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Hello, can I use this theme with ‘catalog mode’?


Hi, Yes that shouldn’t be a problem.

I have Version 1.1 and can’t see how to update it to the current version. There’s no option in Wordpress to do it with this theme. I can’t submit as ticket as it says my website www.cherishphotography.info doesn’t appear to be valid.

The simplest way is probably via ftp. Make sure to download the latest version from your Themeforest account and simply replace the folder on your server

nearly every second themeforest template’s live preview is not working… here the same.. whats the problem?

Seems fine now.

hi, nice theme!

is it possible to remove the sidebar on a single project in a portfolio? i can choose the sidebar setting in a site, but not in a portfolio item.


Hi, Yes you can remove the sidebar but not per item. To remove the sidebar completely edit “single_dzs_portfolio.php” and remove:
<div class="grid_3 sidebar alignright">
      <?php dynamic_sidebar('sidebar_portfolio'); ?>

And change “grid_9” to “grid_12”

Hello, I imported ‘light demo’ but there is not ‘home with products’ page.

How can I imported light demo like your demo?


Hello I have a problem, now I noticed that this template is not responsive, this is a big problem, how could I have refund? thanks

Hi, You would have to contact Envato.

Yes, I done. Sorry for inconvenience, I really liked this theme but it’s a problem that it’s a fixed theme, now I should work to start on another similiar theme.

I am new to WordPress. Is Rhapsody WordPress Multi Purpose Theme contains a video tutorial ?

Hi, no video but it comes with step by step instructions however with screen captures. And our support Team can answer any questions you have.

Hi, I’m looking at buying this theme but notice it’s not listed as being tested with 4.5+ any plans to update etc? Any known issues with 4.5+ ? Thanks

It works fine with 4.5

Hi, Thanks I ended up buying the theme :) One issue seems to be with the new version of Beaver builder, but it’s fine with the one supplied with the theme, Thanks for your hard work! Abi


Vfero Purchased


I’m using your theme for more than a year and everything works fine. Just, yesterday, i realized that submenus dont appear anymore. I didn’t change anything and dont understand what happened…

I’m not really keen on paying a new support for just one question, hope to get an answer :)

Regards Vfero

Hello there, I cannot edit the relevant theme option (e.g page theme color, sidebar position) for a page when editing it. These options / dropdowns are missing. I am using the child theme which was in the zip file. What can I do? Without the child theme everything works fine.

Thanks Dimi

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, I have a friend who has a site that was built on Rhapsody about 3 years ago when it first came out. The theme on his site is running version 1.5 and has not been updated since then and I was trying to help him out with a refresh. If we were to download the most updated version and re-upload is it going to totally wipe the content already on there because of the most updated version? Would it be better to start from scratch?

Hi, I need to see a purchase badge to offer support.

Wouldn’t this question fall under a pre-purchase question?

Trying to import the demo content and it gives an error for every single media item”Failed to import Media “4” Failed to import Media “070f67g0dfgsadfgfd” Failed to import Media “fitness” Failed to import Media “90a6fg6a0fdagf” Failed to import Media “yoZYCvbxbzvbzvz” Failed to import Media “69as6fd8ag68fg””

Seems the location where it references is no longer available.

Hi, we had some server issues will try and restore the demo asap and update but for now you’ll have to set up all images from scratch.

The Live Preview doesn’t work (error 404): ‘The requested URL /rhapsody-v2 was not found on this server.’

Hi, yes the demo is back up now, thanks.


sortimo Purchased


i installed a new version of wordpress and installed the theme rhapsody 2.0.

i always get an error in the header section:

Warning: Declaration of description_walker::start_lvl(&$output, $depth) should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_lvl(&$output, $depth = 0, $args = Array) in /home/.sites/146/site2277/web/gloves/wp-content/themes/rhapsody_installable_6_25_2015/header.php on line 107 Warning: Declaration of description_walker::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth, $args) should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /home/.sites/146/site2277/web/gloves/wp-content/themes/rhapsody_installable_6_25_2015/header.php on line 107

please help!

Looks like your support period has expired.

sorry, but i bought this theme years ago and now i updated it and have this error now. i never needed your support and now i have to pay $33.25 for just this error?

These are Envato rules. Support is only for a limited time no matter if you use it or not. Sorry.


cweb2cu Purchased

Is this template compatible with Wordpress 4.71?

Not yet, works best with 4.6.1

Hi, we are with some differences (a white border) between products’ photos in our development link http://dev.alinks.com.br/coronata2 and http://ignitethemes.net/wp/rhapsody/home3/. Also the photos comparing http://ignitethemes.net/wp/rhapsody/store-dark/ or http://ignitethemes.net/wp/rhapsody/product/mens-t-shirt/ and developent link http://dev.alinks.com.br/coronata2/produto/queijo-minas-frescal-coronata/ , other problem is the header is broken in this product page. I configured the option to “dark” but the product page still white. Thank you

No response ?

Hi, please send us an email to ignitethemes@gmail.com with link to your WP site with username/password and we’ll take a look. Thanks.

Hello! Did you have any plan to update this theme? Because i just updated the wordpress and all plugins and i had huge compatibility problems and i downgraded again.

Hi, not right now, make sure to use the version of WP stated in the description and you shouldn’t have any problems.

I just renewed my support subscription because my site is badly broken. I am paying a friend to fix it, as I don’t know the first thing about the internet. Can he ask you questions instead of me? It will definitely get lost in translation.



Hi, yes just have him post questions here under your account.

Hi there, thanks for the assistance. The Portfolio Items don’t show up in 2.0 as they do in 1.5. That means a loss of a great many things and the update breaks the site. The documentation doesn’t cover Portfolio at all and should be updated for others. How do I migrate the Portfolio Items to the new theme? Also, the LayerSlider is also not included as it has been replaced with Revolution Slider, so that breaks the site as well. Thankfully, I can update the one slider, however the 200+ portfolio items will require migration as they are photos and videos. It would help others for you to put upgrade instructions in your documentation as the theme isn’t really an upgrade but a completely new theme that just looks similar.

1,5 is very old, 2.0 is responsive and very different. You can’t simply migrate the portfolio from 1.5, you’ll have to enter everything again manually.

Hi there,

I we tried to add the Child Theme, however the Theme Options do not work when this is done.

Also, Contact Form 7 installs into a different directory other than the normal one so there is a conflict with that part as well.

Plus, changing the CSS to get the RED out of the menu’s doesn’t work for all of the menus, is that handled with some Javascript function instead of CSS?