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Hi I am waiting for the update. I did not use it and my support is ending. Is there a deadline :)? Is anyone answering questions

Hi, sorry for the delay. for some unknown reason your last question does not Appear in the comments feed.

Which update are you waiting? We are working on the creation of version 2, but we still have no date for release.

If you look my last comments you will see what I mean. ””“Hi, I am waiting for the update . I did not use the theme will you update it? ” You said “we are working on a new framework that will serve to update all of our themes.” when I asked before buying theme the quiestion is ” Will you plan to update it in near future?””” Before buying the theme I asked will you update it? You said yes in near future.Beacause of this I did not used the theme. Four months passed but you did not update it. I am waiting an answer.

Hi, Sorry about the delay.

This is true, but still could not finish the framework. We are working on an extension for visual composer that will serve as the basis for the creation of content for the themes, only after it is accepted we can launch the update for the themes with the new framework.

Unfortunately as I’m the only dev working on themes I have not been able to advance the work so quickly.

I believe it is for short (1, 2 months at most) but do not want to give a certain date to avoid problems.

I wanna buy the theme. Does it support latest version of wordpress? Do you plan to update it regularly?

Hi, I’m sorry but no, we will remove the theme very soon. We are just fix some bugs so that our old customers are not harmed.

Thanks for your interest.

Is the support started

I wanna ask a second question the third demos which has red or pink clor has a different menu which syle before update. There was a black section and it was not wide. Can I use old menu style?

I am sorry when I changed browser it fixed.

Hello , for support request creates a ticket on our website. www.support.pixelthrone.com

Is the theme support started?

I hope to get it done before christmas.

Hi , I am building my web ageny website with ripple. But I had a problem. I have 70 clients . I want to rotate their logos in Some Clients section. How can I do it?

Hello, I’m on vacation until the end of the week. Please open a ticket at the support site, I’ll answer you asap.

Hi, everytime I wanna make a page I get this error ” Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page. “

Hello, Please create a ticket on my support site and share your wp login I need to analyze this issue.

I have a few problems. I will write them here and I will open a ticket soon. button2 and call to action do not work because you can not give links to projects.Links do not work. In portfolio section we can not set full width image. In your online demos it is ok. When we download your demo and use it. Image has spaces in each side . When we put full width image form visual composer to portfolio section it has spaces in each sides too.

You have created two accounts with the same purchase code.

I leave here the two open tickets.

In portfolio section I can not see visual composer plugin links or composer itself

Please only use the support site.
It is not necessary to add here the same ticket.

hello.. can I modify the speed of the slide of the background gallery?? Thank you

​ Thanks for purchasing one of our files.

Support for all our items is conducted through the PixelThrone support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue.

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Is it 24 dolar ? :(

Hello, All our themes have experienced a price change to be more competitive with the rest of the market.