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Please i need your help! i need the functions.php from the old theme update.

i have damaged my functions.php and with the new that is in the new package it seems not to work…

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hey there – Your theme is by far my favorite, and i’ve been through every single ecommerce them.

I want to buy it so bad, but the only issue is that it is not responsive so I’m pulling my hair out because I finally had found the one… Do you have any plans to make it responsive any time soon?

Thanks for the response…

Not at the moment, but possibly in the future.

Hey there ! Question Very nice template, but im having a little problem

im using the shortcode to display a blog category in a page, and it works fine but when i add code like a gallery its displaying the code in the post. here is the link so you can see.


please let me know how can i fix this little detail.


Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

This is by far one of the most well-designed e-commerce themes on Themeforest, unfortunately, it is not responsive… do you know how near in the future you plan to make this responsive?

Hi thanks. Not sure about that but we will be releasing new similar looking designs soon.

Hi, I accidentally upgraded to Wordpress 3.6 and now the layer slider no longer works. I contacted the guys who sell that plugin and they gave me an update, which I’ve installed, but still no luck. They told me to contact you to see when an update was being released so that this template works with 3.6?

Actually ignore that question. His fix did work after I refreshed my browser. Just out of curiosity, do you plan on releasing a version that’s 3.6 ready or is this already fully compatible?

Yes we will release a 3.6 version soon.

Rhapsody is a great theme that is easily costimizable BUT PLEASE PLEASE update to Wordpress 3.6. Half of my plugins are ready to update to WP 3.6.

Thanks. We’re working on it.

Is Rhapsody ready for translation? Thanks.

Great. My only doubt in buying it or not is if it will work with WP 3.6 …

Not yet, we’re working on an update.

Hello, how can i insert an image into a table?

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Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, we updated to 3.6 and now our layer slider crashed anddisplays errors. The author of layer slider stated to download again the Rhapsody theme as the theme author should have updated to the latest version. I downloaded the theme again but it does not look like it contains the latest version…can you confirm please, and if not make it available asap?

We’re working on an update, meantime just revert back to 3.5

Do you know when the update will be available? At this point rolling back to 3.5 is not an option. Thanks!

Hey, any word on the release of the update yet?

HI, after install this theme Warning Me:HTTP wrong 500?Internal Server Error?,, then i can’t login in website backstage and visit homepage.

How to update this theme. i have version 1.1

You need to post all questions via the purchase account.


Please help me. The theme with Woocommerce seem having problem with layer. How can I fix it, so ugly…..

and can someone please help me how to update PHP version? The background Manger need 5.3.0 but it said I was 5.2.6

My Woocommerce was 2.0.9

The main problem is the “grid_3 sidebar alignright”,I don’t know what it is so I didn’t remove it, but if it is okay, please teach me remove it.

The second problem is how can I set the image in left hand. fix to like 300×300 , if it is 800×600,then show full size when zoom…

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, Im interested in buying this awesome theme. but i want to wait until the 3.6 wordpress update, do you know if its going to take much time? or is it better for me to buy it like this and downgrade my wordpress?


It’s up to you, but it will work fine with WP 3.5, we’re planning on updating asap.

Hi, you mentioned that this has a ‘virtually unlimited layout’ does this mean I can move any item to any other part of the screen? Example, I want to place my contact form on the extreme right of all pages.

Yes you can do that

Hi Ignitethemes, we posted this issue with layerslider 9 days ago but do not see the update yet? Can you please inform us what is going on? The author ofthe layerslider stated they made the update 9 days ago available to all theme authors (you), and yet there is still no update.

Can you at least explain why?


Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

This theme is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but before purchasing it.. I have a few questions.

QUESTIONS - Is this theme compatible with HostGator servers (I’ve had previous themes that are not)..? - Will this theme still work in Wordpress 3.6 ?

Hi, I don’t know anything about HostGator servers, this theme is currently compatible with 3.5

What host servers have you tested this theme on (BlueHost, MonsterHost, Yahoo Hosting, etc..)?

It should be compatible with majority servers.

do you know when the update for 3.6 will be available?

We have other things in the queue right now, check back in a couple weeks.

Hi ignitethemes,

This theme is not responsive, right?

Hey I have a photography Client interested in this template. But wanted to know if the Portfolio/Gallery can be set up to have the feature for customers to download the photos after purchase.

Please advise, Thanks.

You could set that up with WooCommerce, but not with the portfolio galleries.

I am interested in this theme, but first I need to know if the WooCommerce strore can have categories, I will be selling a lot of items and they need to be split up in categories, does the Rhapsody theme support this? is there a sample online somewhere of that so i can view it to see if that part will work for me? otherwise this template is very nice, I have card in hand and ready to buy.

Yes you can have categories, I don’t have an example but your category thumb will look exactly like a product thumb minus any pricing.

thank you, 1 more question, I need multiple images for each product (for different angle shots) does this theme allow that while allowing the product image zoom function to still work?

Any word on the layerslider jquery issue? I’ve got 1.10.x jquery on my dev site and getting an error message through layerslider. Can’t autoupdate as it says the purchase code is invalid.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.