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Great , Good Luck

Thanks, man

Looking good…now lets be the first one to buy this one :)

Be my guest :)

Great so far! Having an issue with the twitter widget being stuck on “Loading Tweets…” Any help? Otherwise, nice theme. Tight and clean. Good work sir.

Hi, thanks for appreciation! Please tell us what kind of browser do you use, to understand your issue. Cheers!

My mistake, it seems to be happening mostly in Safari.

Don’t refresh more then a 100 times ;)

I realized what the problem is. It’s my fault I have not got what I wanted, I wanted to purchase a theme for wordpress. It’s my fault. Can I purchase this topic http://themeforest.net/item/revoke-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4349687, not paying 40 dollars and 25 dollars, because I mistakenly bought this incomplete package. I hope you go to meet me. Thank you. Regards, Nikita.

Hi, please contact us at wp@red-sky.pl

hi, in home page, at works section i want to list limited works in “all” tab. for example i want to list only 8 works not all. can i do it?

i mean, i want to list only 8 items when web site first load

But now you have 8 items only.

in my project i added 22 items. hence i asked you.

Good evening. I have the form page working on the contact page but when I receive the form via email, the “from” is not a real email. It is a jumbled email (“Testing replyrnReply-To:Testing.reply”@web314.opentransfer.com).

How can I receive the form from the person’s email who is filling it out? Thanks!

Well the form is checking if there is a “Aron” or ”.” to validate it, so people can just put a wrong email or text with a “Aron-@” and ”.” just to write the mail, or is there something else that you are asking?

I ended up figuring it out with some testing. Thanks so much my friend! Have a great day!!!

You’re welcome!

Hi, I can’t get my form at contact page working. When I press submit/sent , it seems that nothing is changed.

My browser supports php 5.3. Is that the problem?

is already fixed. scripts within the cgi-bin folder must be 755.

Thank you for theme . A beautiful theme for portfolio and clean theme .

Florin, You’re welcome. We are glad that you like it.