Discussion on Rhino - Single Page Responsive Html5 Css3 Template

Discussion on Rhino - Single Page Responsive Html5 Css3 Template

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This may seem like a silly question, but what is the easiest or suggested way to keep the blog updated on this site? Do I have to go into the code for each post or can I hook up the blog page to an easy editor?

I love this theme but am hoping to adapt it, can each page have its own elements? I am hoping to add some parallax scrolling effects and want to make sure it will be ok with this theme.

also did the WP version never come out?

Hi matteclipse, the WP version is out.

Bought this template and worked on it… only to find out that it doesnt work in IE.. tried in 8. The dark and light css are not in full width.. plus in the bottom of the page there will be a scroll bar.. whats happening? Youve listed Compatibility for IE7 / 8 / 9

Me again – really hoping for a Wordpress upgrade soon. I know you had said a while back you were working on it. Any word? I’ll be your first customer!

Hi jessicawicks , the developer dropped from the project without informing me so now i have to build it on my own. If everything goes according to plans, it’s will be up within a month.

hi jessicawicks, wordpress version is finally out!

HI! It looks great! But when will you make it “Responsive”, as you promise in the description?

I’m really looking forward to buy it that very moment!

Best Regards, JO

Hi javierorta , The Wordpress version will be responsive.

Hello =) This theme is fantastic. Again, wondering how Rdever is getting on with the Wordpress version! Waiting patiently!


Hi Marc5000, and sorry for the late reply. I was just overflooded with work. Rdever dropped from the project, i think.. He stopped responding on my e-mails so i guess he did. I decided to code it on my own and if everything goes right. I’ll upload it within a month(just uploaded my new item).

Hi Marc5000, the wordpress version is on the marketplace. You can find in my portfolio.

Hi NikolaSusa,

Awesome theme! but a couple of question regarding the responsiveness. It seems that the content is just squeezed smaller. so the content / font gets really small and the menu is still a standard computer menu so that also is getting small.

So basicly all text elements etc gets to small for my taste.

Is this something youre going to change ?

Best Thomas

It’s already done. I’m just waiting for the ThemeForest reviewers to approve it.

Yeee thats what i mean, how long does that use to take :P ? i would really get started with this one. Another thing i was thinking about, you should really add the possibility to add information on each portfolio element. Like Client, Year, What work was performed etc… Is that already taken care of ?

Best Thomas

I would also like to know. :) The reviewing process is quite slow these days because of the holidays. Not at this point(exempt ‘What work was performed’ part) but i can easily implement it. It has some great features already and it’s really easy to use and edit.


Will the regular version be updated with new features and better responsiveness?

Hi dgmodel, Yes. I have almost all of the code ready. The biggest problem (the reason why the template wasn’t fully responsive and was bit buggy in the first place) is the layer slider. I need to purchase the licence for the revolution premium slider and i can do that once i release the wordpress version. The wordpress version should have been out months ago, but developer that worked on in was dragging it for a long time and in the end stopped working on it without informing me. It took me some time to do it my self, but now it’s done and it’s in the reviewing process.

Hi, any update as to when the WordPress version will be available? Already purchased it but if the WP version will be out soon then I might as well just wait for it so that I don’t waste my time editing the theme outside and then inside WP!

Hi jerrex, it’s temporarily held by the review team. I hope it will be out in few hours, if not that in couple of days.

Is there anyway I can just get it emailed to me? I don’t understand why their design review is taking so long :P

Eh, it was returned to me about 30minutes ago to fix some minor bugs after 3 and half days of reviewing, i’ll reupload it again in couple of hours(no sleeping for me). Hopefully this time it won’t take them as long. I’m not sure if i have the right to sell it outside of marketplace. But again, it’s not yet on the marketplace so… maybe i can.. I can’t send you the message through your page, so i’m going to have to ask you to contact me instead.

I love this theme but I am having trouble getting the menu pages to scroll through on one page. I dont know if this is a wordpress issue or what. Its probably something really dumb that i’m missing but I hope you can help!

Hi jtilley153, if you want a support you’ll have to provide me with the Item Purchase Code since you don’t have ‘purchased’ tag. (please send it via email)

Also this is HTML version of the Rhino. Go here to see the wordpress version http://themeforest.net/item/rhino-single-page-responsive-wordpress-theme/3716724?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=NikolaSusa

Hello there,

Great Template. I just want to know if you offer paid customization if I need changes on the template?

Please let me know.


Jason Beaatie

Hi Jason,

Please send me an email (via my profile).

Hello there,

Great Template. I just want to know if you offer paid customization if I need changes on the template?

Please let me know.


Jason Beaatie

Hey there,

Great theme but i am running into the following problem: When sending a message the site reloads to the top of the page (home). I would like it to stay at the contact page. That way people are able to see directly if there message was send or not.

Anybody with some solutions?

Hi there! I love this theme, i can’t wait to get the updated one, is gonna happen any time soon?? Regards!

How do I convert the nav menu to a drop down menu?

Hi, could you fix Twitter status? It doesn’t work. Thanks in advance.

has anyone used this theme for a multisite (e.g. 2 languages)? it seems not to work proper as in other themes.

This looks awesome.;

This is an amazing theme, thanks Nikola!

One question: how do you add markers to the embedded Google Map? I tried adding the usual gmaps.js instructions (“map.addMarker({...”), but here I couldn’t make it work.