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Hi How can I change the background. I’d like to use an image for my background and I can’t get it to work. Your quick response is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I will add that features soon and fixed some script bugs.
wait it..

it would be great if you make this theme on WP also.. SUKSES ya Mas! :D

if you wish, may i ask your email address, (bagi emailnya Mas hehe) :D

waduh tidak bisa. klo mau menghubungi silahkan lewat http://themeforest.net/user/satankmkr#contact

How to Install This Templete. please Send Any infoam to me.

You can read how to install and configuration any widget in Documentations/index.html

how to add facebook comment box please help me

I will add that feature when update it.

hi i cant download this theme

If you are not purchase this theme you can’t download it.

Hey, how can I get the load more feature? My site’s fan are really frustrated that they can’t navigate through next pages. Please help me.. and It’s an awesome template btw.

If you are use new version (1.4). you just need to change defaultNavi value to PageNavi. like this defaultNavi:”PageNavi”

and where do I find that?

go to Template then click Edit HTML. then scroll down and find that code.
if you still can’t find it please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ and i will help you from there.

Sir how to create a full width widget and remove sidebar

Hi shafeeque. Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ i will help you how to do it.

Hi, How can I get the date to appear at the top of each post on my blog? Preferably under the post title.


Dear MKR,

Could you please tell me what are the new feutures of the 1.4 update?

Thanks in advance

You can see the new features inside the Documentaion.
btw i will update demo page soon.

sir, Today i Buy “Rifqiy – Responsive Magazine/News Blogger Template ” Bt i Don’t Add Gallery of My Website… Sir, i need Gallery HTML Code.. please HELP Me..

Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ or http://support.mkrdezign.com/. I will help you from that

Please help… New to Blogger…

How to rename Menu bar pages?

Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ or http://support.mkrdezign.com/ i will help you how to change it.

That’s an interesting template you have there! Mind if I ask a few questions?
  • Can you change the size and colour of all the fonts? If I’m to get this theme, I want the font to be larger and darker so that it’s easier to read.
  • Can you change the colours of the gadgets in the sidebar?
  • Can you reorder the gadgets in the sidebar? At any order? Some templates have restrictions on what goes first.
  • Can you change the colours of the menu bars? Right now, it’s just orange and dark grey. I was hoping to change this if I use it in my blog.
  • Can you change the width of the blog? Make it a bit wider to maximise the space?
  • Does the banner size adjust to the image I upload? My banner is a bit narrower in terms of height.
  • Can you remove the dates shown on the thumbnails?
  • Can you change the colour of the blog’s background?
  • Can you change what goes in the tabs in the sidebar?
  • Can you increase the size of the social media buttons at the end of the article?
  • Can we insert an ad on the right side of the banner? There’s unused space there.
  • Can we remove the title of the post at the end of the breadcrumbs? It seems redundant since the post’s title is right below it.
Those are all the questions I can think of right now. Thanks in advance! :)

all most yours questions aswer is yes. is you need some little custom you can create new ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/. i will help you to make any change from there.

I would rather keep my communications here rather than signing up in your website. I’m still not sure if I’m going to purchase your theme.

You mentioned “a little custom”—did you mean some HTML/CSS editing?

Hi MKR Dezign,

Thanks for your awesome template!!

The only problem which I am facing is with the Latest posts on homepage. It does not show some posts in Grid/List view. Often some posts are missing. For example If I have posted 20 posts then it wont show post 11th or 12th post. Both these posts are missing. This is the only problem I am facing and I need your guidance on how to solve this issue. Why are some posts not being displayed on homepage?

Eagerly waiting for your reply!

Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/. i will help you from there.

Meu slide so fica na mesma postagen e agora ?

He is not giving reply or help to anyone who purchased his template.

how to edit social icon, i want insert youtube channel

how i can hide latest post on blog

hi sir, the banner 728×90 in the top header dont existe. how can i creat it?? Thank You