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I can’t figure out how to properly add my own custom logo on the WP Admin Login page. Reading the code of admin.options.php, it seems like there should be a way to simply upload an image?



Hello Matt and sorry for the delay, please input the ‘Login Logo’ in search field at theme options. As described in Rhea manual ;)

Hi there,

I am looking at buying this theme but wanted to confirm: does the grid of boxes display youtube content as well as still images? I would need to upload quite a few videos to display on the homepage and elsewhere and would like to display videos alongside still images. If anyone could let me know that would be great thanks.


Hello Dan! Already emailed you back ;)

can the home page show more than 12 images? if so, is there a “load more” feature?

There is an ‘Displayed Works’ option. Rhea WordPress doesn’t have “load more” feature.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in Rhea WordPress!


Could you please advise how I can change the phrase ‘works’ throughout the site? I’d like to replace it with ‘Products’ and if possible change the word ‘journal’ to ‘blog’.

My site is, you can also see that the alignment of the last column differs on each page. Ideally I’d like each page to be the same, using the blog layout as the guide – could you please advise how to achieve this?

Thanks for your help

This is the screen of the metabox that related not to individual works but to the Journal template itself Please visit your blog page, click edit and you may find this metabox below the editor.

Also, you may send us a mail at with your credentials that we can take a overview the problem with columns.

Hi Alaja, I sent you a direct message regarding this last week as requested but haven’t heard back from you. Can you please get back to me asap with these unresolved issues?


Just emailed you back ;)

Hi! I would like to know where can I add some lines of JavaScript so I can play with menu navigation. I’m trying to make the sub-navigation link to appear and disappear while hovering a main navigation link.

If you know a way to do this I’ll be very happy to hear it!

Thank you very much, nice theme!


Hello Néstor! You may use any Wordpress drop-down plugin – there are some of them. Also you dont have to use JS for it, it can be done only through the CSS, e.g . You may start with style.css and #menu part.

Hi, I would like to add the same overly effect using a dark grey with transparency on my Single Item portfolio images that you have on the live preview.

How could I do this?

Thank you very much!

Hello! The live preview used HTML version of theme, in WP version this effect was removed. We updating preview now, thank you for spotting this. You may use any WP light box plugin you preferred.

Hello again, thank you for your answer. Cloud you recommend me a WP light box plugin that works? I`ve been trying some and I can’t make them work on the theme.

Thank you very much!

For example the Lightbox Gallery (title: The Lightbox Gallery plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox). It require a little setup but works . Just comment single line to replace the handler of [gallery] from Rhea to this plugin (or any other).

Please open single-item.functions.php file at Rhea theme folder and comment (or remove) the latest line in the file,

add_action ( 'the_post', 'AItemShortcodeGallery::init' );

Hi there! I need to add a different top navigation menu on some pages of the theme. Have you got any recommendation for doing this?

Thank you very much!

I’m also trying to edit the :active css for my navigation links and it looks as if nothing was happening. How can I change the color of an active link? Thank you again!

If we understand you right, you need a custom theme modification. We can recommend the Envato Studio amazing team for that work

I have the latest (4.0) version of Wordpress installed and all plugins deleted and the Shortcode wand will not appear for me at all on the editing page. I can send you a screenshot if you shoot me an email. Please help, as I really want to use your lovely theme.

Latest supported version for Rhea is WordPress 3.8 You may download it here

Rhea isn’t in active development for now, so the best (and quickest) way is to downgrade. Please let us know if you have any questions. We let you know when we update support for WP 4+ for Rhea

I like the theme! I uploaded it in localhost with wp 4.0. I have Problems with create a Portfolio. I would like to use it just as a static Website without blog. It is for a simple Artist Website. but if i create work (Galerie) it doesn’t Show me the Pictures. I would like to have it like in your example. also with the right links to the different Projects. how do I have to create this. Is it automatically or are this Manual links refer to the sites? I could do everything I want but I don’t understand to build the Portfolio. do you have a short Manual? thanks a lot. Nicole

Hello Nicole, best way to start is to read the manual. You have to do a 2 steps basically: 1) create works 2) create page with portfolio template to display them.

p.s. Latest supported version for Rhea is WordPress 3.8 You may download it here

Hi I get the portfolio and also the work fixed. Now it is working fine. One question: is it possible to make in the portfolio like a gallerie that you can switch between the picture? that you do not have the thumbnails. that you just have one picture and with arrows goes to the other pictures? thanks .

Hello Sorry but it is quite difficult to understand for me, than normally I could just make one style.css in the folder of the child theme and making new rules and it worked. now for my understanding. I created a new style.css and put this code (see below in it): /

Theme Name: Rhea Child
Theme URI:
Description: child theme for the rhea theme
Author: nicole sacher
Author URI:
Template: Rhea
Version: 0.3

@import url(”../Rhea/style.css”);

the custom.css I have also in the child folder but with all original codes like in the parent theme.

what do i have to do with the functions.php file? should it stay in the parent theme and also a copy in the child theme? or only in the child theme? where exactly do i have to write the code in? just at the end of the functions.php?

if you have me an emailadress i could send you the printscreens what i did. may it is easier to understand where i am doing wrong. because it doesn’t work. something i must do wrong. thanks.

Hello Nicci and sorry for some inconvenience! To start please add to your child theme folder only 2 files: style.css & functions.php that we provided. Please let us know about results at support(at) or you may send to us your child theme that we will fix.

thank you very much..i will send you the printscreens and child theme on email this evening. so that it can be fixed and i can go on with work tomorrow….regards

Hi How can I create just a simple page without the left sidebar? that it is just a empty page. Because if I take the default template and would like to write something just on the page in the middle. it takes it always in the left sidebar. thanks. nicole

Hello Nicole, it’s possible using the default page template.

A little quote from documentation of Rhea:

2.7.3 Full Width Template

The Full Width template allows the creation of a page without a sidebar. The main content will span the full width of the site. To use the template, simply do not choose any page template.


I purchased the theme and now I have a question. I created two Galleries with several images inside, now I would like to reorder the images in other way. How? I don’t find anything to do this, please help.

thanks in advance Stefano

Hello Stefano! Probably you miss the right theme discussion page as we don’t see that you a buyer of our product.

My fault sorry, confused this template with other Rhea. I’ll post my comment in right page. Thanks

hi in my Hosting they have wordpress 4.0 as Software download. Is it possible to upload/go live with this theme because it is an older Version? thanks.

It’s possible but not recommended as the latest supported version for Rhea is WordPress 3.8.

and when will it be for 4.0? but it would work, right?

(Desperately) need’s an update to the latest version of wordpress…

Rhea an old theme so now its probably a time to Rhea to rest? You already using it 2 years and we thank you for that, but there are a lot of new and modern themes around, why it so (desperately) to update? Just asking, no offence ;)


I want to display an unlimited number of works in my portfolio. How do I change that? I know that I can change the “Displayed works” inside one portfolio work, but I want my portfolio page to show more cases. I hope I am making sense. Thanks for a great theme!


Hello Katarina! Please open up template-portfolio.php and remove (or comment) this line (#26):

if ($maxWorks-- < 1) break;

Thanks! :)

Hi there!

I’m trying to create a child theme and it doesn’t work. I´ve been reading the comments between nicci55 and you but I can´t still manage to add the code correctly to the functions.php file. Everything turns white when I try it!

Could you please explain me how to fix this? Thank you very much!

Please contact us through and we’ll send you prepared child theme back.

Is it possible to make page content default to minimize? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Current default: How I would like it to default: Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Current default: How I would like it to default: Thanks!

Hello! Please ask your theme author

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Current default: How I would like it to default:


Hello! Please ask your theme author

Hi, Some fonts in the google font list not working. Second question, I can add more fonts to those on the list, which are not those of google font?

Hello! Rhea WordPress supports only google font list, just put the name of the font to input list (there are no drop-downs). We can recommend you to use any of WP font plugins that you may find on the web.

Hi I followed the comment above to get unlimited portfolio item thumbnails on the page: (commented out: if ($maxWorks—< 1) break;)

But the work list in the sidebar still only shows a max of 20 items. How do I have the side bar list all the portfolio items at once? I have 24


Thanks for the response, it worked great. One thing i noticed is that my contact form isn’t working anymore. It was working then i switched themes temporarily then switched back to this one and now I am not receiving emails anymore even though I get the confirmation message that it has been sent.

Any idea why it was working before and now it’s not? I checked the contact page and I have the correct email address in settings area.


nevermind, it’s actually working. I had someone else send me a message from their computer and it worked fine. Is there a reason why it doesn’t work when I try to send myself a message from my computer? Does it have to do with me being logged into WP?

You may check your spam folder on the mailbox. It’s related to the values of the fields you entered – rational and good form values provide the normal mail sending&receiving. Also if you received a “Thank you…” message after the form submit, you can be sure that message was sent successfully by the server.