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Nice and minimal. Good luck!

minimal design with nice feel.

Good luck with sales

Elegant Minimalism :)

Good work. GLWS!

hy, it’s an Ajax based theme… :inlove::inlove:

Hi, this is exactly what I was looking for, something simple and straight forward. One question though. On the Single item portfolio page, how do i decrease the width between the left and right columns? my work is only about 520 pixels wide and the middle area seems to be fixed at 1000 pixels so I have a lot of space to the right of the images before the list of work.



We have been working on update, where you will have an option to tile your single item gallery. Will out very soon.

Thank you.

Rhea was updated. Now you may use image tiling through the [gallery columns=2 … in your Image Gallery Section. E.g.

Hello! Before I buy this, is it possible to delete the third/right-hand column that I can see on the example (currently listing the ‘works’)?

Yes, just download the theme again from your ‘Downloads’ on Themeforest (that’s absolutely free).

Did that and tried to install it and got this:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/rhea/

Theme install failed.

I don’t want to lose the site I’ve created and everything on the existing theme that I have customised!

Then, you have to replace only changed files from the new package:

  • script.js
  • style.css
  • single-item.functions.php
  • tile-works.php
  • template-portfolio.php
  • template-journal.php
  • theme/

Does it have sidebar for blogging ? I need my widgets working. I can’t see the blog navigation on “Live Preview”. Congrats for the work. Cheers.

Last question. Can I deactivate the list of works (journal only) in widgetized area?

Thanks for the question. Yes, that option available. But as we saw now, occasionally it isn’t working as should. We recommend you to wait for theme update that will be in few days.

Good news! Theme files was already updated. List of the works at the right now works as should.

I wasn’t able to locate a sample file, to replicate the demo. Is there one included with the purchase file? Thanks.


Here it is You may also use shortcode manager in the editor to quickly receive the custom templates for pages and works.

Hi, Great theme, but I’m having some trouble with the individual portfolio items. After clicking to a portfolio item no images are showing up in the main content section ( ): Any help getting this to work would be appreciated.


To fill the center part of the individual portfolio item, please use Image Gallery Section that placed below the main content editor

Thank you.

Thanks, I had an earlier version of Wordpress installed and the gallery box wasn’t showing up. If anyone else seems to be missing the gallery option, try upgrading to WP 3.5. That fixed it for me. Great theme by the way.

Hello, thank you for this beautiful theme!

One question: I want to make a portfolio page, like your dummy homepage – with only 2 columns and therefore bigger images (4 in total)..

Is this possible with the theme?

If not will there be an update soon where I can chosse the amount of columns?

Or can I change it “easily” in css?

Thank you!


Please try this in custom css option

Thank you.

Hello! I love your theme, it´s what I was looking for, but when I install it, it give me the following error: Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /homepages/5/d442781412/htdocs/app442781429/wp-content/themes/rhea/single-item.functions.php on line 72 What can I do? Thank you

Do you have WP version 3.5?

Hello, I would like to buy this theme, but before buying I have one question. In the future, I would like to run two versions of the language. Is this possible?

Great work!

Thank you. .Po file for translation will be added soon. Can we ask, which plugin you will use to translate WordPress?

Hello, very clean and well designed theme, I am interested in purchasing it. May I ask first if it is possible to have a solid white background and to not have the portfolio thumbnails shake when hovered?


To ‘Custom CSS’ theme option you may add these rules

Thank you.

hey was wondering if you can build image slider for the portfolio item? best to do with flexslider cuz you can swipe on the phone.

the issue im having is that i will have many images for each of the portfolio item…



yes i would love to have a flexslider or something similar on the portfolio detail page as it gives users better feedback on the mobile.

Thanks so much!

Theme files was updated. Now you may find hidden theme option by searching “swipe slider”.

wow that’s fast! thanks so much!

If I find a widget for advertisements, can I insert that widget into the sidebars of your theme? Thanks!


Rhea has 2 places for widgets: Journal Sidebar & Portfolio Sidebar, both are placed at the right, below the list of works.

Sincerely, Alaja

Hello. I really like this theme, and is almost ready to buy it!

A thing I have noticed, when you mouse-over the pictures in portfolio (so they shake) a black flash appears in a splitsecond! It only happens with Safari, I have tested with google chrome and firefox (all mac) and it seems fine.

I mostly use safari, so would like to hear if it’s something you guys have noticed too?

/ AndersMartin

Hello again.

I have tried the examples in the link you sent. it works fine without flickering. But it still flickers in the theme. I use Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17).

Sincerly, Anders

Hello Anders,

We have absolutely the same Safari version on Mountain Lion and we have no idea why that happens on your side :\

Anyway, thank you for your interest to Rhea!

Sincerely, Alaja

Problem solved. :-) it only happen when i have the “themeforest frame in the top of the screen.

Thanks for fast feedback and a great theme. I will now buy it!

Sincerly, Anders


just interested if you can sort the portfolio, let’s say I just randomly uploaded the projects to portfolio and now want to sort so that picture “x” to be the first, “y” last, “z” middle …. basically the position in grid portfolio.. ??


Since version 0.22 Rhea has Portfolio Options: category filter, and ordering option. You may order your works by Title (alphabetically) or by Date

To sort portfolio items in custom order – just customize their creation date and set ordering option to Date.

Sincerely, Alaja