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Pre Purchase I tested the theme in iPhone but it has a lot of problems.When will you solve the problems?

my friend, You have commented on the theme “ripple”, and gave me the link to the theme “disillusion”.

Now I’m confused!

when I copy paste it goes there I did not understand too. As you see it writes ripple on the link

Yes very strange.
But tests with this link:
- http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v1.1/
- http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v2.1/
- http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v3.1/

Beacuse the link that you were using have our navbar.

Hi I tested this theme on iPad ios 7.0.4 – iPhone ios 7.0 And iPad ios 7.1 Unfortunately the theme crashes using safari app on all of them, i would really like a fix so i can purchase this amazing theme, Please get back to us on this. Love you work Regards Alexander

Hi, this is very strange, I personally tested the theme.
I’ll test again to see if what you say happens.
Thank you for the alert.

Hi, One Note, to view the theme on ipad or iphone does not use the direct link where our nav bar Appears.

Use the links:

I love the theme, thank you for your great work. I have one question/suggestion for the Tabs shortcode. Right now when I utilize the Tabs shortcode and select a tab the page adjusts it’s self to the top and cuts off the top tabs, so I have to keep scrolling back down to select another tab option.

Is this the way it’s intended to work, or is it a bug? I checked out your shortcodes page and it does the same thing on your demo page. My hope would be that when using the Tabs shortcode the page wouldn’t scroll up to the very top, but instead stay in the current position.

This comes by default in composer plugin.
You are right it is boring, we’ll fix it in the next update.

Hi Just to let you know, the theme works perfectly on the devices i mentioned above. When i oppened them directly from your website http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v2/

So to sum it all up, i guess themeforest is not hosting this theme correctly, because the issue only happen when i demo the theme from here :) Am buying this tomorrow, you have no idea how happy i am to know it’s not a theme related issue. Thank you

No problem :)
Thanks for appreciate our work.

Hi, well done.

Is it possible to add easily the plugin WooCommerce to your theme to use it as a shop?


Is possible, so I do not know how the design would become : (
We haven’t tested the theme with the plugin.

Hi! Good job, everything works well, but there are two issues - How to remove the slider “categories” in the portfolio (demo v.1.1) - Periodically disappears pink corner ”#top” in the lower right part of the site (demo v.1.1)

:) Thanks.

Use this custom css : — To remove the “categories”:
.portfolio-active-category {
display: none;
— To remove the button “Go to top”:
.scroll-top {
display: none !important;

thnx! and one more question: how to make a look portfolio in four or three columns, not five? is it possible?

Hi, sorry but you need to edit some css files. Please post your doubts in our support forum, if it is something easy to explain our team will help you with this.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hi Nice theme,

Is the video background included in the theme? If not do you have the link where I can get it or something similar?



Hi, Sorry but no,
Send me an email I can give you the download link.

Hello…I love the theme. I purchased, downloaded and installed….it worked as I added content but then all of a sudden, the functionality stopped working. The menu works but no scrolling. The dashboard shows the pages but nothing shows on the site…please help!

Hi, you can do both ways,
If you wish you can inportar our slide.

If you want to create your slide, you just need to call in on your page using this shortcode.

where do I import yours from?

You can find the zips inside the zip pack that you donwload from ThemeForest.

Inside exist one folder called “_dummy_content”.

Then you just need to import from revolution slider.
Here > http://awesomescreenshot.com/02b2igq0b3

Hi Is it possible to add sharing options to the portfolio details?

I’m pretty new to wordpress, but tried installing it and it gives this error…

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”


This is not an error.
You have to unzip the file, and inside exist another zip, this is the zip that you have to upload.

If you need I can do the setup for you.
Just send me by email your wordpress login and what demo you want that I install.


I am using the ripple template and it will be incredible. But I can’t to use the blog page. I putt the blog page in the menu but when I click the page don’t go to blog page. Can you help me? My version of wordpress is 3.8. Thanks Iris

hi, thanks.
You have to define the button to open as “external link”.

See the image to know how.

I did, but the problem persist. I deleted and create a new blogger page and nothing. When I will go to the posts and try to view the system sad page not found. Many Thanks

Hi, I need that you to send me your website url so that I can see what happens.
If powers, send me your wordpress login by email.


What it is your e-mail? I have another new problem. The content in portfolio page dosen’t load. Many Thanks. Iris

Use this form at the bottom of the page.

Mu website is www.iriscold.com.br

You like Yellow…...just guessing ;-)

Nice Theme, like always… some questions :

1/ Footer Infos can only be shown in manual scrolling, so after contact, Theme scroll again to top and Footer Infos are missed.

2/ Is the size sections in Onepage limited, otherway, that’s same thing than Footer, manual scrolling is needed.

3/ Portfolio, I hate manual scrolling, is it possible to open Portfolio Items in page instead of Lightbox or popup ?


Sorry, Footer Infos works… this case was only in a customer site.

4/ Blog page and post don’t scroll with Keyboards. Is it normal ? Is there an option to make them scrollable with keyboards ?

Thanks again

Hi, thank you.
1 – I think that you were talking about when you use the keyboard? In this case the navigation is done through the existing menus.

2 - It has no limit, if you want you can not create the footer is optional.

3 – This would go against the idea of ??a one page.

4 - We have not thought about that, we’ll think of a way to implement this type of navigation.

Hi, well done I love the theme..

I have some questions before buy it:

1. v 2.1| Can I use a video without a blu transparent effect?

2. Gallery Project | How can I manage both vertical and horizontal images? Here can i add social media buttons to share? Can I use different type of gallery ex. thumbnail image with lightbox? Thanks

Hi, thank you.
Can I use the video without a blu transparent effect?
- Yes

How can I manage both vertical and horizontal images.
- I did not understand the question.

Here can i add Social Media buttons to share?
- You can add Like buttons

Can I use different type of gallery
- We will send an update where is possible to choose from lighbox, direct link or content text/image.


The theme looks awesome, great job. Is it possible to mix and match parts from the different demos? i.e menu from one demo with footer from demo another?


Hi, yes, of course.
The demos were created just to show what you can do with our theme.

The Ripple Theme seems to be terrific. However, it is unfortunately not what I need for my project. I purchased the theme yesterday and would like to make a return.
Thank you for understanding

Please don’t overreact. The Ripple Theme is a great product, just not for my specific needs and project. I’d like to make a simple return with a refund.
Thank you

The way you talk it seems that the theme had something wrong.
For these matters you have to contact the ThemeForest Support.

The way you talk it seems that the theme had something wrong.
For these matters you have to contact the ThemeForest Support.


This theme is phenomenal. I have one question however: I’ve set a page with a photo background and a 70% red tint. I’ve changed the text colour to white, but the title remains grey. I re-purposed the “Services” page from the demo content (http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v1.1/) for another page, and that title is white just like in the demo. How can I change the title colour on other pages?


Hi, this seems to be a bug, we’ll fix it, thanks for alert us.
However you can temporarily fix it adding some custom css.

Where is “services-2” exchange for the name(page id) of your page, you can see it here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0082ja4yae

#services-2  .page-title.style_1:before {
    border-right: 1px solid #FFFFFF;

#services-2 .page-title.style_1 {
    color: #FFFFFF;

This works perfectly. Thanks!