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It looks very nice, I have used the register_form and tried to add more features in the features list html, I added 2 more features but then the way it looks was messed up, is there anything else I need to change if I want to add more features in the feature list?.

EDIT: turns out that I had long text in one of them, how can increase the vertical height between one row and another in the #features_list?

where did you get the hand/phone images? Are they psd’s that can purchased/edited

Hi,mbianchi27, I’ve got the psd file. Please contact me via email. Thanks

hi – have problem with theme installation – please advise if there is something i need to do – i just download it and try to upload to wordpress


Hi, Mariviam, thanks for purchasing my template. I’m so sorry for late reply. Ritmo is a simple HTML template not WordPress theme and you don’t need to install it to find out how to use this template just read the documentation file. Best Regards

Answered in the previous post. Thanks

Hi, the parallax does not seem to work at all on a mobile device. It works when emulating mobile, but not on mobile. Even in the demo code, without my changes.

Any suggestions?

Sent, please notice that it works ok on Desktop emulating mobile. But does not work well on real mobile (Android in this case)

Answered via email. Thanks

Hi, please visit my page where I have installed this template: http://www.sluggr.club

Please click on sluggrcard link (sluggrcard.html) above. From here, I am trying to link back to anchors in the index.html page. But this doesn’t work. I have tried almost everything.

Can please help? Thank you.

Hi, xsivdesigns, thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hi there!. Congratulations for the template. Good job. I want to buy this template to do A/B testing on my site. My question is if I have to buy a license for each test or if I have enough with one license (under the same domain). Thank you.

Hi, Publika_bcn, thanks for your interest. Regular license for your personal used, extended for commercial. Thanks

Thanks for your quick response. Then I understand that I can have 4 or 6 landing on my domain with only one license. Thank you.

Have a nice day