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Pre Purchase question now in the demo 2.1 you have 10 portfolio items. What if lets say you have 50 items in portfolio? Is there a “load more” button like in “Welkome theme” or loading all at site loading? You planing to adding the gallery modul like in “Welkome theme”? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0922jbk872 Thanx

So far no one has asked for a pagination in the portfolio.
If someone asks us we implement.

This shortcode exists :)

Thanks for the interest.

hey awesome work guys…. really great job seen such perfectly crafted one page theme after a long time.. cheers.. :) but When I was browsing the theme on my nexus device… when i scrolled too fast the flip effect(i mean text effect at about section and all that) didnt trigger.. i doesnt work always i guess you have to be carefull about that.. and also it doesnt work on some mobile device browsers say opera mini..

Hi, thanks for the comment.
Unfortunately you can not have everything running 100 on all devices.

There is always some limitations. We attempted to test and allow everything to work on the most used devices.

Awesome theme Pixelthrone! Thank you. This is my second purchase from you and your support is superb. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your preference!

Are you guys going to create an updated installation guide with the new wordpress 3.8.1? Looks like things are in a little bit different place now.

Hi, we are using the version 3.8. and is everything is equal.
However we are finish a very cool update, will allow to install a demo like ours with 1 single click, and we create a template system for the composer.

Sneak-Peek ? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0572jh9g1b

Tried viewing the v2 theme on my iphone and the slider isn’t displaying very well. It’s cut off and You can’t read all of the caption. Plus, the video background shows as a play button and when clicked, opens the video in a new window. Is this a common experience? Thanks

You’ll understand that it is very complicated to have this type of slide work perfectly in all resolution.

I suggest that you create a specific slide only for mobile and just let vesivel for them.

As for the video background, I do not know what device are you use, because mobile/tablet device should not show video, they not support that option.


I’d like to say thank you very much for create this amaze template. I am using in my website and that so flexible that my imagine can do. And your support was great to get it done. Always ready to help me all the time with my doubts. Many Many Thanks and congratulations for the incredible job. :)


Hi Iris,
Thank you for your support :)

Hello. about to purchase this time but had a quick question.

Im not a programmer so please forgive me if this sounds elementary. I’m really enjoying the new themes that have video rather than just a background image. is it possible to add a video in the background rather than having the background image? I’m actually wanting to add a video in the background of where you guys have the “services” image.

thank you so much … shane

Hi, no problem.
The theme is created for those who know nothing about programming.
All is done by clicks, no need 1 line of code.

Yes you can put the video in the backgrounds.
See page of shortcodes to view all options.


I have one question. I was trying to include Google Analytics account number in my website, but I don’t kwon if I follow the right instructions. Could you help me?

Many Thanks Iris

Hi Iris, it is very easy.
You need to put all code.
Eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0da2jqns21

Hi, I need some instructions how to change the size of the logo. Do I need to do that with css? The size of logo is width: 305 and hight: 50. What to do?

Just love this theme! Thanks!

Thanks for support. Now it works just perfect!

Nice looking theme on desktop! But it crashes every time I load it on my iphone 5…. I can’t get the demo to load on mobile

Hi, it should work that way.
Seems that is a bug.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Let us fix.

Do you have a quick fix for this, or have an update planned soon? I’m debating purchasing today and switching over a website this weekend! Thanks

Yes, we have an update set for Monday.

I also love the theme, but really need to know it will work on iphone. Hope to hear of the fix soon… Thanks so much!

Hi, but the theme works very well on the iphone.
You can test using the link:

Hello, love the theme…. is there any plans in update for wooecommerce pagination for gallery pricing table

Hi Thanks, for wooecommerce, only if more people request, because in doing that the theme was going to be $ 10 more expensive.

For pricing table and pagination we hope to make this update this week.


Is it possible to open the featured projects with a link and that it opens in the popup like the rest of the portfolio items?

If yes.. how!

Hi, I understood what you say and seems an interesting idea.
Let’s think how do it, for a future update.

sir, is there is any option, so that I can remove “Portfolio header ” from there http://prntscr.com/36216w Here is the url http://lottadigital.com/portfolio-item/shanti-hot-yoga/ Regards Subhash for Qikmo
You have to choose “Force Full Width:on” here.

Thanks very much pixelthrone , this worked like a magic, have a good day

:) Anything else you need we are here to help.

Hello my friend. I am looking at the demo right now. When I open a portfolio item and then close it, the homepage jumps back to the very top. Is this a demo specific problem?

Hi, I can not replicate it.
What browser are you using?

Chrome. Firefox works fine.

I will investigate it better.
Thanks for alerting me.

Hi, absolutely beautiful theme, thank you.

Here’s my question. I added an arrow image to the front page and a link to that image which would take visitors to the next page. The link works fine, but it doesn’t have the same animation effect when it changes the page as it does if you click on the menu link.

Any ideas? Thank you

Hi, Try to add this extra class to the shortcode


That worked, thanks for the quick response!

Sir, How can I increase widh of logo to actual logo size, my logo is of width : 288 by 84 pixles, but this is looking small there http://lottadigital.com/ Thanks for your precious time.

:) We’re glad to help. Please,do not forget to give us your rating.

yes pixelthrone, I have already provided 5 star ratings there., thanks

Pre-sale question: I really like your theme and it looks fantastic on a large screen. But when I try to access the demo from my iPhone (iPhone 5), Mobile Safari keeps crashing on the loading screen (on all three demos, as well as the shortcodes link). Is this a known issue or is it just my device?

Hi, you can not access with the yellow bar visible.
try with direct link.

> http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v1.1/
> http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v2.1/
> http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v3.1/

Thank you! Working great now…


I enabled some of the visual composer functions in the theme settings, but they don’t show up in the page builder element screen.

Tell me what were you active.
Please send by email to be easier to talk

How can I Install 3rd Party addons for VIsual Composer?

I have not tried but I think you’ll have no problem.
What shortcode would you like to have?

I would Like to have a parallel scrolling element on portfolio pages

Hi, let’s do an update for it :)