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I haven’t installed the update yet, but I’m excited for the changes! Thanks for maintaining your theme.

I’m currently using Blubrry PowerPress which I’m happy with for podcasting purposes. Is it possible to disable the new podcasting functionality in the theme until I can figure out a transition to using your built-in feed?



The theme only adds an MP3 enclosure to sermon URL’s. I’m not sure if that will conflict with PowerPress. You can give it a test and downgrade if so or you may want to ask the PowerPress if there would be a conflict b showing them the multimedia/sermons RSS feed.


Risen was just updated with a fix for a conflict with PowerPress. It turns off its own podcasting support when PowerPress is detected. You’ll probably need to re-save any sermon posts that were having a problem.

This is an OUTSTANDING theme for local churches! Steven has made it super easy for churches to maintain their websites with this theme. With so many churches struggling to try to host a relevant, good looking site, I’m just so thankful for Steven’s help for them.

I’ve even begun offering some limited web services to local churches, using this theme, to help get churches into the right century with Steven’s help. Check out my website at if you’re interested.



Hi Wayne,

Thank you for the testimonial. I’m glad you’ve been finding Risen to be useful. Thank you for choosing it and helping others.

How can I change the slug from “multimedia-archive” to “sermon-archive” so it is update-proof? I am currently using a child theme.


You would need to make a code customization using a child theme to accomplish this: You can find a file list here: includes/multimedia.php should be of interest.

Thanks for your reply. I found that I need to change the ‘slug’ value in line 35 of includes/multimedia.php. However, I’m not sure how to change this in the child theme function file. Can you help?

Support is not offered for code customizations but off the top of my head you might want to check functions.php for where the multimedia post type is registered. You could remove the action then add your own to register the post type using your own function and arguments.

I can refer you to Tweaky for professional customization if it would be helpful:

Is there any way of tracking the sermon download count?

Thanks Kris

Hi Kris,

There is no feature for that. The closes thing would be to track pageviews via Google Analytics, Jetpack Stats, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


First, Thank you so much for the theme. I was tempted to not use a theme, but you saved me so much time and there is so much power in this theme, I’m glad I did.

I am having a problem with my permalinks. I followed the steps and changed them from the default, but then I get 404 errors. When I change the permalinks and pages back to default, it works. Using latest version of phpmyadmin, wordpress, and version 2 of risen. Homepage always loads fine.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for using Risen. I’m glad you’ve been liking it.

I’d try saving permalinks one more time and if that doesn’t work check this: It might be that your server does not support mod rewrite and can’t use “pretty permalinks” and therefore is using “almost pretty”.

What’s your URL?

I’m developing locally with a wamp server. Found the solution through a link to another post. For all individuals developing with WAMP, an apache solution fixes the problem.

Thank you for sharing the WAMP solution. I’ll throw in that I use DesktopServer from ServerPress and it works great out of the box for local work. No config needed.

this is by far the best wordpress theme i have ever used…EVER!

i had one quick question: I have noticed that my tagline shows up fine on mobile devices but only shows up on the homepage on my pc. if i go to other pages it shows the placeholder i had in the tagline previously. i have tried emptying cache and tried on other computers and same thing. anything i can do?

I placed a placeholder of “tagline here” in the tagline area when I first started working on the site so it wouldn’t have that “just another wordpress” line. Since this church’s tagline was kind of long I moved it down to the text area on the homepage and left the tagline blank. when logged in as admin I can see it look correct on the homepage and then when I move to another page on the site it goes back to showing my placeholder I previously had.

I have tried on a mobile device and it looks correct there.

I have a caching plugin and I cleared its cache. Still experiencing the same thing. The church im building the site for has also told me that on multiple computers on their end its doing the same thing.

the URL is Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Its not doing it in IE but doing it in Firefox.. just noticed that.. just checked other browsers and it appears to be fixed now.. perhaps it was a server-side thing that was corrected??

Since there was a difference it was most likely a caching issue either on the server side or browser side (maybe an odd combo of both). The best approach is to clear plugin cache, deactivate plugin, log out of WordPress then clear browser cache and restart browser. After doing that, is it consistent?

Where do I find the short codes?

Please see the shortcodes documentation and examples:

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

Can you tell me how I can change or remove the text ‘Church News’ in the breadcrumb path.


Go to Pages > View All then click on “Church News” to change the blog title.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yes that worked… thanks.

Now another issue still related to the breadcrumb. When I view a post article the breadcrumb now looks like this: Home>Events>View Post… where ‘View Post” is supposed to be the title of the blog post article. How do I get the bread crumb to display the blog post title. A Note here… when I view a ‘page’ article the breadcrumb shows fine.

Thanks again.

I’m glad that helped. What you’re seeing for the breadcrumb is by design. Post titles are often longer than pages, so “View {post type}” is simply shown.

You would need to make a code customization using a child theme to change this:

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

Hello, this is probably one of the best templates that I have worked with out of the 15 or so I’ve bought.

One question/request… I’m still building out my site on a dev server, but I would like links in blog previews to be clickable, or even the option to turn off blog truncation. You can see the example here: “Click here” should be a link, but isn’t until you click through to the post.



When an Excerpt is not provided, one is automatically generated by WordPress from the post content, so it it is often truncated. You can provide a manual Excerpt as an alternative (click Screen Options at the top right while adding/editing a post to reveal the Excerpt box).

The automatic excerpts strip out HTML. For manual excerpts, you can use HTML to create links. There is no “Visual” editor for excerpts in WordPress.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Is there any way to customize the layout of the mobile friendly version of this theme? Specifically I am looking at getting rid of the “menu” option inside of the drop down menu as it does not go anywhere. Or at least change it to say something like “Select Menu”

You can make an English to English translation:

Or, make a code customization using a child theme:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the update Steven. I found the changelog.

My pleasure, let me know if you have any questions about 2.0.

Is there an option when you post a video or picture in the media gallery to have the sharing button on the post. I have the boxed checked on the dashboard options


Are you using a plugin for sharing buttons?


and nevermind…. double checked my Jetpack setting and didn’t have the Gallery activated…..

On on the contact page. When someone hits submit they don’t receive the message “your message has been sent” Maybe this is an error on our part. You can send an email to Brent Mann (me) to test it out.

Version 2.0 hides the “Add Media” button on gallery items because native WordPress galleries and Risen galleries are not intended for use with each other. Each gallery item should have one photo (the featured image) and an optional text description (the content editor).

Got it. The contact message still doesn’t appear. Thanks for the help.

Please set me up with a temporary Administrator account (Users > Add New) for your WordPress dashboard and I will take a look. You can send a message to me via my profile page: (must be logged in) and I will reply by e-mail.


Just updated my theme to Risen 2.01 (using a Child Theme) and we started noticing that our site Name is showing the latest POST name – Site Name. I’ve cleared server/browser cache and tried 3 diff browsers.

I hate to roll back to Risen theme 1.6, but I can’t leave it like this – anyone know what I can check..?


Hi Michael,

Please send me a URL showing the issue and I will take a look.

Try activating the parent theme only in case your child theme and the new version of Risen are not playing nicely.

Otherwise, try deactivating all plugins in case there is a conflict. If the problem goes away while all plugins are inactive, then reactivate them one by one to determine which is causing the problem.

Does the problem persist?


The site link is

I have disabled the Child Theme and it still persists. It looks like the WordPress SEO Plugin Version 1.4.22 (one of my favorites) seems to be causing the issue.

I have disabled this plugin, it’s not perfect instead of [site_name] – [tagline], it basically is []-Site Name, but better than what was there the last day.

I will try to look at SEO plugin page for any issue there.


I’ll send you an email. Risen and that plugin should be working fine together so if there’s a bug on Risen’s end I’ll fix it. WordPress SEO is an excellent plugin.

I have a new bug now…. one of our church members noticed it….

I put a post up and the text runs over the widget….

That’s not a plugin I’ve tested with Risen. I recommend using the AddThis plugin as described since that is one I can confirm works. Unfortunately I’m not able to guarantee any particular plugin will work as expected with the theme.

I deactivated the sharing option in Jetpack and added AddThis. Text is still overlapping the widgets. I emptied the all the cache too…. any thoughts??

I see a Google+ button that looks like it’s coming from Jetpack Sharedaddy. Try removing that and see if it works.

You can also try deactivating all plugins then activating them one by one to see if one is causing the issue.

hi, i recently purchase the theme and trying to set it up. i have set a page template to ‘blog’ but when i click on it, it still shows the home page.

i want the blog page to be what is shown in your live preview under news > all post.

manage to solve it. not sure if it’s the best way, but got it. thanks!

Thank you for choosing Risen. I’m glad you got the problem solved. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

the featured image in a post or a page, how do I have a different picture used for a masthead and the thumbnail used in list display? I want a small picture for the thumnail and a nice larger picture for the masthead…. I spoke to the creator of the theme and he said I would have o customize it, has anyone done this?

I recommend trying a plugin or crafting some custom code to determine what will work best. How easy one method or another is will depend on how the plugin works or what your approach to a customization is.

ok, but in theory would it work to have a plugin that gives you a custom header per page (that is not controlled by the featured image) does the theme allow that?

The theme is not made to work with any particular plugin in this way. There may or may not be a plugin that does what you want so the best thing is to search and try. Otherwise, a code customization would be the solution.

hi, i do not have any web designing background and is having alot of problem with the theme.

apparently, i can’t seem to get the short codes available. there is no options to use them when i add a new post.. i tried to do it under ‘text’ and all i manage to get is [ box] [/ box] but nothing else.

is there a list of the shortcodes that i can refer to?

found it in the documentation. somehow i need to post a comment before i get the answers all the time. was searching everywhere before posting but just couldn’t get it. oh wells.

Thank you for choosing Risen. I’m glad you found the shortcode docs. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Are you providing translations? Like to manage this nice theme in german.


You can make a German translation. Here is the translation documentation:

Feel free to send me a copy if you want to share it with others.

Please let me know if you have any questions.