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Include HTML-Version in the package and you’ve got yourself another customer!

Hi, sorry but the html would have to be sold separately.
If sales are good we will create the html version.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I really like this template! great work! I have a pre-purchase question. I need to add a contact form, is imperative because is the way I collect information from my clients leads. Can I add a contact form?

Does this template has a page builder for the home page?

Finally, for the portfolio, I need something like a gallery because I want to show photos by categories. So user clicks the gallery and then then can see different photos by using the navigation or arrows. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

sorry to bother again, but I do like to purchase this template! If visual composer is added to this template, do you think I can change the portfolio section for a gallery using the shortcodes from visual composer?

Hi, But the theme have the visual composer, and we are now finishing the update to the latest version of the composer, which allows frontend editor.

Awesome, demo 1 rocks! ;) Cheers


I have just 1 question at the moment. Does the theme offer price tables? I did not see it anywhere? Thank you and great looking theme!

Hi, The current demo does not have this shortcode.
But we are finished an update to include it.

Great thank you. Any thoughts as to when the update will be released?

Sorry, I can not give an exact date, but I think 1 more week.

Q. Regarding the Portfolio page, I have two completed websites I wish to feature here. Is it possible to have a link to a website from the photo pop-up?

I am so excited to use this template. Cheers!

Hi, we did not think of it.
But it will be an option to add in the next update.
In the middle of this week I hope.

please see below…


Can the video used for the video background be hosted with Vimeo? Or does it have to be self-hosted or youtube?

Thanks :)

Hi, thanks for the interest.
It has to be self-hosted.

Thanks for the reply. Any chance you will add the ability to host the video background via vimeo? I would definitely purchase the theme, if this can be added.

The problem is that it would not be so cute.
And in some cases could appear black bars.

But let’s take this into consideration.

Fantástico work buddy!!!

Is this a onepage theme or is it possible to add pages?

Hi, the main logic is for ONE PAGE site.
But if you want is possible to create separate pages.

Hate to be the first with a problem, but my theme options are not coming up?

Lovely work though! I’m sure this is probably something i’ve done wrong.


FIXED: I didn’t have all plugins activated. Ignore my babbling.

Hi, there is no problem :)
You just have to install our plugin “pixelthrone”. We also recomend install the other plugins, because is only way you will have the full features.

If you go to your “Dashboard” you will see this mesangem. > http://awesomescreenshot.com/0462hy1025

Click where it says “begin installing plugin”.

Brilliant! i must have missed that somehow.

Ive another very small issue. When i change the Twitter tokens/keys to my own it makes to site not load. Its just spins and spins as if loading. Do you know what i’m doing wrong?

If you want to use your app you havê to change all the fields to your app settings.
If you like you can use our app, just need to change the “Twitter Username”

Is it possible to configure this template to work as a non one-page website? I´d like to make it multi-page..

Another question, is it only wp version? Can i buy the html/css version?

great work! Regards Damian

Hi, the main logic is for ONE PAGE website.
But if you want is possible to create separate pages.

If sales justify will create the html version :)

I’ve imported the dummy data so i can just go in and edit that to fit what i need, but uploading the dummy data for V3 and it looks nothing like it? I’ve done everything in the documentation.

Here’s a link..

Any help would be great. This is baffling me. There’s nowhere actually telling me how to set up anything… that’s why i decided to go with the dummy data import? Am i missing something? Like what do i make as my front page, latest posts or select a page? This is bizarre.


Hi, you need to define the “Front page” in the “Reading Settings”. Unfortunately this option has to be configured manually.

Sees the link if you have any doubts.

Note: If you did several dummy imports of diferent demos, you’ll have several mixed pages.

I followed the instructions in the documentation to import the demo content but I’m not able to get it to show up correctly. Is there something special I need to do here?

One more question! I installed V2 and have it working, but for the home page (first screen) I want to display it as it is seen in “Demo V3” in wordpress backend of the theme.

You guys need to put a link to your shortcodes within the documentation…

You have the link in our landing page.
- http://goo.gl/J8FrD9

You still need help for the previous question?

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Hey – I am interested in purchasing this theme – Before I do so – I need to know if I can actually get a tutorial, or something I can use to recreate the “Jessica Walsh” template shown once I have installed the theme? I have decent experience with web development, and none with wordpress, so this is very much a learning curve for me.

Hi, the theme have one option to import the “dummy import” that makes you have the same content from the theme you chose .
Then you just need to edit the contents or add new.

We use the plugin “Visual Composer” which basically you can create and organize the elements in a simple way (by drag and drop).

You can test a demo version online here:
- http://goo.gl/0QNdfk

If you want to make some adjustments by CSS, the plugin also has an option for that.

Thanks for the interest.