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I have www.southernspeedinc.com running with rhapsody 1.5. If I install 2.0 it makes a mess of the site I cannot fis. I tried using php 7.0 and it made it blazing fast but show error messages of image size. Is there any fix I can purchsase from you to be able to use php 7.0?

Thanks Shawn

No sorry only supporting the latest version.

Is there any easy way to put more photos on portfolio? except the collection mode. I would like to put photos under the big featured image.

Sorry your support period has expired.

Also your theme it was great but it needs update, thank you

How to modify the header layout for the woocomerce shop page? Is their a setting in the theme or do you need to modify woocommerce template files?

Hi, you would have to modify the template files, or perhaps find a woocommerce hack you can place in functions.php.

Hi there,

I’m helping a friend out with an older website using the Rhapsody theme, but I’m having trouble figuring out how the Portfolio function works. I have copied the live site to a test domain hosted on a different server, and a page that uses the Portfolio template displays incorrectly on the test site but not the live site. Specifically, links in the captions use the WP siteurl/home values that I set for the test site, while the links embedded in the images point to the live site still.

Does this issue sound familiar? Would you be able to point me toward any documentation I can use to troubleshoot?

Thank you.

Hello Rhapsody creator… We love the dark theme and bought it for our falconry website. The finished site was completed by two different web development companies in succession, and we are looking for some help to update it.

Our new web developer has questions, so we’d like to purchase support for this product so we can move forward. Please let me know how we can purchase this support, if available.

The site in question is: www.thefalconlady.com

Hey, we have the exact same problem as the above post… from vanastassiou. This is one of the questions our developer has. The portfolio page called “Our Work” does not link correctly on the test server, only on the live site. Also our sort categories no longer work, so the cool animation is lost – again, test server only, not the live site. We’re concerned if we do a bunch of work to the test sever program and load it up, we’ll have a wrecked portfolio page.