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Hi nice email template thanks!

Can you tell us how to install this into MailChimp?


Hi Eric, thanks for your question.

The way to upload this email to Mailchimp is through the custom templates feature. You’ll need to start by puting your images folder and your launchable (inline css) file in on single folder together, then ziping them (in windows can be done by right-clicking and “add to archive”). The email should be inline css, and content and images should be ready to go at this point.

You’ll need to login to your mailchimp account and click the “My Templates” button next to “create campaign”. Then press the blue “code custom templates button”. Then press the “import zip file” button. Locate the file and press upload.

You should be ready to send!


I am using the interspire mailing software and when i upload the template there it sends it out with a white background even though i have chosen the dark theme…

i can see the part in the css on the page which says that the background should be black but it doesnt show

any help much appreciated


Hi Steve-

Is is possible for you to send me the email or give me a link to the web-based version? I’d need to see exactly what code is being spit out by Interspire.

How do I install this into constant contact? I have trouble changing the information and getting my pictures into it. So far I have copied the HTML from the file and put it into constant contact, but it will not put in the pictures or allow me to change everything… is there an easier way to do this?

Hi Luke-

Thanks for your question. Adding pictures and changing content will have to be done before uploading to Constant Contact. This design is strictly HTML , so to edit it you’ll have to write some code. If you don’t plan on changing the layout at all, it’s a simple process. You can open up the html file in any text-editing program and change the words, colors, and image links.

Here’s a simple guide to html if you’re unfamiliar:

Let me know if you’re still having issues and I’ll do my best to help you out!


Very nice work. I am tempted to purchase. Is the unsubscribe and forward button working “out of the box” or is that coding I need to do myself?

Thank you, David

Hi David-

Which service are you using to send out the email? Most email services like mailchimp or campaignmonitor have tags that you add to those sections of the email. Since they’re all different, it is impossible to have a working “out of the box” tag. Let me know which you plan on using to send out and I’d be happy to talk you through it.

In Mailchimp, should I be able to edit text and pictures at Step 3 of 5 “create your email and add your content” ?

Right now I can’t see how this is editable, I’ve followed your instructions on importing the template and it works, however all the info is static.

Hi Lionel-

You’ll need to edit the pictures and text before you upload to Mailchimp. The idea was to be able to use this template in any program, not just Mailchimp. However, the template is easy to customize knowing only minimal html and css. Adding images and copy has been streamlined. To start, simply place your pre-sized pictures into the images folder of a template in the “launchable” folder. To edit the text, open a launchable html file in a text program (such as notepad). Scan down the page and replace the titles and filler copy with your own. Replace the image titles with your own image titles added to the image folder.

Rearranging/deleting sections is streamlined too. Each section is labeled using comments, and is self contained. What that means is in your text program, you simply copy and paste each section into the order of your choosing. There are detailed pictures in the documentation to help you re-arrange sections.

If you’re still having issues, let me know how I can further assist you.


Fantastic Win….Just finished doing the edit. All seems to work good. Quick question though, on the Forward – Un subscribe – where is that information changed/put in at???

Thanks again man.

found where to put email on contact, LOL ….

Hi Troxter,

Forwards and Unsubscribes are handled by the bulk email software you are using – like campaign monitor or mailchimp. Are you using any of these email programs? Each has their own tag that will perform these actions.

ahhhhh, no I’m not. I was going to use my email marketing through godaddy; they should have something that handles that though right?

Thanks man….I’ll check into the hosting I have….


You’ll want to email via some bulk mail delivery program – I would suggest mailchimp or campaign monitor. They are easy to use, cheap (I believe mailchimp has a free option) and very cost-effective. I’d be more than happy to help you get the template set up on either of those systems.

Since I bought this is their any chance of getting the PSD ?

Hi Hetsy-

There is no PSD created for this template, as it doesn’t rely on hardly an images anyway. So sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi I downloaded the files unzipped them and am stuck at that point. I see three files , documentation,blue light,and dark yellow

Where do I go next?

Hi JSouth,

First you’ll want to open up the documentation folder – the pdf document called “changing colors and styles”. This will take you step-by-step on how to edit the html email template. Next, you’ll want to chose your color scheme, either “blue light” or “dark yellow”. You can change these highlight colors later, but just use these as a start. You’ll want to open them in your text editor so you can edit them. Just follow the instructions located within the file download.


Hi, Very happy with the template! I’m trying to use campaign manager to send my email and when I test the email by sending to myself, the links “forward this” and the “contact us” don’t work. Is there something I’m missing? Also just out of curiosity when opened with gmail in another users account, the font changes? but is correct in mine. Cheers John

Hi Breedy,

Thanks for purchasing my template! I really appreciate it!

To provide you with better, more efficient support, all support is given through my Support Forum. Feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to take a look at your issue. Thanks!

Support Forum | Create Account | Find your “Purchase Code”


hi – this template looks interesting but a few questions. I don’t want to do a lot of custom stuff bc i’m not a developer. how easy is it to modify this template? definitely would not want an unsubsbscrie at the TOP of an email – that seems silly (belongs at the bottom!). Also would want to have the typical social media icons as a group to add to footer or header too – is there any wizard option to walk the user thru all these steps?

Hi Jay,

This template has html and css included in each layout file. You’d need to know at least a little bit about email design, tables and html. Although creating your own layouts is just copying and pasting code, you’ll still need to modify code. There’s no “wizard” or anything for this, unfortunately. Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.


ah, bummer. i like your design but don’t want to deal w/all that. i need a wizard. sure wish you had an offering like that…(some others do on here). seems like one could build a perfect offering since the ones on here are not designed w/real use cases in mind and just random stuff. there’s a HUGE opportunity here for you…


I found the template well designed, and bought it for that reason and also for being something already time-tested and cross-client tested, so I dont have to waste my time doing that if I design a template from ground up.

But I am either doing something wrong (unlikely but possible, since the template is very well structured and easy to change), or it isnt displaying properly cross clients. I tested with Gmail and iOS (iPhone), and both got distorted.

On Gmail the header spacing is OK, but without the lines beneath each word (unsubscribe, etc); the fonts are all default/unformatted; and the footer (contact) background doesnt appear.

On iPhone the header spacing is wrong (shrinked to the left), but the lines beneath each word (unsubscribe, etc) DO show; the fonts are correct/formatted; and the footer (contact) background DOES appear.

The template is great, dont get me wrong, it just seems it is outdated (I guess it was compatible with major clients back in 2010 when it was released).

Any hints?


Hi Rotter,

That’s very strange about the footer background not appearing. I had tested this with all major email browsers, it may be that you’re missing a closing tag or something. Can you confirm that all your styles are inline?

Also, some features (like underline) are not supported by specific email clients. Although it should look similar, it won’t look identical across all email clients.

Do you have screenshots you could send of these issues or perhaps the html file you’re using for your email? I’d be happy to help diagnose the issue. Feel free to shoot that over via the contact form on my profile page.



I have just bought the template, but when using it in Outlook (Microsoft Outlook 2007) the template gets distorted: pictures and text do not align right.. and the borders for pictures do not appear..

Can I do anything to fix this?

Thank you

Hi Razornana,

Thanks for purchasing my Ttemplate! I really appreciate it!

To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I ask that all questions be asked on the Support Forum. Feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help! Thanks!

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Hello, thank you for your templates! Can you tell me how to install this into wordpress with Wordpress Newsletter Plugin by tribulant (

Thanks in advice Nicola

Hi Nicola,

Does that plugin accept custom email templates? I would think that you’d need to seek support from the WordPress Newsletter plugin as this is just a basic html template. I’m not sure how that plugin works, since I didn’t create it, and I’m sure they will be able to help you a lot easier than I can. However, if you get no response from them, I’ll do my best to help you with the plugin.

To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I ask that all questions be asked on the Support Forum. Feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help! Thanks!

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Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on with their 40 email clients?

Hi Jonathanbird,

This email was tested via litmus:

It works on all major email clients. However, it’s not responsive, so mobile users would need to pinch/zoom to read the email.