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Discussion on Rey - Fashion & Clothing, Furniture

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Rahman225 Purchased

Hi, please check scroll bar of categories, i recorded video to show you this problem. When i scroll it with my mouse and then click on it it doesnt open, but when i click on scroll switcher its working, the same problem on mobile devices. Please check it, ty https://youtu.be/rTVyqiIcBVA

Yo devs – a few presale questions…

1. How many plugins does this theme use? Know Woo is quite plugin heavy, so searching for a theme that doesn’t depend on like 10 plugins just to look pretty.

2. Do the demos have any form of caching plugin on them? Tested & they’re suuuuper fast. Like ms fast! Proper impressed if not!

3. We’re wanting to create a shop with white text on a black background. Is a dark/ light colour flip like this possible across every page? Products/ homepage/ blog/ footers – the lot. Not a fan of white… soz

Proper eager to hear back,


Hello, presale question. Would it be possible to obtain this kind of product page: https://eu.luminia.com/shop/scented-candles/wild-jasmine-2/? With product categories and some html block or reviews on the left? Maybe with sidebars or widgets? Thank you!


Yes, this should be possible with or without building the entire product page with Elementor, although with Elementor would make more sense since it offers more controls over the design.

Rey has a built-in Custom templates functionality which allows building the product pages with Elementor.

I could guide you if you’re not sure.


keggy Purchased

Hi, after the last update, the product sale price disappeared. You can see it here: https://valentinabagsandmore.it/prodotto/lola-borsa-a-mano-grande/ only one price but this is a product with 2 prices.

How can I fix this problem?


keggy Purchased

Thanks a lot, I’ll check it.

keggy Purchased

Another little question: after last update the Elementor rey widget that permit to filter and display Woocommerce products withe SALE filter doesn’t display the query properly. How can I solve this problem?


Not sure why this happens. Can you submit a ticket at https://support.reytheme.com/new and share the credentials and a loom.com recording. I would understand much better. Thanks!

Hi, the filter doesn’t seem to work when using a custom query on a page. Page query is set to archive to allow filter to appear, but this just filters all the products, not the ones relevant to the page. https://heatwaveprint.co.uk/club-shops/hastings-united-football-club-shop/ Thanks


Not sure what’s going on. Please try submitting a new ticket at https://support.reytheme.com/new/ with a temporary admin account credentials so i can also double check.

If possible, would be even better if you can create a staging site, so i can run the investigation without any concern of a downtime or anything like that.


thanks, I will update and test and then create the support ticket

Hey! The style and function of the theme turned out to be top notch. You can call the theme 2023. I can’t find where this photo is located and minify it to get such a result. Thank you. https://prnt.sc/IopaVQWXlM0t


Thanks a lot :D

Sure, here’s a quick video https://d.pr/v/Eopsem how to decrease its span.


e-piazza Purchased

it seems like I am the only facing problems with footer getting mixed up with header. please have a look at the linked video https://www.loom.com/share/1f7e916395044f47ba2db1f2ff60f3f3

also, I have footer as a global section but it does not show in any product page. in edti mode, it hsow properly. in visitor mode, it’s there but the scroll up funciont does not work properly and footer stays hidden below page content.

am I missing something or are those general issues?

Add to cart option has gone away after update. Tried rolling back and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. Please help, it’s extremely urgent.


Please create a new ticket at https://support.reytheme.com/new/ and make sure to send me a temporary admin account’s credentials, as well as a screenshot of the Add to cart option where it should have been showing up , because i’m not surely if i understood (haven’t had this report before).


Hey there!!

i need to move the sku after the title in product page

how is this possible?

thank you (again…) for your great theme and support!

Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

Please try using this php code https://d.pr/n/b1MexL and add it into the child theme’s functions.php . Should do the trick.

Hi i bought this theme and its not working with Alidropship plugin anyone can help please

Hey there!

Do you happen to know if it’s a Rey problem or incompatibility? Can you record a loom.com video and share more info on what’s wrong?

You can create a new ticket at https://support.reytheme.com/new/ and share the credentials as well.


hello there!

can we change the cart and account icons with our own svg or png files?

i didn’t find how to do this.

thank you!

Hey there!

Sure, please try editing these elements settings https://d.pr/i/p3S47s and https://d.pr/i/pOhkFR .

thank you!

Hey there, Carousel widget of rey theme ordering of product categories are not working. in content i selected product categories then in the product categories i selected Sub categories of current and then Order by “Term order” and it doesn’t work, in short non of the the order by is working, can you look at this please.


I confirm the bug and tried making all sorts of fixed but nothing seem to work. I’ll have a closer look and try fixing it as soon as i can. I was planning to update later this week and i will make sure to have this one fixed until then. Thanks!

Thank you for the fix, there’s another bug that i have notice, the grid widget of Rey Core plugin Posts query Order By and Order, Exclude Duplicates doesn’t work. i have check everything but nothing worked.

Custom Query ID also doesn’t work.

Salut Horia.
Am o problema de cand a aparut ultimul update.
Am facut o instalare de la 0 si imi apare asa https://imgur.com/a/fEDskZF
Cum se poate rezolva?

*Marius :))))

si o alta problema, cand import demo-ul San Francisco nu se importa si megameniul


Tocmai am creat un ticket. Sa-mi spui te rog daca l-ai primit. Mersi!


patsa Purchased

hello, after updating rey theme and rey core to 2.4.2 i have a problem, ajax search does not show any result in search…i type the product SKU and nothing appears


patsa Purchased

Hello, as you will see here—> [https://prnt.sc/ODD3O-QHNYYb] i don’t have an option to update the rey core…can i download the new version from somewhere?

I see. Probably hasn’t flushed the updates transient cache. Please try checking in Rey’s dashboard eg: https://d.pr/i/e1PxM2 . Maybe this would help?


patsa Purchased

it works now, thank you

Hello! after the update, the search does not find by SKU, please check what could be the problem. Thanks. https://prnt.sc/vH9CKN_Zqvpg


Sorry about this. It’s actually the Ajax search itself which timeouts. I just released a new update of the Rey Core plugin only to which addresses this issue. Can you try updating and test if it’s working properly? Thanks!

Works great! thanks for the beautiful theme and fast support.

Thank you very much too!!


patsa Purchased

Hello, i am using rey theme and i realisized that i have a problem with ajax search. When i search for a Draft product SKU, the product appears on the results but it shouldn’t appear because the product is a draft…how can i solve this?


Coincidentally i just uploaded a new update which includes a fix for non-published posts being shown in Ajax results. Can you double check after updating both Rey Core and Rey Theme ? Thanks!


patsa Purchased

It works right now, thank you very much!

Hi, since version 2.4 you added support for sticky-shop-sidebar. Just tested it but does not work. The #aside got added the css-class—sidebar-sticky .. but does not work. Any more settings here I forget? Thx for your advice .. Mario

Hi Mario,

You’re totally right. I just made a fix locally and it’ll get into the upcoming update, probably late this week. Thanks a lot for point it out!

PS: If you need the latest Rey Core unreleased build please reach out to me directly. Thanks!

Hi Marius, thx for your info. I can wait till the upcoming update, that`s fine for me.

Thanks Marius, works like a charm ;-)

hello….new LAYOUT template are not in library—-when we can get??


Indeed, sorry about that. I prioritised the development of the follow up updates and delayed filling the template library with the newly added demos sections. I will do my best to add them this week. Thanks!!

even after the last updates color filters and buttons[large] with images won’t work
check video https://share.cleanshot.com/EthuBK
any ideas Marius?
thanks a lot

Hey Eduard!

Just fixed it today. Here’s a css snippet fix for the image attributes https://d.pr/n/ydFy3m . It should work properly afterwards.

my support for this item has expired , I know but I just wonder if dropdown filters are oversize only for me after latest release.


i’ve already followed suggestion to re-combine assets and cleared cache.

Just had a look and the snippet was pasted correctly eg: https://d.pr/i/ZApHq1 . Make sure the selector starts with a ”.” (dot). It should work fine afterwards.

My bad! A lot better now. Even if on mobile the dropdown is extremely tight and should have a bit more margin on the right. But more than ok for now. Waiting for next update. Thanks! Amazing theme And support!


e-piazza Purchased

with latest core update problem is fixed. great!