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Great theme, great work. I’m having a lot of difficulty with the site not displaying content correctly. Things like table borders not displaying, font displaying odd. It seems that somewhere there is something overritting what I’m putting in the HTML. Can you please help?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

GREAT LOOKING THEME (Rhapsody). Just have a couple is issues. I can’t get the Portfolio working correctly. Namely the Portfolio Traditional Overlay. I’ve inserted the thumbs (240×180px) into my page but when I add the code for the large image preview it just doesn’t work!! Following information in Documentation, namely adding the following code before the thumb image: <a title="”Description”" href="”path_to_large_image.jpeg”" rel="”prettyPhoto[gallery]”"></a>

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, I purchased this theme and am having issues with the Slider. I started an account via ignite Themes to ask your question via the support forum, but I am not able to locate my Purchase Code.

I visited my dashboard to look for the License Certificate and its not there. See image: http://www.peaceprojectmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/themeforest.png Otherwise i would have communicated that way.

My question: No Matter how hard I try, I cant seem to get the homepage slider to extend fully across the screen. See image. http://www.peaceprojectmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Peace-Project-Home.png

I could really use some help! Thanks, Joy

Hi, You can find your purchase code by clicking on “Download”, this will bring up a drop down, then select “License Certificate”.

thank you! i just found the license and submitted my ticket via your website.

hello You can sort the list in the portfolio? so as to obtain images in the right order? thank you very much

They appear in the order created but you might wanna try this plugin to change the order.

Hi! Is it possible to have the filtered portfolio with the title/description? Thank you for your help!

oops sorry! I mean withOUT the title/description

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

hey i just updated to the new version and now my layer slider gone. I cant even access from the dashboard. It was there before i updated to the new version. how can i fix this problem

You just need to install the plugin/s, see the new documentation for more info.

Hi guys, I am using the two column filterable portfolio and it doesn’t display correctly in ie8. The right hand portfolio items are returning underneath the left column which means I only get one column. The url is http://runningonpixels.com.au.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, I love this theme but have one question: I need to have the logo centered and not to the left of the header like you have the logo positioned in the demo. Does this theme allow you to do so? The social widgets we will use might be three so this should free up alot of the header space to the right (where you have the social widgets now) but if I need to remove the social icons from the right widget area in the header that is ok as well. TRe biggest thing is I need the logo centered.

Hi, there isn’t an admin setting to center the logo, but it could be done with a few tweaks.

Will this theme ever be made “Responsive” ?

I can’t say for sure.

Hi there. Need some help. What google fonts did you use for the theme?

Disregard my previous question. I found the details in the documentation.


No problem :)

Hi there. Need some help. For some reason the titles of my latest blog post on the frontpage is linking to your demo page. Is there a plugin or something that I need to turn off?

Hi, You just need to create your own new blog posts, don’t use the imported ones as their permalinks have already been set.

Thanks for the quick response. That fixed it. I forgot I had renamed the original post. Thank you.

Hello, Great looking website you have there, I’m considering buying it.

Is there a limit for how many slides I can showcase? (I’m thinking hundreds), would the slide navigation buttons behave weird if there are so many slides, or can I maybe disable them?

thank you for your time in advance, Bruno

Hi, I’ve never tested with so many slides, but no there isn’t a limit and yes you can turn off the nav buttons.

Installed theme and looks all messed up :/ http://www.atdavies.co.uk/eyemage/

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hello Great theme , got it from client. But didn’t find any styling for woocommerce and no shop sidebar :( . Can you help please ?


Also no cart icon available on header

You need to submit support questions via the purchase account. We don’t give support unless we can verify purchase.

Hi It states Responsive mode in the home page slider demo …

However you’ve mentioned the theme is not responsive in some previous comments?

I bought this Theme thinking it was Responsive as clearly stated on the demo .. Could you please let me know which it is? many thanks

No it’s not.


The rhapsody theme looks great, I’m thinking about buying it, but have a couple of questions.

Is it possible in the settings to set a photo as a background throughout the site (like you have on the sample post page example)

and if so, will I be able set the transparency of the various content boxes to let the background show through (I see it done on some boxes, but not others on the sample post page)

final question, with a little coding will I be able to make the logo larger to suit my design?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks. 1 thing I forgot to ask re: the dark version, in the theme settings, am I able to edit the colours so I can change the panels, navigation etc to a color like grey for example?

and sorry – i should have checked before (this is my last query) – on the navigation, will i be able to have the links over 2 lines (reason I ask is I think my links are too long to fit in the space)

eg: the links would have a nbsp like

Weddings Sister etc & Events Venues

Yes all can be done.