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If not wordpress, then how do I install this theme. Would love to buy it.

you will need web development to use this template

I am having problems with the contact form. I cant see text in the input fields in the form. go here to see http://visiladesign.com/kulana

This happens only on firefox browser

please check your email

Hi, Great job! this theme can be without responsive?

Thanks sidgv, If you want I can create one for you, Please contact me after you purchase

ok I’ll need to use this theme without responsive! thanks! once again congratulations for this theme, Looks Great! ;-)

Thanks for your purchase, please contact me using themforest contact form http://themeforest.net/user/nce18cex

Well done,On Discussion on Rinna flat and responsive onepage Thanks :)

I am having problems with the contact form. I cant see text in the input fields in the form in firefox.

Open style.css and find this calss ”.contact-form .contact-input” replace all class value with this code :
.contact-form .contact-input{
    border:5px solid #54636f;
    padding:0 20px 0 20px;

Any chance for a Bootstrap 3.2.0 version?

To change the Bootstrap 3.2.0 version to be a lot of changes in the class name because Bootstrap 3.2.0 uses a different class name with Bootstrap 1.2.0.

So for this theme there are no plans to change the Bootstrap


vpouya Purchased

This template isn’t responsive!!! Why has it been marked as responsive then? The console is also full of errors when running the index right away without any changes.


vpouya Purchased



vpouya Purchased

This template needs an update, the files I’ve downloaded are different from the ones in the live preview. This includes both css and js files. I expect a fix immediately.