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Preview link is broken. Anyway, nice theme! :)

It seems to be working right now. Thank you for reporting and for your kind comment.

I like your work! Nice movie by the way. I wish you luck with selling!

I love this theme!! Can you tell me two things 1, are there any shortcodes in the theme 2, do the slider links on the home page link to pages? Thanks


No probs Steven, didnt think there would be! Thanks for your help

It’s my pleasure, Dave. If you have any more questions just let me know.

A set of shortcodes are now available with the latest release which you can get from the “Downloads” area of your account.

Great work Steven, good luck with sales mate!


Good luck with the sale. Congratulations!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I’m preparing a series of video tutorials to compliment the documentation already included with the theme. The videos will be ready in a few days.

All 12 video guides are up now. See them linked in the description here or find them inside of the online documentation:

Very nice and clean! Any chance to get the logo as a link back to homepage? Are there any sample content? Link to documentation?

Sorry, read prevoius answer… got it.

The slider items and feature boxes (beneath the intro) are managed via their own post types so it’s easy to add, edit and change the order. The intro message is changed via Theme Options and the widgets at the bottom of the page are contained within two columns. You can use any widget in any order (or no widgets if you prefer).

The header logo is now clickable in the latest release which you can get from the “Downloads” area of your account.

I second the request for shortcodes on this theme. I would love to see columns, tabs, buttons, and images.

Great job on the theme!

Thank you, I will come up with some type of solution for the usual shortcodes.

Shortcodes are now available with the latest release which you can get from the “Downloads” area of your account.

Hi, I just bought you theme. Looks pretty cool. Question: 1. I see it has events, how does it handle recurring events such as regular Sunday service on the calendar or events list?

My interest is this: Can it create entries for repeat events or do I have to create events for each week manually?

Hello. Thank you for using Risen.

The events feature is for one-time events. They can be a single day or range of days but there is no support for automatic recurring events. For Sunday services I recommend publishing the service times and details on your location, contact or any other page of your choice.

I’ll be glad to answer any other questions you have.

Is there a built in front end editor? If not will the Front-end Editor work on this template?

For anybody who has the same question, please see the answer below.

Does this theme have a front end editor? If not is there a plugin that you would recommend?

Thank you for your interest. All content is managed via the standard WordPress back-end. I am not personally acquainted with any front-end editing plugins so I cannot make a recommendation.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Is this something that you could test? I think front end editing would be a great add on and a great tool for users that are not comfortable with the WP backend.

I would like to purchase this but only if I know that a front end editor would be functional and user friendly.


I tested the Front-end Editor plugin and while it is neat I cannot say with confidence that it provides a more a user-friendly experience for complex themes (I’d use it for a traditional blog). It can edit some parts just fine but others not so well (for example, it won’t help with adding sermon videos or audio). There are some things that must be done from within the WordPress admin area.

There are about 30 pages of documentation with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial series that I am working on (see progress here: If you are interested in using the theme, my suggestion is to use these resources to help train the users who will be making updates.

Hi Steven,

Great job on the theme. My church is about to purchase it however we had a few questions before we do. We love the front page but we only wanted to have the main slider window and 3 boxes below it to show. Is this possible and then put all of the other stuff such as events and sermons and such on separate pages? And also, if we wanted to add a forum page to it is that also available? Is any of this possible? Your help is greatly appreciated! – Dan

Hi Dan,

Every section on the homepage is optional so you can leave the widget areas at the bottom empty (same goes for the slider, intro and three feature boxes).

The widgets that are shown on the homepage for events, sermons, etc. can be shown in a sidebar on other pages (there is no widget area for beneath other pages like there is on the homepage – just on the side). Also, you can simply link to the complete sermon archive, complete events page, etc. from your menu, homepage feature boxes or slider in order to get users to that information.

You have a couple options for a forum that are commonly used:

1) There is a plugin for WordPress called bbPress that adds a forum within your site: Risen does not include styling for it so the default bbPress styles will be used. This should look okay with the light version of Risen but will not be a good match for the dark version.

2) An alternative is to install non-WordPress forum software such as vBulletin on your hosting (it will appear outside of your WordPress site and Risen theme) then link to your forum from your site’s menu.

I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Awesome! Thanks Steven I’ll let you know how it goes. I appreciate your prompt reply. Have a great day!

Great! I’d love to see what you build with it. Just send me a message via

Hi Steven, Excellent theme. Looks really user friendly and well laid out, great job. I would also love to see columns, buttons and tabs shortcodes. These are pretty much every day necessities for my requirements.



Thank you for throwing in your two cents. I have had requests from a couple others for the common shortcodes so I will come up with something in an update.

Shortcodes are now available with the latest release which you can get from the “Downloads” area of your account.

Hey, do you know is there is a way to have an event remove itself from the site after the end date has passed? I tried adding the plugin “Post Expirator” but it’s not working.

Currently, it just displays that the even is over. I’d like it to set itself as a draft…or at least just delete it entirely.

Hi Jared. Give this plugin a shot:

Electric Studio Auto Post Expire

I’m not sure if the Post Expirator plugin works with custom post types (Google search turned up some people having trouble) but the one above claims to and it has a good rating.

Thanks Steven, that worked!

Fantastic! I think I’ll note that in the documentation in case others might like to do what you have done with that plugin.

Let me know if you have any other questions along the way.

I just purchased your theme. When I try to install it I get this error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. What can I do about this?

Update: I figured it out. I was uploading the wrong .zip.

Thank you for choosing Risen for your site.

You downloaded a .zip file from ThemeForest that first needs to be unzipped. It contains documentation, licensing files, PSD files, the actual theme ( and some sample content. The file you upload is at theme/ For installation instructions please see:

I just saw your edit and I’m glad you got it solved. If you have any other questions along the way, let me know.

First of all Steven, I have to say I’m very impressed with your theme. It has made building the current site I’m on as easy as possible when it comes to customizing.

With that said—I actually need to rename the Multimedia CPT to something else. I love that you’ve set variables and used includes for the setup of most of them (I wish more devs would do that), but do you have a recommended way of renaming the Multimedia CPT ? I’m not really sure how a child theme behaves in reference to registering CPTs, but I thought you might know the best method since I’m still getting a grasp on how you have everything set up.

Thanks again for your great work.

I’m very glad you are finding the theme useful. It sounds like maybe you read the Non-church Website part of the Customization section in the documentation but in case not there is some info here toward the bottom:

You can go to Appearance > Theme Options > Sermons in order to change the name of the multimedia custom post type. There are also some fields there for changing the titles of Multimedia pages. Lastly, for the page that uses the Multimedia template you can simply give it your own name. These tweaks should enable you to change all instances of sermon/sermons to anything else such as presentation/presentations.

I think though maybe I am not answering your whole question (?) so if you’ll send a message to me via my ThemeForest profile (must be logged in to see form) we can go back and forth via e-mail:

Also, I would love to see what you are making with the theme!

Great template. I have it nearly set up after only a day or so.

I’m very glad to hear that you like it. If you have a moment, would you please give it a rating here on ThemeForest. You can do so in the Downloads section of your account.

Also, I would love to see the site you make. You can send a link to me via the contact form on my Profile Page: (must be logged in to see form).

Have a great day!

I have a question on the Gallery. If I have a bunch of photos to post of an event, do I have to do them all as featured images with their own names?

What would be the best way to handle, say 100 photos of an event at the church such as a week long bible school? I’ve thought about maybe a flikr or picasa link, but if there is a way to keep it all contained in the church site, I’d rather go that way. -Thanks.

Yes, that is how you would do it.

What I would do in your case is create a category (such as Vacation Bible School) to represent your event then add each photo to that category. You will end up with a section similar to this: but with prev/next page buttons at the bottom. Since it would be a big “album” you can change the number of images shown per page in Theme Options in order to reduce the number of pages.

Have a look at the Gallery screencast I produced a few days ago for a walkthrough: and let me know if you have any questions.

Hey there… great job!!!


Also… is there anyway to make the staff page like 3 columns instead of 1? It’s just a lot of scrolling. Lol! :-)


Thank you for requesting more shortcodes. That will be my first task with v1.1 as several are requesting it. If there are any you need in particular, please let me know and I’ll make note.

There is only one staff template at this time. I may add some multi-column templates in a later version (good idea – made a note). In the meantime it would require a customization. You could modify tpl-staff.php or add a new staff template using a child theme:

If you have other questions, just let me know.

Shortcodes are now available with the latest release which you can get from the “Downloads” area of your account.

Good morning! I wonder why after making the installation of the sample content, while trying to access a page, the following page appears: “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND ”. This happens when I try to access all pages.

Good morning to you too (it’s morning here now).

Go to Settings > Permalinks then click on Save (even if you don’t choose a different URL structure). This will cause the friendly URL ’s to work. There is a little more info on this in the Step 3 of the Installation section in the documentation:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.