Ristoly - Restaurant Template Kit

Ristoly - Restaurant Template Kit

Add content to your restaurant website with this easy-to-use Elementor Template Kit. The Ristoly template kit includes 14 templates that focus on restaurant content.

Restaurant Templates

  1. Home Version 1
  2. Home Version 2
  3. Menu Version 1
  4. Menu Version 2
  5. Menu Version 3
  6. Menu Detail
  7. About
  8. Chefs
  9. FAQs
  10. Gallery
  11. Testimonials

PRO Templates List

  1. Contact (Pro)
  2. Navigation (PRO)
  3. Footer (PRO)

Templates marked with (PRO) require the premium plugin Elementor PRO. All other templates work with the free version of Elementor.

Stock Images

This Template Kit uses demo images from Envato Elements. You will need to license these images from Envato Elements to use them on your website, or you can substitute them with your own.