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Nice template mate! But in contact page i see a little bug: submitting an empty form returns the ‘Message successfully sent’ message (1-2-3-4-N times).


Thanks mate, i’ll fix it as soon as possible!

can i add more pages

What pages that you want to add?

Hi, is there any way I can change the Google map on the Contact page to something else i.e. a static image or nothing at all? Every time I try to remove the div with the map it ruins the navigation header, in that once you navigate to “Contact”, the rest of the navigation links no longer work. I’ve tried leaving empty tags, and that doesn’t work either. Unless the map code is rendered, navigation is broken. TIA .

yes sure, you can delete the map on contact page Just delete this code from contact section

                        <div class="full-three">
                            <div id="gmap-container">
                                <div id="gmap" />

                        <div class="full-three separator" />

Its not for WordPress templates? How work with more pages – 2,3,4…. Can look demo? I want for WP (, but no work 2nd and more pages. May be you can help me?

i’m so sorry.. This template is not for wordpress. And i have no knowledge about wordpress at all.

If i make the wordpress version of my template, i’ll let you know

So how for more pages in you template? And how add portfolios? Or only 8 how you make in demo?

You can add portfolio as you want and it will add more rows. Not only 8 photos.

Hello There,

Where is the link for Smart Devices. I’ve navigated to your template via my device, but all I am getting is the desktop view. NOT the responsive view per my device & it’s dimensions.

Regards, DC

Removing this tag below breaks the functionality of the navigation bar.

Sorry, removing the tag of the map you noted above breaks the functionality of the navigation bar.

amazing work , i like it ;