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Very nice work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you louiejie!

Clean minimal and beautiful colours ! Glws.

Fine work, i like it so much !

Thank you spantax!

Very nice. Is the beautiful music an MP3? Can I buy that also somewhere… :-))

Another music with public domain licence is included, you can use easily change to your own.

So I only have to replace my MP3 for the one you have on your template?

I mean: I can see the name of the MP3 you have in the template now?

Great. Wish you many sales :D

I think there’s something wrong with search box or your lightbox. When I open an item of portfolio and close it, the search box appears in the right side. Here is the screenshot :)

Thanks for the feedback, fixed on the demo, update it’s on it’s way.

Your welcome dude

amazing design and effects :)

Nice clear design, definitely I like it :). Good luck with sales

Hi, i’ve got a strange problem. When i try to read several time the website on firefox or safari as well, it happens to bug with the appearence aof the portfolio in ajax and for the window of the about section too. And it comes back several minutes later without doing anything ??? I’ve tryed to refresh and fill out the cache memory but it won’t help…

That sound strange. Can you please take a video of the issue, as i was unable to replicate it. You can use for take the video, it’s a simple online tool.

Hi, i solved the problem in getting NOT removed of the music player on each page. I first let the player only on the main page (index.html) but it won’t work this way. Strange behaviour to be forced to let the player run otherwise the appearence of the element on page won’t succeed because of a player not running ?

Yes, it can cause problems to fully take out the code, as JavaScript can fail to run because of undefined elements. You need to complety disable player on other pages through JavaScript.

Hello. The template its not fitting menu and content correctly in 320×480 (iPhone 3/4 res). Any fixes?

Hi, the theme has a minimum width of 360px. However, you can set this value on the body lower, but in the case you can have less of the social icons.

Awesome! Thanks ;-)

Hello. Can I add more photos to an individual gallery item?

the back button does not work. always ahead, always ahead :) . why?

Hello, I’m very interested by this awesome theme but i have some questions before i buy it:

-Can we turn off autoplay on the homepage slider ? -Can we add several pictures (slideshow) or video in a project ?

Thanks :)

Very nice template! Planning to buy it for my current project but need to verify if the followings can be fixed first!

System: Windows XP Browser used: IE8

1- Home page The transition of the data slide doesn’t display properly.

2- Blog.html The right sidebar ( column ) doesn’t fit! It goes at bottom of the page.

3- About.html On hover, icons disappear!

4- Contact Page Inside the input element, the placeholder attribute doesn’t display so no chance for users to know which one is for the name or email.

Please don’t take it as a critic! I’m simply interested to buy your template but just wanna make sure the maximum of users will enjoy your work.


Hi, very nice template, but it’s apparently not compatible with IE 11. All other browser are ok. Is that possible? grtz


solved the problem with <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” />