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hi there, what is the font you used for the logo Rhea? thanks

Hello, the logo use “Damion” as the font. This is a free font available on Google Web Fonts.


I noticed in the preview there’s a slight fade before it loads onto another page. But on my website it just loads straight like a normal site, is there a setting to turn this on?



Yes, you have to enable ‘Allow Ajax’ in Theme Options.


One more question, I’m trying to add a page that’s strictly text but I want to keep the left sidebar and right one to show “other works”. The problem I’m having is with a blog post, it shows the latest entry and number on the left side. Any help would be appreciated.

You may use default page template and columned content as

Both solutions work great! Thanks for the quick reply. Great theme!

Hello, Great theme! Is there a way to have a slider gallery on a portfolio post, instead of listing all images like in the demo?

Thank you, hansol

Hello hansol,

Thank you. You may activate swipe slider (for mobile clients) only. Just search ‘slider’ in Theme Options.

Hey man,

Thanks for a great theme. I’m really enjoying getting it set up, it’s a very clean and professional looking template. Quick question for you, how do I set up my homepage like you have it on the example? I want my portfolio tab to be my home page, but instead of the header on the left of the page saying “portfolio,” I want it to say “hello.”



Hello Scott,

First you have to select the Portfolio page template, then you may use Shortcode Manager to insert portfolio page content (as on demo site).

Sincerely, Alaja

Thanks for the response. Just to follow up, I have it set up like this, but my home landing page and my “portfolio” page are not the same. Like on the live preview of Rhea, “Rhea” and “portfolio” are the same page. How do I make my website like this?

Wordpress > Settings > Reading Settings, also you can read a manual “Setting up the Homepage”.

Also, how do I adjust my feature image so that I can choose what parts get cropped out? Right now it resizes it automatically, cropping out parts of certain images.

Thumbnail size is 256×192, so you may crop image on the computer with your favorite image editor tool to this size. When image will be uploaded it don’t be re-cropped and stay te same.


I have a few questions about the theme. Our website is

- How can I turn off the effect onclick (when the page goes up a little)? - Where do I change the message the user receives when the message is sent (in the contact page)? - Is there a way to make a version with a different language?

Thanks for your time!

1) You can find this line in theme / 2) Can’t recommended that for SEO. But you may start from header.php file and change all code in title tag.


I tried to use QTranslate to enable the multilanguage page, but it’s working very well with the theme…

Here’s the example:

The works are showing both titles at the same time (the first two on the image) and the “English/Portuguese” tab is only showing in the homepage. Do you know how to make this work?


Hello Gabriel,

Please open rhea tile-works.php and replace this line:
$works = AExtend::getWorksByPageMeta( '', $asQuery = false );
$works = AExtend::getWorksByPageMeta( 'suppress_filters=0', $asQuery = false );


I’ve been looking for a theme for my personal site, and came across this theme.

It looks beautiful. I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding the home portfolio display. On the demo you have a column of 4 consisting of 12 projects in total. Now i wanted to know what happens when I add say 20 or more projects. Would they become archived on a separate page? Or would they continue on a one pages display? And can I change the amount of columns? Or is it fixed at 4?

Thanks for your time,

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your interest. All projects will be display on the single page without the pagination.

There is a Category Filter to create so many different portfolios that you need.

Sincerely, Alaja

Sent you a mail with the list of issues to be fixed. Looking for a speedy resolve!

It seems that we didn’t receive your mail. Can you mail us again ?

Hi, I love your theme! It’s really perfect to show my portfolio. And here is my Question:

Is it possible to enlarge just a few thumbnails of the portfolio items, to give a specific project a spotlight?

Or much better: Is it possible to give the grid layout an asymmetry look? Thumbnails that are rectangular, foursquare, some bigger, some smaler ones?

Thanks a lot! :-)

Thank you!

Theme was not designed in the way of asymmetry grid layout, so there are no easy way (hacks) to do this. But you can easily change the ratio of thumbnails. Make it rectangular, foursquare or taller. Just open up the theme / setup.php on line #26 & 27, you may change the second parameter (height of thumb image), for now it’s equal 192. E.g. for square form:

p.s. Don’t forget to re-upload your thumbnails.

Sincerely, Alaja


Thank you so much for a beautiful theme with usability in mind. I have a question:

I wanted to use a button shortcode to link to a .doc version of my resume. However, when I turn Ajax on, the link doesn’t work. How can I fix this without turning Ajax off?

Please send us your site URL, so that we can take a look.

Dear Alaja, Is it possible to change the background from the grungy white to a plain color? Thanks…


The modification about you ask can be done through the custom CSS code.

For example, to have a solid white background and to not have the portfolio thumbnails shake when hovered, you have to add to Style > ‘Custom CSS’ box in theme options.

So, you’ll need a basic knowledge of CSS. Anyway, thank you for interest in Rhea WordPress.

Sincerely, Alaja (web solutions co.)

Thanks to the Alaja support for all the prompt answers.

A perfect service.

Rate AAA.

Hi Alaja,

I’ve followed the instructions on uploading the portfolio gallery, but once my image thumbnails are uploaded, they are not clickable. When I try to go to the URL of the image, the pages cannot be found and have a 404 error.

Is there something I’m doing/not doing to cause this? I hope you can help.

Thanks in advance!


This happens mostly because of site permalink structure. Try to use default permalink structure to see if it’s working. If it works, try to change slug of portfolio item page.

And again re-save permalink settings. As addition, don’t choose the Numeric permalinks format (with ’/archives/’ part), ‘Post name’ is preferred.

Also, some 3rd-party plugins or server settings may cause these abnormal behavior. Deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Sincerely, Alaja

It worked! Thankyou very much for your help, and for the very fast response!

Hi, I just purchased the theme. I have a little problem setting up my logo as it is circle with text underneath. I made it to the borders, but it seems like the theme adds extra space to top and bottom by default. Therefore I can’t set it in the place I want so it fills the top left corner. Looking forward to hear from you soon

By default theme adds spacing for design & layout purposes. You may add to the Custom CSS next line to pick up the logo but it’s not recommended:
#logo img { margin-top: -40px }

Hello, Great theme! I do have one request. Is it possible to create more space in between the portfolio description text and the portfolio thumbnails to the right?


Thank you that worked great, but the only problem is that it pushed the thumbnails closer to the “Works” column. How can i increase that space as well? Thanks!!

Also I would like to apply the same spacing between the text and thumnails on the works page. Please advise. Thanks!

> Thank you that worked great, but the only problem is that it pushed the thumbnails closer to the “Works” column. How can i increase that space as well? Thanks!!

That’s not true.

> Also I would like to apply the same spacing between the text and thumnails on the works page. Please advise. Thanks!

Please try this code instead of the first:
#main .l { width: 210px; padding-right: 10px }

awesome theme. how do i erase the underline that is preasent under all the headers. make it clean like this site

Thank you, please use Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS box, to add next line:
.sep:after { background: none }

Hi, how do i add social media icons on the template instead of spelling out as words? i need to add facebook and instagram icon. Many thanks!

Just upload and use images as icons with links to your social networks.

I just downloaded this theme last week and have really enjoyed working with it. It is a simple, great, straight forward site template for setting up a portfolio.

One question I have is when I add a caption to one of my images, there is a faint beige/grey box that appears around the image and the caption. It is very light, but I still notice it. Is there anyway to make that captain box transparent with the background? I did add the custom CSS to make the background just white instead of the default, do you think that might be the reason the box is showing up?


Hello and thank you for kind words,

Just add to the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS box this line:
.wp-caption { background:none }

Hi there, I’ve just purchased the Rhea theme, I have a two problems I need help with please.

Problem one, I want it to be pretty much as your preview, with the home page as the portfolio 12 image grid view but I can’t work out how to get the 12 images in, I’ve set up contacts page etc and inserted the one feature image no problem.

Problem two, my different page names appear in the right column not across the top.

Yes I am a novice, my first Wordpress theme but any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks John

And again, just start creating the Works in your wordpress dashboard, portfolio templates will be populated by them automatically. WP Dashboard > Works > Add New Don’t forget to setup the featured image (thumbnail) for each.

Yes, I can do that but I want to assign it to one of my already created page – is there not a tutorial – save you typing ‘again’ again?

Just use “Category Filter” on this page in “Portfolio Options” box It’s very straightforward. So you have to assign category for existing Work to use filter then on portfolio template page.