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great work, welcome to TF


I’m glad you like it!

Welcome to TF mate! Good luck with sales :sunglasses:

Thank you!

If you have any suggesstion for improvements, it’s welcomed :).

Welcome to the Forest ! :)

Thanks! :)

Hi, this is a nice count down, but i need a count up, is this with your script possible

thanks for answer



Currently, the script does not support count up, but I can modify it for you in a minute.

Uploaded edited script! I will inform you when they get accepted!

Uploaded and approved!

Great template! Where can I alter the duration of how long a background image is displayed? Thnx


Thanks for buying my template! Currently you have to edit the normal.js file. If you are hurry, here’s what to change: Step 1: Open up “js/normal.js” with any text editor Step 2: Find ”$(’#slider’).css({display:’block’}).maximage();” Step 3: Replace it with ” $(’#slider’).css({display:’block’}).maximage({ cycleOptions: { speed:1000, timeout:100 } }); ” Step 4: Save! Step 5: Do the same with the “js/ie.js” file!

If you have some time, I’ll upload an edited version now, that has these options in the configuration file.

Uploaded the new version. Waiting for the check.

Approved! New version is available!

Ummm, the “Live Preview” is going to a Network Solutions website placeholder for Snyideas or something. No preview to see… sorry mate.

Looks nice.;

demo not working!