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Congratulations, very nice theme!

I’m thinking to buy this theme, and I have a question. Is it possible to add category and tag to the posts and to have they showed under the post title?

Thank you. You able to add categories and tags for journal entries. Then you can add them to the journal sidebar at the right. To show them under the title you’ll need the custom modification.

hello!thank u for the is the first time i’m working on a site and it’s really easy and well organized!i have only a small problem because i’ m ignorant in this stuff and it seems difficult to do it with tutorials online! how can i change the font im the whole site? thank u :)

Glad to hear that! To change the fonts use Theme Options > Style > Heading Font & Content Font , there enter google font family name.

hello!thank u for the is the first time i’m working on a site and it’s really easy and well organized!i have only a small problem because i’ m ignorant in this stuff and it seems difficult to do it with tutorials online! how can i change the font im the whole site? thank u :)

Well actually i managed to change the fonts with a plugin but it seems impossible to change the font from the themes options. You can my site that is online and u can see the problem

The font i would like to use for the theme is Patrick Hand SC and u can see that i used it for my paragraphs!

Can you please tell me what excactly do i have to write in the heading and content font ? thank again!! Danai

Hello Danai, entering Patrick Hand SC (at Theme Options > Style > Heading Font & Content Font) works for us.

yesterday it worked…i have no idea what was the problem before..anyway!thank u! love the theme

Hello, Getting to grips with this now – is there a way to have more than one portfolio page with different images. So for example a portfolio of logos and on another page a portfolio of websites.

Many Thanks John

Hello John, you may use Category Filter portfolio template option

Hi, thanks for the nice theme. However, I am having some issues with permalinks.

When I try to change the permalink structure to ”/index.php/” or to ”/ postname /” or to “index.php/ postname /” i get 404 errors.

I am hosted with Yahoo! and I have bought over 15 other themes and it works with all the rest.

I appreciate your prompt response.

Thanks, Juan


I already read this comment on other threads.

I don’t have any plug-ins and yes, the default permalink works: But that’s not what I want. I want a custom permalink like this:

Like I said before, ‘Post name’ does not work.


Your support on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Hello Juan, unfortunately we don’t know what’s going wrong. Please try to play with permalinks structure. The one thing we notice – 404 – Not Found page is custom and processed by server not a WordPress. Also, try to open 404.php theme file and remove all header command there. Let us know about the results

Hi, again.

I created 20 works but I am only seeing 12. I don’t have any filters activated. Is there a 12 work limit for portfolios ?

This is the page

Thanks for your response.


Hello Juan, that may helps you


Is it possible to showcase mp3 radio spots into the portfolio?


Can you please clarify what is mp3 radio spots? Thank you.

Is there a way to play a mp3 file in the portfolio?


Unfortunately, there are no mp3 file support for portfolio template.


I am currently working my way through this design (exactly the layout I was looking for thanks), however before I go crazy and try and change CSS and ruin all your good work with my naivety, I have some small, hopefully easy to answer questions…

- is there a way to change the hover-over colour of email hyperlinks and page buttons to a specific colour reference to tie in further with my work?

- is there a way I can align the header menu to the right of the page (or move further over to the right) with ease?

- is there a way to split content on a page to apply a block of description along with an accompanying image (for a generic introduction)?

My example is at

Apologies though, it is very much a work in progress.

I look forward to your feedback :)

Hello Dunc,
1) a:hover {background:yellow}

2) ol#menu {left:auto; right:0}

3) You may use default page template and structure it as you like, e.g.

Thanks a bunch, worked a treat!

Additionally, is it possible to put a dividing line between header menu & logo, and the rest of the content with this theme?

You may use hr tag,

<hr />

Hi, I can’t find where the Portfolio option(s) is.

Hello, when you editing the portfolio page (page with Portfolio template selected in Page Attributes) you may see the portfolio option box below the default WP content editor, that how it looks like (please disregard the green box on the screenshot).

Hello, Very Nice theme. How can I remove the 2pixel wide lines beside the “default Template” graphic?

I also have the same line at the bottom. Also, any way I can get read of this whole darker layer and just see the words and the photos on top of the sliding gallery?

Another thing.. any responsive update on this theme?

Many thanks

Please contact your theme author

Hi, if i want to have the pictures arrange as 3 by 3 (9 pics on the front page) can i? Right now what u have is 3 columns 4 rows. how do i do that?

May we remind that Rhea is responsive theme so the columns are variable. Anyway, you may use portfolio category filter (for portfolio page) to show only works that you like to show.

Hi, on the left hand side of the homepage, on the text column below the logo, instead of having just text, can I place an image there?

Please check the contact shortcode email attribute.

Hi, the email attribute is as it was when it was working. Is there any other things that I should check? The submission goes through but the email is not received.

If you received the “Thank You” message this signs that message was sent. For testing contact form please use “the right” values for the form inputs. Check your spam mailbox at least. Test another contact form plugin.


I was wondering what the exact dimensions of the space allotted for the logo is? I am having trouble fitting mine so I figure I will have to start from scratch in the space and size provided – or is there a way around this? Every time I try to fit my logo, either half of it gets cut off or the menu text overlaps with it.

Thank you!

Logo height is not specified, but the width must be less or equal 220px.


Hi, I bought the Rhea template and it doesn’t work. I intended to use it as my professional portfolio web site. Uploaded all of my works, everything looked fine but the next day all thumbs from portfolio section where lost and some images inside each specific project.

I´ve looked up on internet what could it be, thought at first I had to rename properly the uploaded files names, did it but nothing happened. Also wrote an email to Alaja to see if some solution could be given, the answer was that the problem was not the template and there was nothing he/them could do.

This is the link to the site if you want to take a look:

Notice that there are no thumbs to my works, you can enter through the list at the right side and even in each work you’ll find missing a broken images links. I’ve repaired them several times but the next day they appear broken again.

Hi, I want to delete the words under the logo and above the page’s contents – like HOME and PORTFOLIO – how do I get rid of these headings?

Thank you

This is a page titles. You may just set them blank.

When I go in to Pages and remove the title – or set them blank, it then removes it from my menu bar along the top and that page can no longer be viewed, I want to remove the titles that come up in capital letters underneath the menu bar… thank you I hope you can help.

1) You still can use that pages with empty titles, just fill ‘Navigation Label’ to them in Appearance > Menus 2) Or you may remove them by using Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
#main .l .sep:first-child h4 { display:none }

Hi, great theme. About your image how can I add widgets below the list?


You may use columns shortcodes or (in Text editor tab)

<div class="l">
<div class="c">
<div class="r">

perferct, thanks

Hello, Thank you again for a great theme.

I am having difficulty changing the size of the featured images in the portfolio grid. After reading through the comments I tried 2 things.

1. Entered custom css: .folio li { width: 50%; max-width: 50% } .folio li img { width: 100% }

This made the grid work but the images were pixelated – even after I reuploaded new thumbnails. So I removed this from the custom CSS and

2. tried changing the thumbnail code in setup.php from 256, 192 to 400, 300 … but had no luck. The thumbnails on the portfolio page stayed 256×192px.

Thank you for reading. Any help on this would we much appreciated.

You have to combine these methods. So change thumbnail code and re-upload images to fill the theme with new thumbnails. After that you have to change the css as you did, to update the visual style for new thumbnails.

I should mention, I am trying to achieve a 2 column grid instead of the default 4 column one. If you suggest a better ratio for thumbnails to achieve this, I will change my thumbnail size accordingly to get a better result. Thanks!

why is it that I cant change the background to solid white?

The modification about you ask is doing through the custom CSS code. For example, to have a solid white background you have to add to Appearance > Theme Options > Style > ‘Custom CSS’ box, this rule: then Save new settings and refresh the page in browser.