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Hi There

What are the fonts you used for the Rhea theme? I cant figure out how to change mine in the theme. Every time I change the font in > theme options > style nothing changes. Also, can I set up the blog to show ” single item ” page all the time with out the grid effect?

Default font values also are in > theme options > style (PT Serif & PT Sans).

Thanks for the response! Does rhea come with a sample file that I can import into Wordpress that will allow my blog to act like the demo version? It’ll be easier for me to remove certain items then add them to create a custom blog.

hey guys, great theme, love it! thing is im not a great programmer so maybe you can help me about some tiny changes!? :

-how can I change the site background to all white and get rid of those little black pixels?

-can I change the sequence my projects are displayed in?

-can I show more than one but not all groups of projects but not all of them on one page?

-how can i produce a download link (for a pdf portfolio) on my page?

thank you very much for your help, Max

Hello Max,

1) For example, to have a solid white background you have to add to Appearance > Theme Options > Style > ‘Custom CSS’ box, this rule: then Save new settings and refresh the page in browser.

2) Portfolio Options > Ordering (please disregard the green rectangle on screenshot) using the Date ordering – Published on parameter is used, you can change it anytime for custom ordering

3) Portfolio Options > Category Filter

4) Upload your pdf to WP, copy the link(url) and use this link on your page. You may use [button] shortcode as well. (Your Editor> Shortcode Manager (magic wand icon) > Graphic Buttons)

thank you very much, everything worked reaaly well apart from no 3. i knew the filter but that lets me choose just one group or all of them… is there a way of maybe choosing 2or3 groups?

sorry, solved it myself, thanx a lot!

hey guys,

Thank you again, the page is working great now apart from one tiny flaw: the projects in my portfolio pages are shown with gaps between them:

how do I get them to stick together?

thanks a lot for a great theme!

For some case your first thumbnail is 150×150 (not default 256×192 as others) – the grid working only when all image sizes are equals.

and one more thing: why is it not possible to find the page via google??

Please uncheck the Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility

hi. i want to create a page with informations about my person. but i don’t find a possibility to write a longer text where the pictures are placed. theres no template where i am able to do this. Do you have any suggestions for this? Thank you very much for your help, sd

If i write there, the text appears only at the left column?

Because the text is left-aligned. To break the page to columns you may use columns shortcodes (use Shortcode Manager editor button) or (in Text editor tab):
<div class="l">
left column
<div class="c">
center column
<div class="r">
right column

okay. shortcode manager editor button seems to work… thx.

hmm… have also played with this div class=c on default page, the “body” gets centered but the title remains left aligned… any solution about title?


Thank you for question. You may remove this part from Appearance > Editor > Page Template (page.php) to disable the default title on the page.

To recreate the titles for columns you may use next template:
<div class="l">
[title]Title L[/title]
left column
<div class="c">
[title]Title C[/title]
center column
<div class="r">
[title]Title R[/title]
right column

Alaja, thank you for the great template. I have question about the layout of the main menu links. The children of one parent link are on the same line as the rest of the parent links. I would like the sub menu to be below the first level links. Is that possible? Thank you.

Thank you, just add to the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS box the next line that may help you here (don’t forget then to refresh the browser by site reloading):
#menu .sub-menu { position:absolute }

Thank you for your quick reply. The code worked. I also increased the width of ul .sub-menu to 470 px for the sub links to float left instead of stacking.

love the theme just what i was looking for! but how can i put my portfolio’s items in the center of the front page? it doesn’t seems to work for me The catagory filter is already on Portfolio..

Just start creating the Works in your wordpress dashboard, portfolio templates will be populated by them automatically. WP Dashboard > Works > Add New Don’t forget to setup the featured image (thumbnail) for each work.

hi, great theme! as i’m not a great programmer maybe you can help me about some changes I would like to do. 1. align it in the middle so that the whole content is centred? 2. 5 instead of 4 columns on the portfolio page 3. change the font size to a smaller one 4. the link typo not in an italic style

thanks a lot for your help!

Use the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS, and add these lines:


body { margin: 40px auto 30px auto }

2) Theme responsive so the columns is dynamically changeable, we can’t support fixed columns.

3) It’s not recommended due web design, but:
h1, h2, h3, h4, p, .list, .widget, .widget a { font-size: 12px }


#main a { font-style:normal }


Is it possible to upload a PDF to this template? And for people to then scroll through it? I have a PDF of my work which I would like to display on my site.


hmm, one question, how do you display the list of categories? for example.. you have, mascots, photos, sketches, etc… if I now want to display the categories list with a widget it takes the categories from “posts” and not the list from “works” ???

In Rhea you may use different portfolio pages with works category filters. Just use the links for this pages.

aaaa… get it… thanks!

My apologies if someone already asked this but what font did you use for the Rhea logo? I think it’s absolutely perfect for this theme and I’d like to know I can obtain it before I purchase. Thanks!

It’s free google web font, called Damion

As mentioned and asked earlier by some others, is it possible to display more than 12 works in the thumbnail gallery? I don’t want to use the list on the right.

Is it also possible to disable “Other Works” on the right on every single-page?

Yes, but now without text. Only a little line ;)

[title] [/title]


Hi there!

I’m wondering about the image gallery section under works! I try to add pictures to the work as an image gallery – but soon as I hit “insert gallery” nothing is happening?! It just closes the gallery window, but nothing inserted at all …

what am I doing wrong?

Emailed you back

hi, sorry to bring again that up, can you please post again the pastie(the old one does not work..) what to delete in Appearance > Editor > Page Template (page.php) to align the Tittle + Body in default page…

Thank you


I’ve tried a number of different layouts and methods to display images on different pages using your different layout options but they don’t seem to act responsively when I view the site on iPad. Some images drop under text, others crop strangely and one goes behind text in the widget area.

My development site is at

Can you please advise what I can do to rectify this?

Thanks, Rob

Hello Rob,

For first page, use columns shortcodes to make columns. You can find examples in Shortcode Manager (magic wand button in the editor) > Columns.

For the images in blog posts, when you insert it like [caption …..] remove the last width attribute. If width is set – theme do nothing with it. So

[caption id="12"... width="1000"] your image [/caption]

[caption id="12"...] your image [/caption]

Just check the content you use.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I did create the first page using the column short code although inserting an image doesn’t seem straight forward, especially if you want to then add text to the right of the central image to mimic the right hand widget area – which has alluded me after many attempts! If I inset an image into the default template it doesn’t appear to drop in with the caption script you describe so I’ve simply removed any reference to height and width which I presume will achieve the same result?

And so Im clear, are you saying that whenever I insert an image into a post or a ‘works’ page (which do appear as [caption….] ) I then have to go in manually and remove the width reference to ensure they scale for other devices? If so this seems very clunky and time consuming…

Can’t agree about ‘very clunky’ as author & wp admin you have a responsibility of what you post. The WP width parameter for [caption] forced shortcode to set the certain width. In some cases that feature needed. Anyway, you may use Rhea’s Custom CSS to force to disable this, just add this line then refresh the blog page to refresh browser style cache:
.wp-caption { width:auto !important }

What sizes do I prepare my images? thumb:256?×?192px, work images: 1000?×?714px?

Hello, work images can be all sizes but recommend more or equal 860px in width, height isn’t fixed. Thumbs will be cropped automatically to 256×192px. If thumbs will be 256×192px – cropping will be disabled.

Hi, Congratulations for the beautiful theme’s series. I’m thinking tu buy this theme but I would like to get a portfolio’s single item like this:

Is it possible to get a 100% wide single item (a prev and next button too will be very appreciated ;) ).

Thanks!!! Andrea

Thank you, Andrea. It’s only possible for Rhea using the default page template Anyway, thank you for your interest in Rhea.

Hi, thank you for being so fast on responding to my last question. I just updated a lot of work to my page and now for some reason on the second line of image thumbnails, it is pushing everything over to the right, so there is a weird gap of space. Do you know I may fix that? Also, can I move the search box from the Portfolio side so be placed on the left with my other information? Finally, I was trying to get a categories drop down menu to appear to navigate between the different types of work, for some reason it shows as if there are no categories. When I go into my menu settings, it looks like there are two category boxes, and one is empty and the other has all of my works categories in it?

my site is if you would like to see what I am talking about with the weird gap of space.


1) Maybe the problem that thumbnail for is to small so it can’t resize properly, try to change to larger image.

2) In Rhea you may use different portfolio pages with works category filters . Just use the links for this pages.