamenu : Error not remove menu item of Megamenu
[Fixbug] So Mobile : Click button compile css not working
[Fixbug] Maintenance mode: gives an error
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.1.9 for OC3: Update on Nov-29-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] Error happen add new language
[Fixbug] Product detail - click options but price tax not change
----------------------UPDATE VERSION 1.1.9 for OC3: Update on Nov-22-2017 ------------
[Update] Add homepage #15
----------------------UPDATE VERSION: Update on Nov-17-2017 ------------
[Update] Add homepage #14
----------------------UPDATE VERSION: Update on Nov-10-2017 ------------
1. Version 1.1.7 for OpenCart 3:
- update index #11, 12, 13
2. Version 1.0.7 for OpenCart 2.3x
- [Update] Compatible with marketplace with MultiMerch 8.11 ( the latest version)
----------------------UPDATE VERSION - 1.1.6 For OC3: Update on Nov-01-2017 ------------
[Update] So Revo3 - support  MultiSeller Marketplace
----------------------UPDATE VERSION - 1.1.6 For OC3: Update on Oct-24-2017 ------------
[Fixbug] Page My account - language display wrong
[Fixbug] So onepagecheckout - text language not translates
[update] So Social Login v1.1.2
----------------------UPDATE VERSION - 1.1.5 For OC3: Update on Oct-06-2017 ------------
[Update] Module so filter shop by
[Fixbugs] Style for module so listing tab - home 1
[Fixbugs] Social Facebook not showing home page
----------------------VERSION - 1.1.5 For OC3 and VERSION 1.0.6 for OC23  : Update on Oct-06-2017 ------------
- Update: 
[Fixbug] error so_revo_oc2300_v1.0.6 module so onePageCheckOut when selecting layout2
[Fixbug] error so_revo_oc3000_v1.1.5 module so onePageCheckOut when styling the layout
----------------------VERSION - 1.1.5 For OC3 : Update on Oct-05-2017 ------------
[Update]  Add more bonus pages (gallery , Typo, Coming soon...)
[Update] Add more Styles for Category & Article of  blog.
[Fixbug] SO Listing tabs : Error in Mobile Layout 2
----------------------VERSION - 1.1.4 For OC3 : Update on Sep-22-2017 ------------
[+] Fix bugs : Module SO Deal - If special day in product có ngày = 0, style is broken
[+] Fix bugs : Header mobile Layout 3 is broken
[+] Fix bugs: If STICKY MENU ON TOP = enable, scrolling error
[+] Update : Add Today Deals option in Themeconfig
----------------------VERSION - 1.1.3 For OC3 : Update on Sep-11-2017 ------------
[+] Translate text for Social Login
[+] Cache_Lite has a deprecated constructor in Cache_Lite\Lite.php
[+] Is login show name welcome
----------------------VERSION - 1.0.1 - OC 2.3.x : Update on Sep-11-2017 ------------
[+] Fixed bug: Filter shopby module on version for OC 2.3.x
----------------------VERSION - 1.1.1: Update on August-31-2017 ------------
[+] update OpenCart 3 for 10 homepages
------------ VERSION - 1.1.0: Update on August-30-2017 ------------
[+] Fixed Bug:  Fix display https that causes error module so filter_shop_by
------------ VERSION - 1.1.0: Update on August-15-2017 ------------
+ Fixed bug: Fix bugs Module so tool -  error show  addtocart for Version OC 2.3.x
------------ VERSION - 1.1.0: Update on August-04-2017 ------------
- Update version 1.1.0:
+ Compatible with OpenCart 3
------------ VERSION - 1.0.6: Update on August-02-2017 ------------
[+] Update folder data/cache/minify
------------ VERSION - 1.0.6: Update on July-31-2017 ------------
- update version 1.0.6:
1.Lack of the folder: \system\library\so_social\Facebook
2. Fix bugs Notice: Undefined variable: text_lastname in header.php
3. Fix bugs home page is double module
------------ VERSION - 1.0.6: Update on July-26-2017 ------------
[Update] Module So Social Login v1.0.1
[Update] Module So Onepage Checkout v1.0.3
[Update] Module So Filter Shopby v2.1.2
[Fixed] Error show Out of stock on module
[Fixed] Error So_mobile - Remove Create Color 
[Fixed] Error So_tool Translate Language 
------------ VERSION - 1.0.5: Update on July-10-2017 ------------
[Add] So Quick Tools
------------ VERSION - 1.0.4: Update on June-16-2017 ------------
[Fixed] Bugs:
[So Searchpro] Responsive Mobile: the search box doesn't work
------------ VERSION - 1.0.4: Update on June-15-2017 ------------
[Fixed] Bugs:
1. Notice: Layout mobile  Undefined index: footermenus 
2. Click install Module So Themeconfig Remove all module mặc định opencart
3. Layout Mobile: install the third-party module ->> not display
4. Lack of the folder system\soconfig\data\
5. Ipad header doesn't show the module search
6. [So Filter Shop by] Fix error when category disappear.
------------ VERSION - 1.0.3: Update on June-01-2017 ------------
[Update] Simple blog module in Theme package
------------ VERSION - 1.0.3: Update on May-19-2017 ------------
[Released] 3 Mobile Layouts updated
------------ VERSION - 1.0.2: Update on April-24-2017 ------------
[Fixed] Language Error is not translated -> "Upsell " in detail page
[Fixed] Quickview view So Listing tab
[Fixed] Bugs: not show next prev button of module listing tab when moving to  tab ajax
------------ VERSION - 1.0.1: Update on April-19-2017 ------------
[Fixed] Simple Blog -Error when creating category 
[Fixed] Error - install theme: duplicate id module
------------ VERSION - 1.0.1: Release on April-03-2017 ------------
[Fixed] Error:  unable click button search on desktop
------------ VERSION - 1.0.1: Release on March-27-2017 ------------
[Fixed] : Error Device  Show button sidebar page category, detail
------------ VERSION - 1.0.0: Release on March-09-2017 ------------
[+] Initial Release

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