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Thanks man.

Nice theme! Good luck :)

Thanks for the nice comment

Very nice theme mate,.

Thanks for the comment. Cheers

Very nice job, and well executed! GLWS!

very nice well done got it booked marked :)

Thanks dude glad you like it

yup sure do. might buy it here in the near future

dude very very very very cool one. you should make WP version too..

we are going to make a WP version of all the band templates. Just started on the kiss template.

Cheers Lester

do you have a responsive form of this?

Not responsive cannot do it with this layout.

video gallery dosen`t work in Internet explorer just in Firefox

what version of IE?

Looks like an awesome template! Is the video gallery in the demo just a placeholder or can it actually work? I can’t seem to work it in any browser.

Hey the video gallery should be ok. I checked it and it works fine.



Hey – good looking theme. Does it include any widgets or functions not mentioned?

Also, when you say colors can be changed in the css does that mean there are no styling options in the backend?


Hey It’s not a wordpress theme. Only html5. we are working on the WP version it’s in review.

Cheers Lester

Yeah the video gallery doesn’t seem to update or show up correctly in Chrome, I checked out the CSS and it appears to be a width issue blocking the right column w/ videos, lowering it by 10px brings both in view for Chrome while in Firefox it shows up fine.

Also clicking any of the links doesn’t update the video, is it supposed to? Or is that to be configured locally? Other than that love this template and just purchased it.

Also had 1 question concerning the contact form if there’s a way to contact you. If I could get both those questions answered I’d be complete! Thanks again!

the videos load in once you click the thumbnail image. The contact form is validated and has 2 php files that do the back end work. You can contact me on my profile page. cheers


I Mafloral I did contact you on your page the same day as I messaged you here, though I haven’t heard anything back. I’ll try again though thanks!

I dod not receive anything. I would ha replied. Email me again

Nice template. What about Russian lang? It supports cyrillic fonts?

I think i had a Russian customer that bought it and i believe i did see Russian characters on the site.

Cheers Lester

Hallo, best regards for theme’s quality.

I need support on two bugs: - when I play youtube videos the music player does not pause the music in automatic - the titles of “latest news” and “the band” boxes in the center of the page remain hidden by the upper box after the mouse hover

Have I to write you on a private email? Thank you

Hey can you post a link to the site so i can look at it? thanks


Yeah, you can find it in work in progress at this url:

Hey To stop the mp3 player on load you will have to change this in the play to stop in the script.js.

var qwe = setTimeout(function () {$("#jquery_jplayer").jPlayer("stop");}, 0000);

That will stop the player to play on load and you will have to start it manually by selecting a song. I cannot control the sound and the videos because the videos are just external links pulled into the page from youtube.

The main page boxes are purposely done so when you hover over them it will reveal the box behind it. You can adjust them if you like in the script js i labeled all the parts so it should be easy to move them up or down by changing some numbers. You can find the code block for the splash menu in the script.js close to the bottom if you decide to adjust them.

    //---------// NAVIGATION POSITIONS //--------//
    // about_nav  position
    // news_nav position
    // images_nav position
    // videos_nav position
    // services_nav position
    // our_team_nav position
    // contact_nav position

That should be it. Hope it helps but if you have any questions send me a mail throught my profile page.