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Hello Atinder,

Firstly good luck with the sales.

I just would like to point out somethings I noticed on live preview.
  • There are no hover effect on buttons.
  • Contact form inputs has no hover effect.
  • I didn’t see any pagination

I believe these features are must in a template. At least for me, I wouldn’t buy a template without these.

Optionally you could add some more sliders.

Please don’t get it wrong, I just wanted to share my thought what I look for in a template.

Good luck with the sales.

just added hover effects to menu buttons and contact form.

more updates on the way :)

i appreciate your feedback.

thanks for the response.

these features will be added soon stay in touch ;)

Good Luck Atinder ! :D

thanks mate :)

Hello Atinder, I am very sorry but when you sent me your email I replied back clearly to you that you are NOT allowed to reEdit, use in projects or sell my work..

/quote/ “Hello! You are allowed to post my art anywhere as long as you DONT reEdit it, sell it, use it in any projects etc and as long as I am always credited.” /quote/

I am sorry but I will have to ask you to remove my picture out of your projects in 3 days and if you dont do it then I will have to report you. My works are copyrighted and you dont have my written permission to use or sell them.

i just cropped them and not edited

images in a website are cropped automatically.

and these images are in demo only not the sales package

sorry for misunderstanding.

still if you want i will remove images and credits.

So the people wont use them as websites but only to see how it would look?

yes your images are only on the demo

people use own images after buying templates

they don’t get your images when they buy the template.

you can confirm from envato support that your work isn’t being sold


Images on live preview are not bundled with the final download. They are only to show the working of a site. Buyers use their own images. Authors provide a dummy placeholder image with final download. :)

Since this is not a place to discuss this.. do that privatly!

What a nice theme!!! would fit perfect to MY images in the near future! I wish you good sells to this theme, i will bookmark for soon to buy.



you won’t be disappointed after buying.

if you will need any help with my template i am always there :)


There is a bug in IE9 .

When the second image of the slideshow begins to load, all the text elements associated with the slideshow (tagline on image, except text and button on bar below image) drop by around 10 pixels.

This bug is visible in the live preview ( on IE9 . Wait until the second image in the slider loads, and you will see the text jump down our of alignment and stay down.

Can you please check and let me know how it can be fixed?


send me email via contact form on my profile

Really good work


I have bought this template and love it! One small problem when the browser is made smaller the website does not seem to align with it. The buttons for example move off the page. Would be greateful for any help.

Kind Regards Matt

Hi Matt, firstly the item is not responsive.but i dont see any problem with buttons on small screen. Can you send me a screenshot from my profile?

Hi Atinder,

Thanks for your fast responce! How do i send the screen shot? Do you have a e-mail?

Kind Regards Matt

Contact via my profile page or you can see my email in documentation provided

how do i make the portfolio work?

for portfolio page there are page templates. Refer the documentation :)

Running Wordpress 4.1.1. When I upload the ZIP file I get the error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Any help?

I’m trying to install the theme.