Discussion on Rigid - WooCommerce Theme for WCFM Multi Vendor Marketplaces and single shops

Discussion on Rigid - WooCommerce Theme for WCFM Multi Vendor Marketplaces and single shops

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HI guys, I’m considering to buy this theme but i want to have completely different Home Page. I found one of themes that I really like and want the same. How much will cost this kind of customization? Basically I just want different Home Page layout, everything else stays as is. Thanks.

Two new issues I’m encountering:

1-on mobile, the Downloads page in My Account is not mobile friendly and cuts off the buttons so customers cannot download on mobile.

2-Your Mozaic blog module in WPBakery display is not working properly and now displays as one column, I need it to display as two columns.

I have looked for plugin conflicts with no solution. This happened after a WPBakery update and a Woocommerce update. I have reached out to support for my second problem but have not heard anything back, please respond! I have customers messaging me constantly about the downloads situation.

Hi Charissame,

Sorry for the delay. We are checking these now.

Thank you!

I’ve not heard back from you on the download page issue, I have put in a request through support. This is an urgent request!


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venty Purchased



venty Purchased


I bought the theme and I’m installing it on my own server… It was difficult with the previous version, but I still managed to import the demo, and now I can’t…

Has anyone had a similar problem…??

BR Venty

Will your theme work for my multi vendor site?


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Does the theme have support?


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Hi, will you have an update on the Rigid theme soon…??? There are old templates for Woo, that don’t have information about compatibility and up-to-dateness…, please help …., we can’t start working with it, and we bought it ???? BR Venty

Hi venty,

So sorry for the extreme delay. The theme was just updated.

I am very interested in this theme and am positively considering purchasing it, but I would like to ask you a few questions before I make the purchase below.

1. I want to build a website that is compatible with both WordPress and WooCommerce.

2. I want to know if your theme includes all the features to manage multi-vendor, i.e. I would like to know to install any additional plugins or programs for it. if there are any additional plugins or programs that I need, please let me know.

3. The website I’m creating will be a shopping mall with many sellers, so I need to allow multiple vendors to list their products and view their sales information.

4. The site administrator should be able to block vendors’ stores and products if it is necessary.

5. The site administrator should be able to gradually restrict vendors’ product listing permissions. For example, product listings can be pended for publication, and only published after site administrators review them.

6. I want to integrate product payments with an e-payment system that is compatible with WooCommerce and only accepts payments from Korea. I want to know if there is no problem.


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Hi, I’m getting this message on the WooCommerce page:

Your theme (Rigid Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version.

If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.

I downloaded the latest version of the theme this week. How should I fix this?


Tatti Purchased

rigid/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 7.0.1 is out of date. The core version is 7.4.0,


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Hello, Just purchased this theme, but I am wondering, there doesn’t seem to be any multi-vendor marketplace included in my download, is any included or does one have to download and install it separately? i will be pleased if someone can get back to me as soon as they can


Hi igo1,

Sorry for the late reply.

The theme itself doesn’t have built-in multi-vendor capabilities. You’d need to use on of the supported multi-vendor plugins – WCFM or MultivendorX (previously WC Marketplace).

In our demos we use the free versions of those plugins.


igo1 Purchased

Got it sorted, the other issue that I came across now is the largeness of the images, such images take a lot of server resources, I made the images in my one smaller to avoid the server problem then it make the distance between the image and the rest of details far from each other in the product page not, what can be done to bring them closer to each other? secondly, I discovered that the sound notification does not work when a product is added to the cart, even though it is enabled in the setting. I will be pleased if you could get back to me in a shorter time Thanks



igo1 Purchased

this is bad, over five working days still no reply?

Hola, algunas aclaratorias antes de comprar.. 1- Los múltiples vendedores crean su propia tienda y suben sus propios productos? 2- Al venderse cada productos, el sitio cobra el 100% de la venta y se le paga la participación a cada vendedor por cada venta? 3- como ver las opciones de pago a vendedores disponibles? 4- en el demo, veo productos sin descuentos y otros con descuentos, se puede configurar cupones de descuentos descargables? 5- se puede configurar la ubicación de cada tienda para que aparezca en un mapa? gracias

Hi jc-salazar,

I am afraid we don’t speak your language. Support is offered in English language only.

Also, as you already purchased the theme, please kindly signup for our support forums and post your questions there, so our technical staff can assist you.

Is there a way to have a different header for the Woocommerce pages than the main header? Can I choose one style for the homepage and a different style (maybe a smaller header) for the WC pages? Thank you.

Hi Charissame,

You can change the header style, but no the header type on per-page basis – e.g.- you can switch between standard or transparent header, but not between one-line or two-lines header.

You can also change the menu on per-page basis.

Hope this helps.

Hi there, I’ve been trying to create a support topic in the Rigid forum but it keeps telling me my account has been blacklisted? I’m not sure why as I’ve only asked 2 questions in the past. Could somebody help me with this? I’ve also sent an email via Envato.

Hi jmannion,

We have manually whitelisted you in the anti-spam system. Wait for 10-15 minutes and you should be able to post.


It looks like you were trying to insert a lot of links in your post?

Keep the number of links in posts under 3, so it doesn’t happen again. If you need to post more links – try to split them in separate posts.

Hi there, I tried again an hour later but still the same result: * Forbidden. Sender blacklisted. * – I didn’t try to include any links in my post which is strange. Any other reason why this might be happening? Thanks!

You’d need to try 10-15 minutest after my last message!

Hello i am from team MultiVendorX previously known as WC Marketplace .We have rebranded ourselves .So we have contacted you through mail regarding that.Since we have updated I would like you to check how it works with your theme and update the compatibility. On the basis of that, we will enlist the themes on the priority list.

It will be great if you kindly response back.

Ok thanks for letting me know.Also we want to know about the compatibility with your theme Zass.

It will be great help if you kindly fill the bellow list Here is the checklist that you need to revert back with, based on the given details we will be enlisting the themes in the priority list.

Your Name

Your Email

Support Email

Theme Name

Theme Version

PHP Last Checked Version

WordPress Last Checked Version

WooCommerce Last Checked Version

MultiVendorX Last Checked Version

MultiVendorX Pro Last Checked Version

Checked all MultiVendorX Widgets – Yes / No

(https://multivendorx.com/docs/knowladgebase/multivendorx-widgets/) with theme Checked all MultiVendorX Shortcodes (https://multivendorx.com/list-of-shortcodes) is working

Hi, it will be great if you kindly check the compatibility with your theme Zass to with MultiVendorX. Also kindly fill the above checklist.

Your Multi vendor Store Demo is broken. Can you please fix the following


Hi neovantage,

Thanks for letting us know. There was a temporary problem with the server cache.

Please, try again and if it’s still broken for you, hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) your browser.


I have a couple of questions. Currently I own Ibid3 which I dislike and want to change. I am considering your theme in its replacment.

I also own WCFM ultimate which I have never really used to be honest as I found it confusing or I am simply stupid, maybe.

1.If I buy your theme and I install WCFM on the website can you set it up to look like your 1st demo? and if so how much$ to do so.

2. Do you have a demo user name and pass for the sellers admin area?

Number 1. is very important to me and will make or break my decision to buy honestly.

Thanks in advance

Hi tomoko33,

1. Yes, we can do this for you and the price would be $49. However, you don’t really need this, as the theme comes with 1-click demo content import, so you can easily replicate it.

2. You can register a vendor account on the demo and see the sellers control panel.

is theme customer’ dashboard able to do or see refund request?

Again, this is not theme related. If it’s available in the WCFM functionality, it would work.

hi, when in mobile browser, click and show the drawer menu currently i saw only way to hide the drawer is click X if i click outside of drawer it might accidentally clicked something and go other other page. example a product.

normally it should be something which is black with transparent layer underneath and if i click it without clicking X will hide the drawer. anyway to configure in the theme for this?

If I make the menu width to 100% then there is no outside area to click right?

Yes, that’s right.

Not good enough. Normal behavior is left 10 to 20% for user to click and hide the menu. You can click themeforest upper right user icon and click left any link and it will not going to other page and just close the user menu.


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