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I was wondering if there’s a problem with the latest wordpress update and the Advanced Custom Fields. I can’t seem to edit any of the text in the custom fields. The text appears to be white and unchangeable. The basic editing options are missing too. Have you experienced that problem before? I have tried to reinstall the plugins and switching between themes, but it didn’t help. Also, could it be a server side problem?

Thank you for your help.

I do not know if I Understood what you meant.
But I think you were talking about that When You click on the button it does not slip but jumps directly?

If so, you have to add one new class to the element.
The class is localscroll

eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0112pzmu66

What happens is that if I get to the first page and I click on the down arrow, the page jumps to the next page instead of scrolling. But once the menu appears on the top and I click on a menu item the scrolling works fine. The error seems only to happen at the very first page. You can have a look here rolfsiegrist.ch (the page isn’t done at all, but you will see what I mean by clicking on the logo or arrow icon)

I can not see the site because I think that you should have deleted the home page. But in the wordpress “Front page:” option it is still choosed.

Go to the “Reading Settings” and define your new home. eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0912pxxe51

I am so sorry, I was just updating the page. The frontage should work again. But I still have the same problem with the jump. I won’t touch it until I hear from you :)

Yes, problem is solved. Thank you so much all the help…

I thank you for choosing us. :)
Please, when you can give us your rating.

Hi, in the latest release of wordpress it´s no longer possible to change Theme Options as the various menu items no longer display.

Have also noticed that the header class “fixed menu nav1 show show-line” no longer renders properly with the company logo in Safari and potentially other browsers (unsure if this was also the case prior to 3.9).

Would you know of any quick fixed to get this working again? Would be good for you at any rate to look into for future customers as I´d imagine most people would start with 3.9 now :)

UPDATE: Just noticed that since updating the theme/plugin the portfolio section no longer works: www.drd.no (clicking on an item of work will now just show “The content could not be loaded.” In the admin area however I can still see all the images for each portfolio item is present.

EDIT: This is fixed by updating settings within the Permalinks section.

The theme options error happens only on safari?
Can you test on chrome too?

About the portfolio, try to save the Permalinks.
eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d02qfr774

Please vesita our support forum to continue the conversation,
because here is only for comments and little things.

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Hi I just bough the theme and I’m completely unable to change any of the theme setting because is just blank. I have WordPress 3.9. I tried on firefox, safari and chrome is not working.

I do not understand why you are being aggressive.
The users comment about many things. But not always right.

1. Already told you many times the theme works in wp 3.9, and our online demoswork on them.

I made a video to be able to confirm that I’m not lying.
>> http://cl.ly/image/1m1p0i2T1G03

2. All reported bugs are fixed, as fast as we can.

We have every interest that our items are 101% functional.

Now if you let me help you can you send me your wordpress login so I can investigate this situation?

I’m sorry if I sound aggressive, I was just a little frustrated about it, I really value and appreciate the good design that you put into your templates.

I believe it can be frustrating. But you hare assuming that the problem is the theme and maybe it is in your server. I’m not saying it is, but it is highly likely.

There is more that 200 sales, and as can you see there is not much customers complaining about it …

However already asked you 3 times to give me your wordpress logins so I can better analyze your situation.

Because otherwise I have no way to help you. And those we already Showed you the theme works 100% on my server.

Sorry but if you not let me login on your admin have no way to help you.

Please continue the discussion in our forum because it is easier to tal and this is comments area is not very easy to talk, and my support team has not access to answer here.

Hello congratulations, you have developed a great theme, I was wondering if you are going to develop a version to work wordpress 3.9?

Hi, Thanks, The current version already working on wp. 3.9 :)

Thanks for your response, then you need to update the data of the supported versions in the theme’s description

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. To me it seems something so logical that I forgot to put.

Hi i realized that the loading time for this page is a bit long. Is it always this long or is it because the content of the demo is heavy? I’m interested in buying the template.

The load time for all sites depends on their content. I do not think the theme takes long time to load, considering all its contents.
In the demo 2 existe one video with +4mb.

The site has many pictures is logical that always take a few seconds.

Thanks for the interest.

Hi Pixelthrone,

Thanks for the reply. My client bought the theme and i’m now working with it. It’s really flexible. Nice.

I do however have 2 small questions: - I placed the logo in the out folding menu option but first time i check it’s normal size and second time i enter the site, the logo is very small. I can changes this manually with the css but i was wondering if you have a easier solution?

- Other thing is that i changed the body font color in the theme options but it doesn’t change. It keeps it’s old color. It dit however change one of the heading colors but those i didn’t change in the theme options. Any thoughts what could give this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please register in our forum so I can confirm that you are valid buyer?

About the logo, you need to share your url so I can analyze it better.

About the theme options, you may need give some writing permissions for some files .
No message appears to warn you about it on wp-admin?

However please register on our forum to give you a better help.

Got the theme, absolutely love it! It would be even better if we could add extra fields in the contact form in future update :)

Thank you.

We recommend using the plugin “Contact Form 7”.

But in the future we will take it into consideration :)
Or at least a better visual connection with the plugin.

Hi is it possible to do the hover over of about on the team photos like in the alma template??

Hi, sorry but no, this shortcode is part of the alma theme.
Send me an email if you want to talk better about it.

I love this theme – the colors, typography, layout, nav, portfolio are all exactly what I need. You seem to be very responsive for support, and are getting near-perfect ratings on the theme. The only thing keeping me from buying it immediately is how slow it is – sluggish on my iOS 7 phone, and crashes my tablet browser without loading anything (stays on loading animation until it freezes). I used the direct links to the demos for all my testing.

I wanted to dig into this and see what is going on, so I ran each of your demos through GTmetrix (GTmetrix.com):

1. Demo 1, http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v1.1/ ranks Page Speed: E, YSlow Grade: C http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ripple.pixelthrone.it/HJIYom52

2. Demo 2, http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v2.1/ ranks Page Speed: C, YSlow Grade: D http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ripple.pixelthrone.it/UBiTMDY4

3. Demo 3, http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v3.1/ Page Speed: E, YSlow Grade: C http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ripple.pixelthrone.it/RjQH6W5H

I usually don’t buy a theme unless it’s B or higher on both since I’m not that technical so prefer to have the theme optimized for me out of the box – can you address this issue? Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. The demo sites work on my Apple devices, but doesn’t work on my non-Apple tablet, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it just takes too long to load.

I’m debating now whether to get the theme and do what I can – optimizing all the images so the filesizes are small – or waiting until you can take a look at the page loading speed. How long do you think it’ll take you to review your site – I know you’re pretty busy having launched Alma (but Ripple is still my favorite styling). Do you think you could help me optimize my site for fast loading in the next few days if I purchased the site today? (All I need is a site that loads on the majority of tablet OS’s, since from my Google Analytics, I know that the majority of my users don’t use iPads.) Or would you like some time to take a closer look and see if an update is needed?

I prefere not commit me to these dates, I have to analyze these situations better, do some testing and if necessary make corrections.

Until this date we have not had any complaints about these situations.

I will need to carefully analyze these situations with more time.

Ok thank you. Hope it goes well and good luck! I’ll be back to purchase this theme soon :)


A purchased 2 plugins for good rated authors, when i test the plugins on your theme it does not work. When i test it on total theme it does.

Please advice

hi, What were the plugins?,
Can you send me your login for I try to understand if the error is ours or theirs?

Hi Sorry to bother you. I’m just setting up a button on the fullscreen homepage and looking for the button action to slide to the link anchor instead of just jumping there .. is this there a way to call the slide action on buttons..? Many Thanks

Hi, Can you give me your url to be able to analyze it better?

sry.. my bad i have the url setup incorrectly.. many thanks.. for the css snippet

No problem :)

Hi .. I just created a duplicate of the site and moved to same host provider but different url.. upon install the site images and link all fall apart. This is the first of seen of this using the duplicator plugin on a site before. Is there something re permissions or something I’m missing.? IS there anywhere to send a private msg.. as your support page looks like open forum? Many thanks

Hi, I do not know which plugin you are using, but this has logically happen.
Because the plugin makes a copy of everything, and in the database the site url is your old url.

What I suggest is use another plugin to make the cone.
What plugin are you using?

That is not a theme problem.
If you are gonna see the site code, you’ll see that wordpress is trying to loading links your old url.

HI The plugin is called “duplicator” it was a permissions issue on the theme that caused the plugin to react the way it did. we were able to fix this by re-doing the permission on the site we moved it too. The links to the other site was just residue from this conflict. Fixed now thanks

Glad you could solve it. :)
If you need further help we are here http://support.pixelthrone.com/

Is there any way to have the social icon load in a new window? as no option available that I can find.. ?

I also updated the theme and the plugs as outlines and the rev slider lost links to the images and dropper a letter “n” after every text “br>”.

Thanks for fixing the other bits though..

Sorry, I did not understood your question.
Can you send me your wp login and url for me to analyze the situation of the letters “n”.

Hi – two questions

1. possible to link to the light b ox project page via a button rather than using the portfolio mod?

2. my twitter keeks reverting back to your twitter account after i change it and save the settings. idea why?

1. Unfortunately you’d have to create some new javascript code to make it happen.

2. I did some tests and this does not happen to me.
Can you send me your wp login for analyze it better.

we have getting error on mobile device browser. For Example when i open safari at iphone , its freezing not working properly. how can i solve this problem. if you want to try on yours mobile ,please click this url. http://ripple.pixelthrone.it/v2.1/ :((

I tried it on my iphone and it works well.
What is your ios version and iphone?

Hello! I have added a page, that I want to not be included on the home (main) page. All works good, but, I have to add a parent to that page, if I don’t add a parent page, so lets say: domain.com/test it brings me a 403 error. If I add the home parent; lets say: domain.com/home/test it works. But I do not want to have the /home/ name on the URL. Is there any fix for that please? Thanks a lot.

Thank you for rating. :)
Sometimes you have to resave the permalink.
eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0502v8lv49

My pleasure. Yes, thank you! :)

Hey guys. So I have one more question. I tested the demo sites on the latest android devices and for some reason it doesn’t load at all. I tried on a galaxy s4 using latest android OS and still sites wouldn’t load at all. Any plans to make this completely compatible with all android platforms? I see it starts to load but then it doesn’t actually load. And for my site I’m building using this theme it’s the same thing. Doesn’t load on any Android devices.

Hi Shae, Can you send me your url for analyzeit better?

Hey there. I sent an email over.

Hi! Can you remove my images from your theme? I don’t authorise you for this.

Thank you Isabela Rodrigues www.isabelarodrigues.org

Hi Isabel.
Sorry to hear, but I have an email when we speak about it, It was nearly 2 years..
Yet, Of course I have not problem..
Sorry for the misunderstanding. .
I do not wish harm you…

Da-me até segunda feira, para poder desenhar outras composições.

Ok then. Please, send me the email that i authorise you. I can’t find this email.

Thank you

Row Backgrounds in backend editor, vertical/horizontal parallax scroll and other options for parallax scroll not working, the selected image is not displayed at all. Please help!


Thanks, But not sure where you have sent the answer. Help!

To your email:

You install a plugin that added extra options to the row.
I do not know how the plugin works, it is best to you contact the author.

To you use our parallax effect, use this tab.
eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0392yq1060

How can I use multiple thumbnails gallery on the same page? Thanks. (I have version 1.3.4

Sorry but this is not possible.

mhh. Okay, don’t worry I will use a plugin with short code ;)