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Hi, i´ve a problem. See at: http://fvhd.lavorare.net.br. I´ve uploaded the “believe_theme” directly to the host.

i´ve uploaded using FTP…

Is it possible that you send me your ftp details, so I can take a look?

Ok, I just re-uploaded theme files and everything works fine. Now you need to import demo data and you can find info how to do it on documentation.

Best, Cohhe

I’m having a problem uploading. I am using the zip file to upload and it says this : http://oi49.tinypic.com/9v8upc.jpg ... What can I do? Also! When I get the theme uploaded I would be wondering if you would add twitter, facebook,youtube, pintrest, vimeo,tumblr, and other tiny icons to the theme at the bottom. Thanks! – Patrick

Hi Patrick,

As I see on other comment you already worked out how to install theme. About the social links question, currently you can add social links widget in footer columns with these icons: RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Delicious and Digg.

Thank you:) Would you mind adding Tumblr & Instagram? :)

No problem, will include those in next update :)

I just donwloaded this theme but I cant activate it. I have tried to install it a few times and to no avail. I created a zip file with the believe them and tried to upload the zip but it wont allow me to. It just asks (after a few minutes), “Are you sure you want to do this?” I select, “Please Try Again” and it fails again. What can I do? Thanks

Hi Hailmart,

HopeInsideLove had the same issue and this helped him http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/6695/installing-and-activating-your-premium-wordpress-theme

Please check if that helps you too and let me know if it doesn’t.

Best, Cohhe

It worked out for me…thanks to both of you

Hailmart! Had same problem! I think it is the version of wordpress. You can downgrade your wordpress or go to your host (if GoDaddy), you can directly install it. That is what i just did. It is working right now. I might need some help in the future, but right now it is working out! There are guides on how to downgrade and make sure you save backups. If it’s go daddy I know you can directly install of Go Daddy. This is what I did and it seems to work. http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/6695/installing-and-activating-your-premium-wordpress-theme

Thank you for helping out other users!

Best, Cohhe

Thank you I was able to get it to work! Wheew. One more question…I am having trouble getting the home page with the tiled sliders. I followed the direction on the document to no avail. Any advice?

how far did you get? :)

Maybe you can send me your wordpress access details and I will take a look.

Use my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/Cohhe to send those details.

i sent it over! thank you

Hi, just did it, you forget to configure it on ‘Theme Options’ page.

Please check your “Home page with Tiled slider” page, it should work :)

Hi Cohne.

First of all: great theme. It made me convince to do my first purchase here on themeforest.

One thing; when I try to change the bottom menu, the “our partners” doesn’t get replaced by the new menu name (however, the content of the menu does show up).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Milvus,

I’m glad that my theme is the first one you purchase from themeforest :)

You can change that string on footer.php line 14.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Perfect! Thank you!

I am trying to add contact form 7. It keeps going in circles and not sending. I called my hosting, they said everything was fine. They said either the plug in or scripting was wrong. Help?

It should be working fine, it’s very popular plugin, I can take a look at it but I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem in plugin. Please send me your wordpress url.

I don’t need a contact form! Are emails just as good/fast? So I don’t spam up this chat?- Pretty new at website design. Only have messed around with wordpress once for a site. LOVE the theme so far! It’s coming together nicely as I am using it!


yes you can use contact form on my profile page to contact me, I’m responding to both comments and emails at the same time :)

Thank you for good theme. I have issue with setting up home page tiled sliders and footer . I followed the instruction on the document but its not working. Please can you advice? link is http://childshelterindia.com/

It seems that you have set correct template but you haven’t configured it on Theme Options page. Could you can send your wordpress access details, so I can take a look? Use my profile page to send them.


Hi Cohe,

Thank you for your willingness to help all of us. Appreciate it! I have another question. Can I turn of the Donation option on my tiled images on the top of my page. I just want the images. Also, I do not want the image to lead to any page. I just wanted to show the tiled images. Is this possible?

I sent it over to you address. I re-downloaded as well. Thanks for you help.

THank you for all of your help! I REALLy appreciate your great customer service and I will suggest that my ThemeForest buds look at YOUR themes first. Thanks again!

Ok, removed links from your tiled header.

I am looking for a theme that allows me to create a single fundraiser for my own project – not a crowdfunding site. Can this theme be adapted to a single project? Also, is there any way to add “perks” for different donation amounts, as kickstarter offers?


You can use only one project on whole website, it’s not a problem. Believe theme doesn’t put any limitation on how many projects you should use, if you want you can create only one. unfortunately you will not be able to add ‘perks’ like on kickstarter project.

Best Regards, Cohhe

Hello, I’m in love with your theme! Can I use this theme with easy video suite?


Replied to your email, please check it :)


I have just uploaded the “Believe_Theme” folder to the themes directory of my File Manager. Upon completion of all downloaded files, my screen is white and I can’t even get to wordpress to activate the theme. How can this be fixed?


I see that you already figured it out :)

That’s ok. I figured it out. Thanks.


How can i get the Blog page only to select things under a certain Paige tag? This layout > http://www.cohhe.com/believe/blog/blog-layout-2/


at the bottom of this page http://www.cohhe.com/believe/shortcodes/blog-posts/ you can find all possible attributes that can be used for blog shortcode. If you want to you can limit posts by category by adding category=”PLACE_HERE_CATEGORY_ID” attribute. How to find certain category id you can find on Documentation “18) Easiest way to reveal most removed IDs on admin pages”.

Best Regards, Cohhe

A prepurchase question. I was wondering how the Home page works with building the content below the slider area. For example. On the Content Slider Homepage you have the donations like “sponsor a child” below it. I was wondering. Could multiple things be placed there like say a welcome message and then one donation section or a welcome message and maybe a quote and then content from a particular post or page?

Thanks for the reply. I also see in your screenshots section there is an “our sponsors” section at the bottom. I don’t see it in the demo version though. I’m guessing this is an option?


it is only available on home page, so if you open your home page you should see it.

Thanks again. I think that’s all the pre purchase questions I had. I’ll pass this info onto my friend to decide.

Hi, I’m having the upload issue others have mentioned. I’ve used the Go Daddy information and tried twice to upload inside of Wordpress and twice to upload via FTP in Go Daddy. Any help you can provide? I’m eager to start getting my site together with this great theme!

I see an error now. “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

Ok, please check “Common ‘Broken Theme’ and ‘Stylesheet Missing’ WordPress Issues” on this page http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

The problem is in way you have zipped believe theme. You need to unzip file you downloaded from themefoest and in it you will see ‘Believe_Theme’ folder, that is the actual theme, please zip it’s contents and then it should work.

Best Regards, Cohhe

Got it! I loaded the ‘Believe_Theme’ folder by FTP. Thanks!

My dad bought this theme and was having trouble setting up the tiled slider area.

Upon some digging, I found a bug in your PHP. In “header.php” search fo this line: } elseif ( $select_projects_from == "exact id's" ) { And change that line to: } elseif ( $select_projects_from == "exact id\'s" ) {

The bug is caused because $select_projects_from is echoing as a literal value so it doesn’t remove the single quote.

The other requirement to complete the fix is in ”/functions/admin/theme-options.php”: change $tiled_select_from = array('parent page', 'exact id\'s'); to $tiled_select_from = array('parent page', "exact id\'s");

This is will result in the admin panel dropdown box showing exact id\’s but if you don’t do this, every time you go back to the admin panel you will have to reselect “exact id’s” do to the fact that script is trying to select “exact id\s” which doesn’t actually exist.

I’m having another issue with the slider, the styling broken. http://vcfpa.com/new Could you take a look?

Thank you for pointing it out.

It seems that images couldn’t be generated in the right sizes, sometimes after importing demo data it’s necessary to regenerate images, I usually use this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Let me know if that didn’t help.

Worked, thanks.

Dear Cohne,

I see that you’ve updated the theme. Could you tell me which files exactly are changed? I have customized quite a lot, it would be a shame to loose it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Milvus,

can you please contact me using contact form on my profile page? I will send you a list of file names I have changed.

Best, Cohhe

Are Posts able to go into the content slider? I only see it available for pages.

Posts and pages can be added to content slider, but I see that you have already figured it out :)