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hi, can we have a password protected portfolio?

I Mean if it can be added a password protected portfolio . I need to know before purchase. I love the theme but I really need the password portfolio…

Good news! Theme files was already updated. Support for password-protected portfolios & works (password: showme)

Can this theme have multiple pages of portfolio items?

Meaning, there might be 12 portfolio items per page and you can go back through older items, just like a wordpress blog archive?


Pagination disabled for portfolio pages, but you may create portfolios with different content.

Thank you for your interest in Rhea.

Hello Alaja,

I just edited the po file – made same german translations but the changes won’t show up in frontend..

Any ideas why?

Cache cleared, multiple browsers, file edited with poedit and the rechecked with text editor..

I replaced the file in /wp-content/themes/rhea/default.po

Thank you!

I did translate it in the php files directly for now but of course regarding updates this isn’t optimal ;-)

Maybe this article will help

thx! will give it a try..

Alaja, one more thing – is it possblie to add a caption to the portfolio (works) images? If not – idea for a future update?

Hello Alaja, thank you very much for the update!!! 2 things: 1. could you please tell mewhich files have been altered for this update? 2. Please tell me the code part (lines) where a can change the captions style and position (want to show caption over the images) thx!!!!


  • Modified /rhea/single-item.functions.php
  • Modified /rhea/style.css

You may edit it through your Custom CSS code. Css selector is ’.sfolio li img + p’.

thank you!!

Hi, Just purchased your theme.

I added a “work” to the “works” section and saved it. When I try to view it, the site gives me a 404. If I try to navigate there from my homepage, it does the same thing. Why is this happening?


Some 3rd plugins or server settings may cause these abnormal behavior. Please send us a mail with your site url (and test account) so that we can take a look.


This happens because of site permalink structure. Try to use default permalink structure to see if it’s working. If it works, try to change slug of portfolio item page.

And again re-save permalink settings. As addition, don’t choose the Numeric permalinks format (with ’/archives/’ part), ‘Post name’ is preferred.

Also, some 3rd plugins or server settings may cause these abnormal behavior. Deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Sincerely, Alaja


I just purchased and installed this theme as well and when I add a work to the work and save and publish it, its also giving me a 404. Is there something I can do to fix it?

I was also wondering – on the blog is there a way to make the “Journal Entry #” be the post title & link instead and just have the post title and not the journal number?



Hello Tara,

1) Some 3rd plugins or server settings may cause these abnormal behavior. Please send us a mail with your site url (and test account) so that we can take a look.

2 ) Yes, it’s possible. Just send us an example.

Hi Alaja,

thanks for your reply! I got it figured something just wasn’t linked right. One more question though… is it possible / how would I go about adding a second sidebar to the left of the page on every page except the portfolio. I have cleared the left side in customizing the theme but I wanted to add a second sidebar… is this possible? you can see what I mean here:

Thanks so much,



I recently purchased this theme and wondered if you can change the background to a different image? and if so how do you do it?



Hello Chris,

To ‘Custom CSS’ theme option you may add these rules

Sincerely, Alaja

Hi Alaja,

I really love this theme but I would like to ask if there’s any option to reduce the size of the images going live? I mean I have rescaled all my pictures to 300×427 pixels but when i check it in preview they all look huge and don’t fit to screen at all. You have to scroll constantly and it makes the whole gallery unenjoyable. Although if i publish only one image it appears as the actual size. I am very new to this WP site building thing, and it must be very simple, so apologies if i asked something silly.



Here is the example: If the images were, lets say, half size, I’d be very happy. :)

Hello Teri,

Unfortunately, we can’t see any image, just ‘Add image gallery here to show off your work.’

So, find the ‘Image Gallery Section’ below the main content editor and add an image gallery here (click Add Media -> Create Gallery).

Also theme is responsive, so you don’t have to crop anything, images will fit container automatically by the CSS.

Or, if you have an images not really big, you may tile them on the single page (by setting up the image gallery columns to 2).

Thanks a lot, I will have a look! :)

Hi Alaja, the theme is without comments or are they disable only for the demo? thanks


Yes, comments are disabled for demo only, that how they looks

Hello, Is there a way to filter the portfolio via the categories? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the quick reply. I added the category filter and made the portfolio category pages under the parent portfolio page in the main menu. Unfortunately, the main menu just put “Portfolio” up a line and listed only one category beneath it. Is there anyway to make the menus drop down so I can add navigation to individual portfolio categories? Or is there a way to filter the categories on the main portfolio page?


There are no dropdowns in Rhea theme. You may use main menu or right (left) column to put a list of your portfolios as a ‘FIND US’ list on demo site. At the home page you’ll put your selected works.

Sincerely, Alaja

Thanks again for the quick reply. Having the ability for a drop-down in the main menu would be a great feature to add in an update. : ) Otherwise, love the theme.

Cheers, Carrie

Hi there

Thanks for this great theme. Just a few quick questions:

1) Is there a way to increase the size of the featured images?

2) How is the left side menu for portfolio options populated? Referring to name, client, project seen here: Do you just do this through the editor on the works page or are there fields to fill out somewhere?

3) How to remove “other works” text from all pages?


Thank you,

1) rhea > theme > setup.exe, find there ’# Thumbnail Sizes’ (lines #28,#29), here you can increase the size of the featured images

2) When you edit the work, please use Shortcode Manager and select ‘Sample Work Content’ to get an example

3) You may use ‘Display Work List’ page option at ‘Sidebar Work Settings’ metabox (below the page content editor)

Sincerely, Alaja

Also for some reason the “custom lists” will not show the symbol next to each (for example when I use the check one, nothing shows but a list).

Please send us a mail with your site url from this page Thank you.

Hello there, before purchasing the theme I have two questions: - Are the Portfolio items handled like posts? So that I can apply post features like tags etc.? - Is it possible to assign each portfolio item and posts/pages a separate color, e.g. with help of the plugin Custom Backgrounds for WordPress


1) Rhea WP don’t use tags, only categories in portfolio items.

2) That can be done through the Custom CSS theme option, but you need to have a basic CSS knowledge. We don’t limit any WordPress plugins behavior, so if the plugin has a high quality code, it will work.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in Rhea WP.

Hello, I’d like to buy the theme but I’d need to know few things: - if I browse the live demo with my mobile phone it does not seem responsive as other sites do, do you know why? - can I add a coloured footer, no text, no function, full screen width? - there’s any chance to put title under the thumbs in the portfolio overview? - the portfolio single page is 860 px widen, could it be 620 px as the journal? - I guess I can change text styles by CSS, right? I know you’re thinking “you should buy an other theme!” but you are the only one that understood that lightbox or sliders are not good tools in the single page of a portfolio, nothing is more confortable that scroll having everything at glance, as you did. thanks, malica

Hi, finally I’ve purchased the theme I fixed some feature by css and now I’m struggling with adding a footer, and I’ve got it but how to make it same width of the screen? thanks, M

Try this inside body tag:

<div class="foot" style=" 
    left: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    width: 100%;
    display: block;
    position: absolute;
    background: red;
thanks alaja, I put your cose in the footer page but doesn’t work properly in responsiveness (not remaining at the bottom), while a div in the footer page with this CSS works great BUT is not screen widen :( #bottom-banner{ position:relative; bottom:0px; height:80px; width:100%; background:#543321; z-index:999999; } do you have any advice? thanks, M

Hi there,

Is there a way to change the word “item” in the url of works? I would like to change it to “portfolio”.

For example, :o)

Yes, please add this line in $args settings (line #20) in theme/extend.php
 'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'portfolio' ),

More WP custom posts options you may find here


Just sent you an email through your profile. Would you plz check

many thanks

hello alaja! Im interested in buy your rhea theme, but, I have a question. Would be possible desactivate the “shaked” movement when you are over the images in homepage?



The modification about you ask is doing through the custom CSS code.

For example, to have a solid white background and to not have the portfolio thumbnails shake when hovered, you have to add to Style > ‘Custom CSS’ theme option these rules

So, you’ll need a basic knowledge of CSS. Anyway, thank you for interest in Rhea WordPress.

Sincerely, Alaja (web solutions co.)

Hello, I purchased this theme, and have uploaded it. But when I click on “activate” my screen goes blank. I’m hosted by Yahoo. Is this theme compatible with Yahoo? Thanks!

Use wordpress v3.5+

I’m using 3.5

ah…my mistake! I was only using 3.3….I had just assumed it was the latest version when I activated my blog. All is working now. Thank you!