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RITAJ : Multi-purpose & Responsive Html 5 Template

RITAJ : Multi-purpose & Responsive Html 5 Template

RITAJ : Multi-purpose & Responsive Html 5 Template - 1

This is Ritaj (v1.0)

A Multi-purpose & Responsive Html 5 Template
  • responsive design
  • bootstrap 3.3.7
  • W3C valid
  • Modern Elegant Design
  • cool css3 animation
  • Support All Browsers
  • soooooon ( retina ready )

- the tepmlate need basic knowledge about HTML and CSS to edit images , colors …etc

- All images in the review not included in the template

1 ) HTML

This theme is a one page multi purpose html5 template with all sections located within the first page . it’s divided into multiple sections includong Header, Services, Team, Skills, Done Projects, Portolio, Prices, Testimonials and Contact .

HTML Structure

- If u like to change the content of any of thses sections , just scroll to the the sction and do the following

<img class='mypic img-responsive center-block' src="http://placehold.it/440x440">

- find the prev line and chnage placholder image with your image.

-All images of are replaced with placeholders So, ensure to change every placeholder image with your images .

- just upload your images to images folder in this theme and replace the placeholder with - images/yourimage.jpg or png or whatever iextention is

2 ) CSS

- Im using alot of css files in this template so the one to target is ‘style.css’ where u can change the font , size, colors, ...etc , but keep in mind the value maybe overwritten somewhere elese so ensure to change all the values of the attribute u want .

some code

/* end header */

some code

/* end services */

some code

/* end team */

some code

etc, etc

- If you would like to edit a specific section of the site, simply find the appropriate label in the CSS file, and then scroll down until you find the appropriate style that needs to be edited.

Sources and Credits -

- I’ve used the following images, scripts or other files as listed

  • All images and backgrounds on this template is from PEXELS and UNsplash which allow free and commercial usage of their images .
  • All fonts are from Google web fonts which are free tخ use personally and commerciaمly .

feel free to cantact me about anything