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Great work! i bought the file to support your work… and put me up for the open cart version. When do you think you will have it ready?


Hi linusnorden

OpenCart version now available


Sorry – but I don’t think you’ll ever get the REAL OpenCart theme looking anything close to this! I’ve been coding templates for OpenCart for a few years and let’s just say – I’ll believe it when I see it!!


OpenCart version now release you can check it live

Great item! Keep the details alive when coding it and you may create a bestseller.

Any idea on when you will be releasing the OC version of this R_GENESIS?

OpenCart version will come mostly by next month

its not opencart theme right? so why you mentioned opencart everywhere?

rohitkk, the reason OpenCart is mentioned, is because this is an OpenCart template.

As the developer/designer has mentioned, OC version theme will be available by next month or so.

I’m just waiting for the release of this template for OpenCart. I’ll pay any price for it. Great job. Notify me when you release please.

Hi meroviggiO

OpenCart version now available :-)


Waiting for this ,notify me …all the best

OpenCart version now available

hi. we have just purchase this template and we are totally lost. could you help us to set this up for our opencart store? is there a manual or guideline where we could get assistant? hope to hear from you thank you


Thanks for purchasing design but this item is just OpenCart PSD design not OpenCart working template. Item description clearly mention what files included in main source

Now if you want to setup this PSD template in to OpenCart working template than you need to take help from any OpenCart developer.

We love this design, good job!

Thanks :-)

Good job congratulation :D

good job! really nice


100 sales! Congratulations -

Cannot wait for this to be coded to an Opencart theme. Will be purchasing as soon as you release it.

Thank you … Opencart version will release in next month.

OpenCart version now available

This is really amazing, I have not seen such a good psd yet :) Are you making this as a theme for Opencart ? If yes count me in for this wonderful theme.

any possibility of a wordpress version of this theme ? Isn’t wp better then open cart ????

Good idea

I surly try to convert it

Hi There! This is a nice piece work. Do you have a release date for the OpenCart theme?

Thank you

The theme will release very soon

We have converted this theme to HTML and Magento and have to say it is absolutely stunning ! Thanks for the excellent PSD :)

Thank you :-)

May I see the live theme if possible :-). Thanks in advance

The conversion features all my client’s info – what’s the interest from you ? [Send me a private mail]