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Great job! GLWS!;

Thanks GrafAS :)

What was the song used in this demo?

Support for this product, whether you make a ticket or not, seems to take forever (just look at the comments) but I’ll ask anyway.

How do you do self-hosted videos?

I don’t think anyone really wants YouTube ads showing up on their video background websites.

So I figured out the email problem everyone has been having.

You have to use the email address associated with your domain account. So, for example, lets say your web domain is apple.com and you have an info@apple.com address. info@apple.com is the address you use. It will not work if you use another random email address, eg. mark@mail.com

Actually there is a folder in the download package called Rise-help that has all the necessary documentation to set the template up. It goes from the structure of the html to code snippets. Other than that the code itself is fully commented so no one should have problems to set the template up as it is presented in the demo.

If something is not part of the template it will obviously not be part of the documentation. In your case this means self hosted videos.

Also no files are accepted on themeforest if they dont have documentation. So again there is one present. The price of the template covers just that the template and the documentation included to set it up.

Also not ‘everyone’ is having problems with the email, out of 200 purchase maybe 5 people have issues. This is very much possible due to different web host set ups.

As far as your solution to the email problem, Im glad you have it working but it has nothing to do with your solution. As a matter of fact I have a gmail account receiving emails from the demo right now, you can mail and test it and I can get back to you through it.


I just went through the documentation, and you are right, it does not contain how to set up the video background for the video version. However it only involves copy pasting video id into the code snippet in index.html for video version. which is mentioned in the index file for the video version

I will add that to the documentation some point this week. Other than that, the documentation is complete to set the template up.

Great design!

I need a Google map – If not possible – can I include a link next to the phone icon to open to open another modal with the Google Map in an iframe ?

Hi there

I’m having two main issues:

1) How can I make the navigation menu always visible? 2) In Safari the first background image doesn’t display. The background becomes grey.

How can I sync the image slide show with the Intro Text Slider, so that the text will correspond with the image showing in the background. Thanks!

I have tied setting them both to 5 secs with the same transition, but they always get out of sync

preview doesnt work

It’s supported for Wordpress 4.6?

Sorry this is not a wordpress theme. thanks for your interest