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Hi, I bought and downloaded the theme but the file template-blog.php id empty. Could you check it?. Thanks :) Matteo

I’m not understand the interest in the file.
He is there because it is needed for wordpress.

What do you want do?

I’m a developer. I’m always interest in the file :) ! I want to create a list of latest post. If i create a page and associate blog template, i can select if i want all posts or not and other option, but it generate blank page because the file is empty.

The file is empty because we just need it to choose the “blog” template that will appear in the page options. All management is done on the index file.

Hi there, I love your theme but I need some help please!

Is that possible to make a 3 or even 2 columns portfolio and the size of the pictures to be much much bigger? As I can see there is only a default option of 5 columns, is that right?

Also, is it possible to use as video background a vimeo or youtube url on a page ?

Thanks Aris

Hi, to change the columns you need to edit the css file: (
Sorry just native video.
You can download from vimeo/youtube and upload the video for the theme.

About the columns
Please post your doubts in our support forum, if it is something easy to explain our team will help you with this.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hi, love the theme, but I cant find the “team” on the Visual Composer. :(

Hi, the team is not a shortcode.
Is an creation of an image + text.

If you wish you can use the template that already exists.
eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c32mg88b6

hi after upgrading the theme, my social icons located in my homepage totally disappeared. Chrome & internet explorer are fine except for firefox!! are there any tips on how do i go about fixing that! www.webtomizer.com

Hi, the new version uses bootstrap 3, it had some changes. You need to change the class of the elements for the row.

Send me ( by PM ) your wp login I can do that for you :)

Hi, I am having some trouble with the theme on Chrome. The background images don’t seem to be loading for the ‘About’ as well as ‘work’ in Chrome but seem to work fine in Firefox or Safari.

Please help. The website is protected by password. i can email if needed. thanks


It seems to be every-time i use the ‘parallax effect’ the background image is not displayed in Chrome. Is there any way i could fix this?

Hi, this should not happen.
Can you send me your url by PMfor I take a look.
In the future for a faster supported please visit our forum.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Best Regards

Mais um excelente tema! Alguma possibilidade de preverem a implementação de um formulário na área de contactos? Obrigado

Olá, desculpa pela demora, não sei porque mas o themeforest não me mostrou o teu comentario no dashboard :(

Sim tens dois tipos de formulario, podes os ver na pagina de shortcodes, aqui > http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/shortcodes/

Se desejares um formulario mais complexo podes usar este plugin. > https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

Obrigado, Não tinha visto a página de shortcodes, fiquei ainda mais entusiasmado com as possibilidades deste tema! Só tenho mais uma questão antes de fazer a compra que tem a ver com o facto de não dar para incluir o logotipo quando o site se adapta para menores resoluções. Se aceder ao site apenas num smartphone o logotipo desaparece e deste modo o usuário não tem como identificar a marca correspondente ao site que está a visualizar. Haverá alguma possibilidade de contornar esta situação? Obrigado

Sim existe, basta adicionares o logotipo na home e escolher so o mostrar quando o user esta aceder com mobile. Contudo obrigado pela opiniao, vou ter em conta no proximo theme.

Hi. I just picked up the theme and running it on the new 3.9 release of wp. When I edit the homepage text box.. the text won’t change on update and has just disappeared. Every time I save and update it just comes back to “

Your Text here

Any help with this would be grateful. Thanks

Perfect thanks.. will do.. rgds

? sorry you lost me here.. I’ve no issue wait for this to be resolved.

Wrong comment.
Yes it is possible, we will try to send the update today. :)

Hey I bought the theme but none of the text updates I do seem to work. As soon as I change a text, it will disappear.

Pretty much the same problem as fluent is describing.

This is Impossible.
Have you updated our plugin “pixelthrone”?

Version: 1.3.12

Can you send me your login for analyze?


I just re-installed the theme under 3.8.3 But the theme options menu is missing? I Installed all the required plugins including the pixelthrone framework.

Can you send me by PM your wp login for I take a look?

It seems to be working ok again.. Anyway yet another question.. Parallax background Rows.. these aren’t working in the Ajax Portfolio Popups.. yet it works on just single non ajax portfolio pages

Hi, the parallax in the portfolio does not work if loaded by ajax.
We have this update on our to do list.

hello, i have left you guys several messages….please locate my messages from lwatson via inbox and forum. Awaiting a reply, thanks.

We have responded to all messages in the forum today …
But I did not find your user in any of them.
Can you verifying, please?

Hi Is the custom css tag box working.. as added. .textsize30 { display: inline-block; font-size: 29px; line-height: 40px; } Which should have taken the font size from 30-29 on the homepage subtext however nothing changed..? Does this theme need custom css hard coded now? Any help would be most greatful. Thanks

Hi, need to hard code skills.
Have you que add extra class to the element?
Can you send me your url so I can take a look.
(You can send by PM if you prefer)

Having problem with the “Home” page repeating itself at bottom of site. Any ideas how to fix this?

Also, the frontend editor just sits there and loads and loads….on any browser I try. Any ideas?


We just sent an update to fix this bug.
If you have the download notifications active, you will be notified when Themeforest approve.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the update, but the Frontend Editor still doesn’t work.

hi, I think this has nothing to do with the theme.
Can you send me your wp login by PM so I can analyze better.

hi the theme does not support automatic update, are there any way to safely update the theme without losing my customization ?

your help is highly appreciated, Love your work :)

Hi, this option has to do with wordpress, not the theme.
We have nothing in the theme that disable this option.

Text editing not working with wordpress version 3.9 (even with the theme update to 1.3.1). Same issue as fluent & Freebian. Do you have any suggestions?

also, I can’t access the support forum (instructions to find the purchase code are incorrect, there is no link to license certificate under my downloads section – just Regular License and Help with Wordpress Install) Is there anywhere else I can find my purchase code in order to register for your support page?

hi, Did you already updated for the latest version?
Because this bug was already fixed.
Sees this link for find your key.

hi question – the smart phone home page text that comes up on my site is different than what i have on the computer. is there a seperate section for mobile. works fine on my tablet just not on my iphone – i tried to log into forum but the lic certif. doesnt show up on my downloads so i can pull the purchase code

No, you need to click on the button donwload.
And then you will see “License certificate & purchase code”

ah ha thank u!! last thing i still cant seem to change the homepage for my mobile device its shows the “We’re ripple, a wordpress theme” from the v2 template even though ive erased and changed that.. any idea? http://www.list.off14th.com

You Do not change the home page, but the shortcodes.
Watch the video I made to explain.
> http://cl.ly/image/3m2O0u0S1v1S

what I did was duplicate the shortcodes, and said that the first row would only show on desktop and iPad, and row 2 show on iphone.

If you still have doubts send a PM with your wp login and I do it for you.

We bought the theme a few days ago. But seemingly it has a few problems. Firstly, it works very slow. Also, every now and then an alert comes on and asks me to convert to the new version. And when it converts to the new version the layout is completely messed up and I have to reorganize it again or restore to a previous version. It’s very annoying and makes us lose really a lot of time.

Do donwload again.
You can find him in your donwload area.
> http://themeforest.net/downloads

The website is up and running for a week now. I don’t think that’s possible. Would you please address a more precise solution for me?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing one of our files. Support for all our items is conducted through the PixelThrone support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Best Regards

Hello excuse me disturb you

I am a beginner in Wordpress

but I can not seem to put the Elements short code (example: parallax, animated text, button, counter etc …)

how have done to find and install the short code in my theme Ripple (http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/shortcodes/) or can we find the shortcodes? i can control them from the homepage of wordpress ?

thank you for helping me

update the theme and plugin “pixelthrone” for the last version.,
This issue already been fixed.

is that there is a future update for this theme because I must finish quickly this is for my work

I did not understand what you meant.
The theme is in the version v1.3.8.
Upgrade to her, and also the pixelthrone plugin.

This bug has been fixed in version v1.3.2 – 24/04/2014

Hi I can’t see an option to turn off the preloader i don’t need this, also the visual composer stopped working under new wp install so i updated ripple and since then I get an error when I update the theme options.

Cannot open file: /var/www/monocle/wp-content/themes/ripple/less/site-options.less

thanks in advance


Hi, is not only in javascript.
The problem is, you would have to do these changes to all future updates.
It is easier you wait a few days until I do this option and send the upadate

ok i will just have to find how to do it, i can’t wait as the site needs to go live and 43 seconds of idle time to load 4 jpegs isn’t acceptable. theres something wrong with that loader

hi, I think the slowness is from your server, not from the theme. For all the tests I’ve done the theme is fast.
See you come our demo, it loads fast, and we have +4000 day visits .
Can you send me the url for analyze?

I suggest is you use a plugin to cache, and try to reduce the images size.

Meantime I will deal with the update during the day to send.

For futuresupport ,Please contact us by our support forum.
beacuse the discussion here is already very long and difficult to follow.

Hi, I’m still having same issue as before with new version 1.3.2. When the dummy content is loaded and I go in to edit and then save the content it disappears.. and every time I go to save it or update it won’t save. any insight into this issue would be great Thanks

sry never updated the plugs .. all kewl thanks..

No problem, we’re here to help.

Hi, WIll you create a Html version of the template?

Thanks for the response


Hi, yes we want, but we have no date for that. Thanks for the interest.